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Gilze-En-Rijen (Gilze) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Netherlands.


Continuing thanks to Philip for these images of the Scot crew, now resting in Gilze-En-Rijen (Gilze) Roman Catholic Cemetery,  Holland.

In the early hours of 27th of May 1944 18 Lancasters from 75(NZ) Squadron RAF took off to join a force of 162 Lancasters and 8 Mosquitoes to carry out a raid on the Rothe Erde railway yards, East of Aachen.

On the outbound flight, a number of the aircraft were intercepted by German night-fighters. One, Lancaster Mk.III ND915 AA-A, Captained by F/L Richard Berney was engaged a number of times by a fighter over Coutrai. ND908 was able to evade the attacker, however 2 other aircraft from the Squadron were not so lucky,  Lancaster Mk.III ND908 JN-M and  and Lancaster Mk.III ND802 JN-D

ND802 JN-D was attacked by a nachtjagd from the Fliegerhorst Gilze-Rijen, 25 miles North West of Eindhoven, causing the aircraft to break up in flight then crashing near Gilze, 6 miles West of Tilsburg. Five of the crew were able to exit the aircraft, but the  Pilot, Air bomber and Wireless Operator did not survive the crash and were buried at Gilze .

F/S Francis Alexander Jack Scott RNZAF NZ421105 – Pilot. Age 28
F/S Steven Astley Cook RNZAF NZ421142 – Air Bomber. Age 21
Sgt Ronald Edward Howson RAFVR 1437112 – Wireless Operator. Age 21

The remainder of the crew survived, but either quickly, or eventually were caught and made Prisoners of War

W/O Ronald Thomas Clark RNZAF – NZ422369 – 2nd  Pilot
Prisoner of War No.770. PoW camps – Dulag Luft, Stalag Luft VII. Returned to United Kingdom 14th May 1945.

On repatriation to England W/O Clark was interrogated by MI-9 and this is a transcript of his interview regarding the shooting down of ND801 and his subsequent evasion and capture:

“We were shot down on 29 May 1944 on our way to bomb Aachen. I baled out and landed in a tree on the Dutch-Belgian border somewhere near Wasssau. I was wounded in my leg so I decided to rest a while and then head West. When I started walking I found I was cut-off by barbed-wire so I turned North with the same result. I turned East and came to more barbed-wire, and then North from there and met a road going North-West. I decided to take cover here so walked about half a mile from the barbed-wire and lay down in a wheat field. Two hours later I heard lots of Germans shouting.

I kept well covered and stayed there until midnight that night. I then headed West again and deciding to hunt for water came across a group of houses. Outside one of them I found a milk can with milk in it. I drank this and started out North again, ending up somewhere near Breda two night later. On 31 May I was seen by a civilian who spoke to me and took me to his house giving me food and drink and some wooden soled shoes. He told me to go down the Breda-Oostmalle road. So at about midnight that night I started off and reached the road next night. The following day I walked again and that night came to the border at crossed it quite easily at Strijbeck.

I spent a day hiding in a ditch by the road where I was seen by school children coming home from school. They all started shouting and pointing at me and then a little boy came up and pulled me by the hand and started running with me across a field and men came along shortly afterwards and gave me something to eat, telling me that they would go in search of someone in the Underground for me. They left the little boy and I crawled out of the ditch and hid behind some trees close-by as I was unsure of their intentions. However, half an hour later a man and a woman came back to the ditch. The woman spoke to me in English telling me that this man would hide me for one or two days and then put me in contact with the Underground. She said that she herself knew nothing about the Underground. I went along with them. The old man took me to his house where he and his wife hid me in the fowl house for two days.

On 4th June1944 he took me and hid me in a barn quite near his house. I slept there that morning and later the man returned with cycles and we cycled through some woods where we meet a woman who led us to her house. I stayed there for seven weeks trying all the time to make contact with the Underground through these people but every time something was arranged at the last moment plans had to be cancelled. Finally I decided that I must move and the next day a young man came and said he would take me to Antwerp. He took to a house of the man who was a member of the Underground and a Lieutenant in the Belgian artillery. I stayed there one week but had to leave in a hurry because the Germans were approaching.

We started wandering around Antwerp and went into a shop where I stayed that night and the next day. At about 18:00 hours that evening two German soldiers and a Gestapo agent came into the shop to hunt for me but I managed to hide in the cellars whilst they were upstairs.and then sneak out the back way. My guide was still with me and we started walking around Antwerp again for two hours when he took me back to the shop again as the Germans had disappeared by this time. I was then taken by my guide to the damaged hospital at Asheertogen where I stayed for three weeks. He then took me into Antwerp again to a shop where there were three old ladies in charge.

Next day another man came and told me that I should get over the border into France and join up with the British troops. He told me exactly how it was going to be done and that we would have to go to the park in Antwerp where we would meet a man who would make arrangements for crossing the border. We walked along to the park in Antwerp and met this man who spoke English with an American accent. He took me to an apartment house in Antwerp where I was interrogated about people who had helped me.

I thought that this suspicious and later my suspicions were confirmed as I was led into an office by this English speaking man and confronted by the Gestapo. I was taken to Antwerp Civil Prison by a couple of S.S. men where I stayed from 23rd August to 4th September. Then we were marched out of Antwerp to Rotterdam, and left there the next morning for Bocholt. I was imprisoned at Bocholt to 6th September; Dulag Luft (Frankfurt) 8th to 14th September; Bankau 20th September 1944 to 19th January 1945. I was liberated by Russian forces on 22nd April 1945.”

F/S Leslie George HIll RNZAF NZ426997 – Navigator
Prisoner of War No.170. PoW camps – Dulag Luft, Stalag Luft VII. Promoted to W/O while a PoW. Returned to United Kingdom 25th May 1945.

Sgt F Max Harris RAFVR 1850150F – Flight Engineer
Attempted to evade but was betrayed and captured in Antwerp 28th June 1944. Prisoner of War No.300. PoW camps – Dulag Luft, Stalag Luft VII.

F/S Alan Mantle RAFVR 925315 – Mid Upper Gunner
Prisoner of War No.469. PoW camps – Dulag Luft, Stalag Luft VII.

F/S Reginald Dale RAFVR 1818763 – Rear Gunner
Prisoner of War camps – Dulag Luft, Stalag Luft VII.

Beesel Roman Catholic Cemetery – Netherlands


On the 21st of July 1944, 147 Lancasters and 11 Mosquitos took off to attack the Fischer Tropsch oil refinery/aviation fuel producer in Homberg. Although the raid was considered a relative success, this success came at a massive price – whilst the ground anti aircraft  defenses were as expected, the German Nachtjagd fighters were merciless in their assault when they came across the approaching bombers.  20 aircraft failed to return – 7 of which were from 75(NZ) Squadron RAF – the Squadrons highest single loss figure for any raid during the War.

Lancaster Mk I HK56, AA-Q, Piloted by F/S Neil Douglas Davidson was intercepted by a German night-fighter on the outbound leg of their flight, at approximately 01.25 hrs at Heibloem, Limburg, 5 miles South, South West of Venlo Holland.

In a desperate attempt to control the now blazing and badly damaged aircraft, F/S Davidson flew over the River Maas, but then turned and tried to land it in the river, he succeeded but the aircraft hit the river bank and with its full bomb load on board, HK569 exploded.

Prior to impact, the Air Bomber, Sgt. T. G. Little had baled out, but was seriously injured on landing, after his parachute failed to open properly. Sgt. Little was captured and spent the remainder of the War as a Prisoner of War in Stalag Luft IXC.

Prior to impact with the river bank, the tail section of the aircraft broke away and landed in a nearby field. The Rear Gunner, F/S Henry is thought to have perhaps survived in this wreckage for up to 2 days after the crash, but his body was not found until 2 weeks later by a farm labourer, working with the Dutch Resistance. Henry’s body was buried in Beesel Roman Catholic Cemetery.

F/S Henry John Hiscox RAFVR 928092 – Rear Gunner. Age 35

The ferocity of the impact and subsequent explosion meant that no remains of the rest of the crew were found. The are commemorated  at the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, England

F/S Neil Douglas Davidson RNZAF NZ422057 – Pilot. Age 21
Sgt Arthur Ernest John Goddard RAFVR 1323147 – Navigator. Age 22
Sgt Douglas Corris RAFVR 1501099 Wireless Operator. Age 21
Sgt Robert Gerald Sloman RAFVR 914220 – Flight Engineer. Age 24
Sgt Raymond Stanley Lang RAFVR 1896528 – Mid Upper Gunner. Age 32

To read a more detailed account of the loss of the Davidson crew and to see the list of all 75(NZ) Squadron RAF crew lost on the 21st July 1944 Homberg Op, click here.

Colin Woonton, Navigator – Waugh crew and ND801’Astra’

ColinLancaster_0002 face cleaned

The Waugh crew posing in front of ND801 JN-V ‘Get Sum Inn’ prior to their final Op to Mersburg on the 6th December 1944. Far right back row is Collin Woontan, Navigator and front row right is Thomas Waugh, Pilot. Based on the picture at the bottom of the post, I am guessing that back row second from left is the crew’s Flight Engineer Sgt. N. Southgate. The precise positions of the other members of the Waugh crew are know at this time. What is also very interesting about this photograph is the apparently extra nose art ‘Astra’ and a white star.© Robert McAdam

A massive thanks to Robert for sending these new photographs of ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’, this time related to Tom Waugh’s crew. Rob’s Father-in-Law was Colin Woonton, Navigator.

Very interestingly, after the war Colin was instrumental in getting the MoTaT Lancaster MK VII NX665/WU13 under cover, he was the CEO of Asmuss Steel at the time. Perhaps fitting as this Lancaster is now painted to replicate NE181 JN-M ‘The Captains Fancy’ – an aircraft the Waugh crew flew twice during their tour.

Fascinatingly, this crew photograph clearly shows more nose art on ND801 – the word ‘Astra’ and a white star. When I first saw this photograph, I wondered if perhaps this was an addition to ‘Get Sum Inn’, maybe by the Waugh crew themselves. However on consideration, I am not so sure – agonisingly, the original picture of ND801 that was posted a few weeks ago – I now realise – actually shows that the portion of the nose that this ‘discovered’ artwork sits on has been destroyed in the impact of the 3rd of February 1945 crash. So perhaps this new artwork was either original, or perhaps added after ‘Get Sum Inn’ – either way, its fascinating to realise that what we initially thought to be the nose art for ND801 has now with Robert’s photograph actually become more.

ND 801 002wm

© Pauline Whittall

Robert contacted me a few days ago and based on the work I had done to present ND801’s Op history using the database, I went back and added the relevant information for the Waugh crew. What follows therefore is an example of the concatenated data held, relative to an aircraft and a crew. Already I realise there is a bit to do with the database – I have no arrival information for a crew or individuals, or an automatic way to identify a ‘2nd’ Dickie’ Op(s) initially flown by a Pilot – but I’ll sort this at a later point.

27th July, 1944
159574 P/O T. Waugh and crew arrived on posting from No.31 Base.

04/08/44 Attack Against Bec D’Ambes
Lancaster Mk.III NE181 JN-V ‘The Captains Fancy’ (30)
F/S John Lethbridge and crew
F/O Thomas Christie Waugh 2nd Pilot

And so, the Waugh crew began their Operational career at 75(NZ) Squadron RAF,  Mepal.

05/08/1944 Attack Against Bassens
Lancaster Mk.III ND911 JN-V  (40)

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh, RAFVR 159174 – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton, RNZAF NZ429055 – Navigator
Sgt. Robert Irwin Swetland, RAFVR 1098818/ 186577 – Air Bomber
Sgt. P. Kidd, RAFVR  – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate, RAFVR – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels, RNZAF NZ425852 – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage, RNZAF NZ424824 – Rear Gunner

Take Off 14:27 – Landed 22:23
Flight Time 07:56

08/08/1944 Attack Against Lucheux
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (40)
ORB Form 541
‘There was only slight opposition from A.A. fire, but enemy fighters were active and three of our aircraft had inconclusive combats, two suffering damage but no casualties’.

In collision with a German nightfighter which damaged the STB, fin and rudder. They managed to return to base and land safely although it was touch and go – from Robert McAdam, son in law of Colin Wooton

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
Sgt. Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
Sgt. P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 22:02 – Landed 01:24
Flight Time 03:22″


The starboard rudder of ND801 after colliding with a German night fighter on the 8th August 1944, Lucheux Op. © Robert McAdam


An other view of the starboard rudder of ND801. © Robert McAdam

09/08/1944 Attack Against Fort D’Anglos
Lancaster Mk.I HK563 JN-W ‘The Paper Doll’ (21)

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
Sgt. Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
Sgt. P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 22:07 – Landed 00:22
Flight Time 02:15

11/08/1944 Attack Against Lens
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (41)

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
Sgt. Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
Sgt. P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 14:27 – Landed 17:52
Flight Time 03:25

12/08/1944 Attack Against Russelsheim
Lancaster Mk.I HK597 JN-P ‘Bad Penny IV’ (3)

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
Sgt. Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
Sgt. P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 21:46 – Landed 02:37
Flight Time 04:51

14/08/1944 Attack Against Hamel
Lancaster Mk.I HK563 JN-W ‘The Paper Doll’ (23)

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
Sgt. Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
Sgt. P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 13:57 – Landed 17:40
Flight Time 03:43

16/08/1944 Attack Against Stettin
Lancaster Mk.I HK601 JN-D  (5)

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
Sgt. Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
Sgt. P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 21:05 – Landed 05:02
Flight Time 07:57

18/08/1944 Attack Against Bremen
Lancaster Mk.I HK601 JN-D  (6)

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
Sgt. Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
Sgt. P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 21:34 – Landed 03:33
Flight Time 05:59

25/08/1944 Attack Against Russelsheim
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (45)

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
Sgt. Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
Sgt. P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 20:33 – Landed 05:04
Flight Time 08:31

26/08/1944 Attack Against Kiel
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (46)

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
Sgt. Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
Sgt. P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 20:04 – Landed 01:29
Flight Time 05:25

05/09/1944 Attack Against Le Havre
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (49)

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
Sgt. P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 17:36 – Landed 20:58
Flight Time 03:22

06/09/1944 Attack Against Harqueboc Le Havre
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (50)

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 15:39 – Landed 19:43
Flight Time 04:04

10/09/1944 Attack Against Montivilliers
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (51)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 15:36 – Landed 19:21
Flight Time 03:45

11/09/1944 Mining in the Baltic Sea
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (52)

F/O Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 19:34 – Landed 02:52
Flight Time 07:18

12/09/1944 Attack Against Frankfurt
Lancaster Mk.III ND197 JN-O  (1)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 18:40 – Landed 01:47
Flight Time 07:07

17/09/1944 Attack Against Boulogne
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (54)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 10:06 – Landed 13:01
Flight Time 02:55

20/09/1944 Attack Against Calais
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (55)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 14:35 – Landed 18:14
Flight Time 03:39

27/09/1944 Attack Against Calais
Lancaster Mk.I NF980 JN-F  (7)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 07:21 – Landed 10:28
Flight Time 03:07

14/10/1944 Attack Against Duisburg
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 AA-X  (60)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
– 2nd Pilot
W/O Richard Hilary Woodhouse – Navigator
Sgt John Hemmingway – Air Bomber
Sgt A Dibbs – Wireless Operator
Sgt. John Johnstone – Flight Engineer
Sgt. Esmond Pareta Montgomery Thomas – Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt. C. Chippendale – Rear Gunner

This entry in the ORB is quite perplexing as it clearly shows Tom Waugh Skippering a completely different crew. The crew appear to be that of what would become Alex Simpson’s crew – it would appear, certainly from information related to Woodhouse and Johnstone that they had only arrived at Mepal 2 days before. What further confuses this is that the Battle Orders for this first morning Op to Duisburg shows Tom Waugh with a completely different crew from that listed in Form 541 (what appears to be Jim McIntosh’s crew) – the final icing on this cake of confusion is that as you can see from the Duisburg Battle Orders below, Alex Simpson is listed as a 2nd Pilot  – Form 541 shows him flying this Op with Terry May’s crew. Additionally (as Chris notes in a comment below and I forgot to mention), ND801 is listed as ‘AA’, representing either ‘A’ or ‘B’ Flight, as opposed to its ‘C’ Flight designator of ‘JN’ – there appears to be no other corroborating evidence to suggest that ND801 ever carried a designator other than ‘JN’.

Take Off 06:47 – Landed 11:09
Flight Time 04:22

Battle Order for 14th October 1944, showing the 31 aircraft, morning Op to Duisburg – another trip to the same target would occur that night as well. Supplied by Tom Rae

14/10/1944 Attack Against Duisburg
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (61)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
P/O William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 22:38 – Landed 03:30
Flight Time 04:52

19/10/1944 Attack Against Stuttgart
Lancaster Mk.I NF980 JN-F  (14)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
P/O William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 17:35 – Landed 23:20
Flight Time 05:45

21/10/1944 Attack Against Flushing
Lancaster Mk.III NE181 JN-M ‘The Captains Fancy’ (63)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
P/O William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 11:17 – Landed 14:10
Flight Time 02:53

22/10/1944 Attack Against Neuss
Lancaster Mk.III NE181 JN-M ‘The Captains Fancy’ (64)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
P/O William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 13:27 – Landed 17:33
Flight Time 04:06

23/10/1944 Attack Against Essen
Lancaster Mk.I HK561 JN-Y  (15)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/O John Murray watts? – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 16:51 – Landed 21:27
Flight Time 04:36

25/10/1944 Attack Against Essen
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (62)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
P/O William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 13:20 – Landed 17:19
Flight Time 03:59

29/10/1944 Attack Against West Kapelle
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (64)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
P/O William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 10:00 – Landed 12:32
Flight Time 02:32

31/10/1944 Attack Against Bottrop
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (66)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
P/O William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 11:49 – Landed 16:35
Flight Time 04:46

02/11/1944 Attack Against Homberg
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (68)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
P/O William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 11:38 – Landed 15:46
Flight Time 04:08

04/11/1944 Attack Against Solingen
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (69)

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
P/O William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
F/S Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 11:31 – Landed 16:24
Flight Time 04:53

06/12/1944 Attack Against Mersburg Leuna Oil Refinery
Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ (82)
Crew photo of Waugh crew shows an additional piece of nose art on a/c – the word ‘Astra’ and a white star.

F/L Thomas Christie Waugh – Pilot
F/S John Henry Thomas Wood – 2nd Pilot
P/O William Hannam Woonton – Navigator
Robert Irwin Swetland – Air Bomber
F/S P. Kidd – Wireless Operator
Sgt. N. Southgate – Flight Engineer
F/S James Baird Nickels – Mid Upper Gunner
F/S David Frank Sage – Rear Gunner

Take Off 17:04 – Landed 00:36
Flight Time 07:32

ColinLancaster_0006 cont

Based on the Op count of ND801, this photograph of Tom Waugh and Flight Engineer Sgt. N. Southgate was probably taken prior to the Mersburg Op of 6th December 1944. This would be the 81st Op for ND801 and the last for the Waugh crew. © Robert McAdam

ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’, 86 Ops – QED

ND 801 002wm

From Form 541 75(NZ) Squadron RAF 03.2.45. Attack Against Dortmund “Aircraft crashed on landing. Pilot, Nav, W/Operator, Engineer and A/Bomber injured and in hospital. Prt. Outr. Failed prior to reaching target and overshot on landing. Camera completely wrecked”. © Pauline Whittall

There was perhaps inevitably, a high level of interest in the post I made a few weeks back regarding the final fate of ND801 JN-X. If not for the astonishing pictures supplied by Pauline showing the aircraft’s final resting place in a chicken shed on the edge of the airfield, then for not only the identification of another 75(NZ) Squadron RAF Lancaster with nose art (unicorn rarity springs to mind), but also a clear OP count – 85 painted, sadly the 86th shown in this picture.

ND801 is (frustratingly) notable for being one of the few Lancasters from the Squadron with identifiable nose art and a name of ‘Get Sum Inn’, perhaps the style of the artwork and the name suggests a reference to a pub, or having a pint generally. The origin of this artwork will probably never be know, though looking at the operational history, it would appear that relatively early in ND801’s flying career, she became the relatively regular mount of Colin Megson’s crew (21 Ops). Latterly, a similar level of frequency can be seen after the Megson crews departure from flying ‘801 ( though they were to be on base longer) by Tom Waugh’s crew, who flew 16 Ops in her.

A high count Lancaster from this period in the war, such as ND 801of course poses the tantalising question of whether she would have ever reached her ton, or even overtaken NE181, JN-M, ‘The Captains Fancy. Well, obviously she didn’t, but statistic fans might be interested to know  that at the point ND801 and Bruce Crawford’s crew crashed on the 3rd of February 1945, ‘Mike’ had clocked up her 98th the day before to Weisbaden. Perhaps more interestingly, at this same point, there were some other Lancasters that were also accumulating high totals – LM544 was on 86 also ME751 AA-M had reached 75 and HK562 AA-L was on 74 (all figures subject to final checking and revisions to database).

Readers will have, no doubt, got bored with my now regular wittering about the ‘Form 541 database’ that I have slowly been chipping away at over now the last 14 or so months. This morning I realised I had just added the a/c and pilot details for the 3rd of February 1945. Deciding to test the contents of the database I filtered in the serial number no. column and low and behold got 86 Ops for ND801, which, to be honest I am astonished by.

I suppose I am saying all of this to make a number of observations. Firstly, the full Op list for ND801 was generated, as opposed to found. I make this observation and differentiation because I think its significant. Up until now (and in real terms I will have to continue for a while), when someone requests information on a relative, I have to essentially trawl through the ORB’s, looking for a crew. Now this activity in itself is wrought with problems. Firstly, you are ‘looking’ for, normally a Pilots name, at the top of the crew list – looking for things assumes you find all that you are looking for. More problematically, whilst you might note a change in a member of a crew, its very difficult to find if a member of the ‘subject’ crew might have flown a ‘fill in’ for another crew – this level of analysis, is simply beyond my time, unless I am aware that this is the case. From my experience, I know the ORB’s are littered with errors, ranging from incorrect initials to the completely chaotic, non consecutive ordering of pages – from recent typing I have discovered that Tim Blewett, Pilot, is consistently listed in the Form 541 with a first initial of ‘J’. these typographical errors become more acute when you deal with the aircraft serial codes – a case in point relating to ND801 – in place she is listed as ‘NF801′ – only by cross referencing Ian’s amazing database on the blog was I able to satisfy myself that in the absence of another ‘NF’ aircraft with a similar number, that these entries were in fact ND801. Sad to say that these errors and others are repeated in other documents, so the process of categorically confirming the identity of a certain aircraft within the ORB’s is at best time consuming and I fear perhaps on occasions to come, even maybe impossible.

The data base is still a long way off being complete in terms of even basic information. My creative left sided brain decided to begin the whole activity at the beginning of 1943 – I guess because Dad joined the Squadron for his first tour in that year, so eagle eyed readers that noted my reference to completing the Dortmund raid of 3rd February 1945 shouldn’t get too excited – when 1945 is complete, I have to go back and do 1940, 1941 and 1942…….

Whilst portions of the database contain full information – target a/c serial, Pilot, Nav, AB, W/Op, FE, MuG and R/Gnr, a significant portion does not yet. Quickly I realised in terms of raw usable and extractable information it was better to focus on Target, a/c and Pilot. In addition to this, the ‘up’, ‘down’ times have to be added.

I estimate that based on work and sleep, there is probably another 2 years of work to complete the basic database – obviously once this is complete, a full history for aircraft, crews and individuals will be able to generated. How this is done I am not sure – it might provide the tipping point regarding the much muttered about website to replace the blog. My gut feeling is that a searchable database is not the way forward – whilst I am and always will be keen to share anything I have, there is a difference between information and time – this database will represent too significant an investment in time to simply allow people to hoover it all up – and I will not let that happen.

Ian Chris and I have been in some discussions over the last few months regarding expanding the A/C datbase to include images – it strikes me, with the creation of the Op history for ND 801, an individual page for each aircraft of the Squadron might be the way forward. Based on my magnificent presentation of ONE aircraft to this point, I have added a shell section below the 3 aircraft types and under it an ‘ND series’ page that links then directly to at this moment just ND801 – but hopefully this will grow.

I’m interested in your feedback and thoughts

View the Operational history of ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ here



Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey – United Kingdom


Many thanks to Sandra, my sister for taking time to go to Brookwood Military Cemetery to record the gravestones of LAC Horace Simonsen and S/L Garth Gunn.

Leading Aircraftsman Horace Dean Simonsen RNZAF NZ438024 – Wireless Operator, was killed at the age of 32, whilst on an Air Gunners course, during an air raid on the capital.

LAC Simonsen had arrived at Feltwell  on the 5th of February and was and does not appear to be recorded in the ORB documents I have, so we must summise that his presence on the Air Gunner course was leading to operational flying.

The night of the 16th/ 17th of April 1941 saw one of the heaviest attacks  made on London since the war began. Bombing commenced shortly after 9.00pm and lasted until nearly dawn.

Approximately 66 boroughs were affected, the main bombing being on Central and Southern London. In addition to high explosive and incendiary bombs, a large number of 1,000kg parachute mines were also dropped dropped causing massive damage through blast and fire.

Among the public buildings damaged were St. Pauls Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament, the Admiralty, the Law Courts and the National Gallery. Many roads were blocked and the railway systems were hit in nineteen places. There were a large number of fires, the most serious being at L.N.E.R Goods Yard in Lisson Grove. Other serious fires were caused at Selfridges, Bessborough Gardens, Westminster, and the Kidbrooke R.A.F. Stores Depot. Although many fires were still burning at daybreak, the situation was considered to be under control.

Gunn G R

On the 17th of September 1944, 14 Lancasters from Mepal joined a combined bomber force of 762 aircraft to bomb targets around Boulogne in preparation for an attack by Allied troops.

Whilst the anti-aircraft fire was light, it was accurate. Lancaster Mk.III PB430 AA-P, Captained by ‘B’ Flight Commander  S/L Garth Gunn, received a direct hit, which severely damaged the aircraft necessitating both starboard engines being shut down. The Captain and Flight Engineer struggled to maintain control of the aircraft whilst returning across the Channel.

A decision was made to carry out an emergency landing at RAF Hawkinge, an airfield with a short runway. The Lancaster overshot the runway and crashed. The impact killed the Flight Engineer Sgt John Henry Bruce, RAFVR 1566967 and seriously injured the Pilot, S/L Gunn and Air Bomber, F/O Angus Moorcroft Millar RNZAF NZ428249.

Squadron Leader Garth Reginald Gunn, MiD, RNZAF NZ411397 died, 3 days later of his injuries

Flight Engineer, Sgt John Henry Bruce RAFVR 1566967, was laid to rest in Jarrow Cemetery, County Durham.

Letters from behind the wire – John McFarland, part I

RAF ex POW Group 1945crpd

John McFarland, second row, 4th in from the left. This photograph is of a group of RAF PoW’s, though the date and location is unknown. © John Edward Lithgow McFarland

A really nice surprise this morning – David sent me 2 letters, written by his Father, John McFarland, Navigator with Henry Murray’s crew, after he was captured and interred in Stalag Luft III

By John’s own observation the decision to volunteer for the Gardening Op to Kiel on the 18th April 1943, in a Stirling was seen as a soft and easy extra trip to their tour…..Perhaps this decision can be understood – the crew had suffered 3 aborted Ops in a month and it probably felt to them as if their time at Mepal was never going to end – add to this a 10 day hiatus for conversion to Lancasters at Feltwell and the soles of their feet may well have been getting itchy…….

Based on the events of that night, it would appear that their aircraft was fired on from underneath by a ‘Schräge Musik‘ equipped aircraft. Typically, the aircrew would get no warning of the attack until it was too late – John recalls his navigators desk exploding as the cannon shells hit.

Of the 7 crew, John, Gordon Irwin the Wireless Operator and Doug Hill, the Air Bomber survived. The rest of the crew, Pilot, Henry James Murray, Flight Engineer, Hyman Chaim Mordecai Kahler, Mid Upper Gunner John Mulligan and Peter Woolam, the Rear Gunner all perished and now lay together in Gram Churchyard in Denmark.

David along with the letters supplied a brief explanation as to some aspects of the content and also, interestingly, notes that it would appear that the positions of the gunners may well have been reversed that night.

“Understandably the content is rather mundane, but they are fascinating records which may be of interest to you as unofficial archivist!   (Lithgow was my father’s third christian name and the one that was used by his family, although he would have used John – and ‘Paddy’ of course would be used by his crew.)   The reference to Margt is my aunt Margaret – I think the 11th May was her birthday, and Gordon, is the New Zealander – Gordon Irwin the wireless operator, who was also in Stalag Luft III.   His father came from Northern Ireland, hence the reference to a letter from Ireland.   Peter Woollam, rear gunner, died on the 19th when his parachute failed to open, although strangely Jack Mulligan’s body was found in the tail section so he may well have been the Rear Gunner that op, with Peter Woollam Mid Upper Gunner.   Dad’s birthday is 22nd September.   I smiled at the April Fool joke!

To put the 11th May letter in context, Dad was shot down in the early hours of the 19th April, captured on the 21st, in solitary confinement in Dulag Luft 23rd – 29th, arriving in Sagan on 1st May.”

Letter POW May 1944 A crtd

A first letter written by John and sent home to his family in May 1944. © John Edward Lithgow McFarland

Letter POW May 1944 B crtd

© John Edward Lithgow McFarland

“Dear Mother & Dad.   This finishes my quota of letters for this month but I wanted to get as many as I could write as soon as possible as some may go astray.   The weather is really lovely now and we are settling down quite well.   We find that this life is really what one makes it.   When I make up my mind I may start studying of some kind or another.   You may remember me mentioning some photos we had taken.   Well I had ordered some and paid for them and if you write to the C.O. I am sure that he will send them on.   I hope you get all my belongings safely including my watch.   If you ever want any gen about what & how to send parcels just ask the Red Cross folks and I think you can send cigarettes through any tobaccanist duty free which makes them 3d or 4d per packet.   I suppose Margt is having quite a spree today and I do hope that you will have heard the news that I am OK.   I have made many new friends and so far I can’t say I’ve felt homesick, but I suppose that will come in due course.   Well this is all like April 1st.   Remind my friends that mail is more welcome than ever in a P.O.W. camp.  

Love to all.   Lithgow”

Letter POW Sept1944 A crtd

A second letter sent in September 1944. © John Edward Lithgow McFarland

Letter POW Sept1944 B crtd

© John Edward Lithgow McFarland

The second is dated 17th September 1944 -
“Dear Mother & Dad.   As usual no news but at least I can tell you that I am in the best of health except for an annoying head cold but that doesn’t cause much trouble except for washing of hankies.   I’ve had no mail yet but my hopes are rising as Gordon had 3 a couple of days ago, one from NZ, England & Ireland.   He had one from Pete our rear gunner’s girlfriend and it’s really sad to read her letter as they are under the impression that he is still alive since they have heard that G and I are prisoners.   Well I am afraid that I am doomed to spend at least this birthday in Deutschland but the boys are baking me a cake so we can celebrate in a small way.   (CENSORED) the issue of Red Cross parcels is now half per week.   However my weight is still around 11st so the food must be good enough.   Well I do hope that my mail is reaching you OK and I shall get at least one letter soon.   Once again hoping you are all well and that I’ll see you very soon.

Your loving son.  Lithgow”

Tomorrow, 2 letters written at home………….

To read an earlier post about the Murray crew, click here.
To read John’s logbook, click here.
To read about John and his families trip to Gram (including an article by Danish TV), click here.

120,000+ visits

As always, a massive thanks to everybody who is continuing to support the blog and provide new material for it.

My ‘return’ to the blog a few weeks ago, to be honest feels like a bit of a false start – my anticipation that things were going to quieten down wasn’t really proved correct and a trip down to London for a week and then last week in Greece on business for the University provided another series of interruptions. I hope this week to build a reservoir of posts – perhaps enough to time release one a day at a set time. How long this will last, or indeed, how long it will take to do, I am not sure to be honest – but I’ll give it ago…….

There are some logbooks, some uniform information and as always information and requests for information on crews that flew with the Squadron – I am STILL working through the backlog of emails that have built up, so as I said 10,000 visits ago, please bare with me – I’ll get back in contact as soon as I can.

I also hope to begin to post the gravestone images people have sent me – when Adrian sent me the first sets from the UK, I felt it was only appropriate to say a bit about each set and what the fates of the boys were – as these images have kept coming in, this in itself represents a bit of a job!

I am still catching a bit of time also on the Form 541 database – I have almost now completed 1944 – (1 month and 2 weeks to go) the database, having randomly been started at the beginning of 1943, stands at almost 4,000 rows of information, each row at the moment contains basic aircraft and crew information, but this means there is already some 20 cells per row that contains this information. I have absolutely no idea when this will be completed – already I can see umpteen other cells that can be added – but I hope that ultimately, this will provide a searchable database and enable me to put up an Op history for every single crew that flew with the Squadron during the War – just don’t hold your breath!

So perhaps I’ll end it here – probably better to get on with some posts, rather than spend time telling you I will be doing some posts!

Many thanks as always to all of you


Request for information – Ronald Wynn Russell and crew, 1945

Gdad 1 (2)

Flying Officer Wynn Russell (Pilot) RNZAF left and Flying Officer Neville Selwood (Nav) RNZAF with PB418 AA-C. New Zealand Bomber Command archive/ Neville Selwood

I was contacted a few weeks ago by John, Nephew of Wynn Russell who flew with 75(NZ) Squadron through the majority of 1945. John knows very little about Wynn’s wartime career and only contacted me based on his assumption that Wynn flew with the Squadron, because of 2 photographs that he found of him in ‘Kiwis Do Fly’.

Obviously in these circumstances, the best thing to do it to first do an Op history and thenget it up here as a post to see if anybody knows anything more – so……..

From Form 540 75(NZ) Squadron December 1944
NZ37220 F/S Russell. W.R. and crew arrived on posting from 1651 C.U.

3.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Dortmund
Lancaster Mk.I  LM276 AA-S
F/O Douglas Sadgrove and crew
F/S R.W. Russell as 2nd Pilot

Russell crew begin their Operational Tour.

5.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Ludwigshaven
Lancaster Mk.I HK576 AA-G
F/O Ronald Wynn Russell RNZAF NZ37220 – Pilot
F/O Francis Neville Selwood RNZAF NZ4215756 – Navigator
F/O Victor Digger Hendry RNZAF NZ425570 – Air Bomber
Sgt. F. Jillians RAFVR – Wireless Operator
Sgt. J Hunt RAFVR – Flight Engineer
Sgt Ivor Polley RAFVR – Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt G Robson RAFVR 1596125 – Rear Gunner

6.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Neuss
Lancaster Mk.III LM740  AA-B
Same crew

7.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Munich
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Same crew

11.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Krefeld
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Same crew

13.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Saarbrücken
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Same crew

2.2.45. War Ops – Attack Against Wiesbaden
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Same crew

9.2.45. War Ops – Attack Against Hohenbudberg
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Sgt. E. Bates replaces  Sgt. Robson as Rear Gunner

13.2.45. War Ops – Attack Against Dresden (Operation Thunderclap)
Lancaster Mk.I NG113  AA-D
Sgt. E. Bates continues as Rear Gunner

14.2.45. War Ops – Attack Against Chemnitz (Operation Thunderclap)
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Sgt. Robson returns to crew as Rear Gunner

16.2.45. War Ops – Attack Against Wesel
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Sgt. Frank Watts replaces  Sgt. Robson as Rear Gunner

22.2.45. War Ops – Attack Against Gelsenkirchen/Osterfeld
Lancaster Mk.I HK576  AA-G
Sgt. Robson returns as Rear Gunner, but Frank Watts now replaces Sgt, Polley as Mid Upper Gunner

25.2.45. War Ops – Attack Against Kamen
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Sgt. Robson takes over as Mid Upper Gunner.Ivor Polley returns to take up Rear Gunners position

26.2.45. War Ops – Attack Against Dortmund
Lancaster Mk.I HK576 AA-G
Robson back as Rear Gunner and Frank Watts back in as Mid Upper Gunner

28.2.45. War Ops – Attack Against Gelsenkirchen
Lancaster Mk.I LM544  AA-O
Sgt. Robson goes back to Mid Upper Gunner, F/S J. Murphy arrives as Rear Gunner

9.3.45. War Ops – Attack Against Dattelen oil plant
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Sgt. A. Smith flies as Rear Gunner (possibly Arthur Smith from the injured Crawford crew)

10.3.45. War Ops – Attack Against Gelsenkirchen
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
F/S Bill Grout joins as Rear Gunner

14.3.45. War Ops – Attack Against Heinrich Hutte – oil plants
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
P/O H. Howells in as Rear Gunner

18.3.45. War Ops – Attack Against Bruchstrasse
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
P/O H. Howells in as Rear Gunner

20.3.45. War Ops – Attack Against Hamm M/Y
Lancaster Mk.I NF981 AA-K
Sgt. A. Smith in as Rear Gunner

23.3.45. War Ops – Attack Against Wesel
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
P/O H. Howells in as Rear Gunner

29.3.45. War Ops – Attack Against Salzgitter
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Same crew

4.4.45. War Ops – Attack Against Merseburg
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Same crew

13.4.45. War Ops – Attack Against Kiel
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Same crew

30.3.45. Operation ‘Manna’ – Supply drop, Rotterdam
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Same crew

7.5.45. Operaton ‘Manna’ Supply dropping –Delft
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Sgt, Robson as Rear Gunner  – no Mid Upper Gunner as was the case with these Ops. LAC Fry as passenger

10.5.45.  Operation ‘Exodus’ – Prisoner of War Repatriation from Juvincourt, France
Lancaster Mk.I HK573 AA/JN-H
Sgt. Howells rejoins crew as Mid Upper Gunner

14.5.45. Operation ‘Exodus’ – Prisoner of War Repatriation from Juvincourt, France
Lancaster Mk.I HK573 AA/JN-H
Same crew

16.5.45. Operation ‘Exodus’ – Prisoner of War Repatriation from Juvincourt, France
Lancaster Mk.I HK562 AA-C
Same crew

26.5.45 Operation ‘Exodus’ – Prisoner of War Repatriation fron Juvincourt, France
Lancaster Mk.I HK562 AA-C
Same crew

10.6.45. Viewing the effects of the Bombing
Lancaster Mk.III ME531 AA-K
Same crew

17.6.45 Viewing the effects of the Bombing
Lancaster Mk.I NN747 AA-D
As above

So, as always in these cases, if you have any extra information on Wynn, or any of the boys who flew in his crew, lease get in contact with I know John is very keen to find out all he can on his uncle.

And now a brief musical interlude…….


I seem to recall about 9 months or so ago I was contacted by Margaret, Secretary of the UK Association with a request as to whether we could find the lyrics to a song the boys in 75(NZ) Squadron sang to the tune of ‘Lili Marlene‘. At the time there seemed to be no suggestions as to what these lyrics might have been. I am pleased to now say that thanks to Keith and his eagle eyes regarding the latest newsletter from the New Zealand Bomber Command Association, we now have an answer. Perhaps, mercifully for anybody in earshot, I am not familiar enough with said tune to even give this a go, but perhaps somewhere, someone might be able to put these words to music……….

“The Lancs of Mepal”
(sung to the tune of Lili Marlene)

The Lancs of Mepal, they’re on their way,
Off to bomb the Jerries, they bomb them every day,
And when they wish to show their might,
They bomb the sods by day and night,
The Lancasters of Mepal, the Lancs of 75.

Off we go from briefing and leap into our kite,
Open up the throttles and roar into the night,
We’ve left the flare path far behind,
It’s bloody dark but we don’t mind,
The Lancasters of Mepal, the Lancs of 75.

There’s the bloody searchlights waving round the sky,
Not much ruddy power and not too bloody high,
I hope they don’t start shooting till we’re through,
They may get me and they may get you,
The Lancasters of Mepal, the Lancs of 75.

Now we’re through the target setting course for home,
Soon we’ll see the Sandra’s waving o’er the ‘drome,
That’s if we don’t go off the track,
And stop a crafty burst of flak,
The Lancasters of Mepal, the Lancs of 75.

Junkers off to starboard, Focke-Wulf off to port,
Gunners calls to skipper, range is getting short,
Prepare to corkscrew starboard, go,
We know our stuff and we’re not slow,
The Lancasters of Mepal, the Lancs of 75.

Now we’re in the circuit with a turn to land,
No intruders round us, ain’t it bloody grand,
We fooled the Hun once more tonight,
Dropped a load right on the Reich,
The Lancasters of Mepal, the Lancs of 75.

When the war is over and there’s no more ops to do,
We’ll think of all our pals,
The one’s who did not get through,
The pals who were with us through thick and thin,
That we one day the War would win,
The Lancasters of Mepal, the Lancs of 75

To continue the agony, here is a YouTube movie of images of Marlene Dietrich to the song ‘lili Marlene’ – I’ll admit it, I gave it a go and it didn’t seem to quite work………

I thank you…………….


Aircraft Database update 9th July 2014

composite aircraft image

Many thanks to Ian as always for his diligent work with the Squadron aircraft database, of which, a new update has just been uploaded!

View the Wellington records here.
View the Stirling records here.
View the Lancaster records here.

Arthur George Smith, Mid Upper Gunner – Crawford crew, 1944 – 1945

ND 801 002wm

From Form 541 75(NZ) Squadron RAF 03.2.45. Attack Against Dortmund “Aircraft crashed on landing. Pilot, Nav, W/Operator, Engineer and A/Bomber injured and in hospital. Prt. Outr. Failed prior to reaching target and overshot on landing. Camera completely wrecked”. © Pauline Whittall

Many thanks to Pauline for contacting me regarding her Father, Arthur George ‘Mike’ Smith, Mid Upper Gunner with Bruce Crawford’s crew. As is often the case when a relative contacts me about a member of aircrew who served with the RAF, its an opportunity to add a christian and usually a middle name to the usual initials that exist within the RAF records for the Squadron. In addition to this small but nevertheless important extra piece of information that Pauline has supplied, she has also provided an additional and I believe, a significant new piece of information relating to the Lancasters that flew with the Squadron.

It has always been a considerable frustration, relative to other blogs and websites on other bomber squadrons, that the record of names and nose art for 75(NZ) Squadron aircraft seems to be so scant. Well, it would appear that we have a new one to add to our list – Lancaster Mk.III ND801 JN-X ‘Get Sum Inn’ – the nose art seems to be a flag, the vertical pole clearly visible, but on closer inspection there also seems to be a horizontal bar with ties to the top of the flag. In the bottom left hand corner, its difficult to see if there is a small additional detail or perhaps just damage to the nose art owing to the crash. Additionally, its interesting to note 2 other things, firstly ND801 had racked up 85 Ops (perhaps this was number 86) and also that the bomb tallies clearly are made up of darker and lighter bomb silhouettes – I will stick my neck out at this point and hazard a guess that these possibly distinguish daylight and night Ops…..

The Crawford crew arrived at Mepal on the 21st of December 1944, from No.31 Base. 6 days later Roderick Crawford, the skipper, flew a familiarisation Op with Wylie Wakelin’s crew.

27.12.44 War Ops – Attack Against Rheydt.
F/L Wylie Wakelin and crew
Lancaster Mk.I ME751 AA-M
P/O Roderick Crawford as 2nd Pilot.

The following day, the Crawford crew undertook their first Op.

28.12.44. War Ops – Attack Against Gremburg Marshalling Yards/ Cologne
Lancaster Mk III PB132 AA-X
F/O Roderick Bruce Crawford RNZAF NZ427551. Pilot
Sgt. Francis Geoffrey Boulton RAFVR. Navigator
Sgt. C. Bullock RAFVR. Air Bomber
Sgt. D. Scott RAFVR. Wireless Operator
Sgt. R. Allred RAFVR. Flight Engineer
Sgt. Arthur George Smith RAFVR. Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt. J. Tutty RAFVR. Rear Gunner

29.12.44. War Ops – Attack Against Koblenz
Lancaster Mk.I LM733 AA-R
Same crew

31.12.44. War Ops – Attack Against Vohwinkel
Lancaster Mk.III PB427 AA-U
Same crew

3.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Dortmynd Oil Refinery
Lancaster Mk.I HK562 AA-L
Same crew

5.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Ludwigshafen
Lancaster Mk.I HK601 JN-D
Same crew

6.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Neuss
Lancaster Mk.I PB761 AA-Y
Same crew

7.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Munich
Lancaster Mk.I ME751 AA-M
Same crew

11.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Krefeld
Lancaster Mk.I NG447 AA-T
Sgt. Scott is replaced by an airman, whose name is indecipherable from the Form541 records

13.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Saarbrucken.
Sgt. Bullock flies with Zinzan crew as A/B
Lancaster Mk.I HK562 AA-L

15.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Langendreer
Lancaster Mk.I NG447 AA-T
F/S C. Pratt Replaces flies with the crew as Wireless Operator – perhaps this is the same individual who flew the 11th of January Op to Krefeld with the crew.

16.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Wanne Eickel
Lancaster Mk.I NG449 AA-T
Sgt. Scott returns to crew as Wireless Operator

28.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Cologne/Gremberg
Lancaster Mk.I NG449 AA-T
Same crew

29.1.45. War Ops – Attack Against Krefeld marshalling yards
Lancaster Mk.I ME450 AA-W
Same crew

1.2.45. War Ops – Attack Against München Gladbach
Lancaster Mk.I NG449 AA-T
Same crew

2.2.45. War Ops – Attack Against Wiesbaden
Lancaster Mk.I NG449 AA-T
Same crew

3.2.45. War Ops – Attack Against Dortmund
Lancaster Mk III ND801 JN-X
Same crew

From ORB Form 541
No report. Aircraft crashed on landing. Pilot, Nav, W/Operator, Engineer and A/Bomber injured and in hospital. Prt. Outr. Failed prior to reaching target and overshot on landing. Camera completely wrecked.’

ND 801 001

The inevitable destruction caused by a Lancaster when crash landing. Pauline, Arthur’s daughter comments ‘Apparently it ran into the garden of the houses at the end of the runway and killed the chickens in the hen house’. © Pauline Whittall

ND 801 003

The final image showing confirmation of identity – ND801 JN-X. © Pauline Whittall

F/O Crawford & crew lost power in their port-outer engine just prior to reaching the target but completed their attack before returning home on three engines. However, on landing back at base at 21.47hrs, the aircraft undershot the approach and crashed heavily on the airfield. The Pilot, Nav, W/op, Engineer and Air Bomber all received injuries and were hospitalised‘.

It is difficult from the above description to understand the exact injuries listed to all of the crew except the gunners. One must assume all were relatively serious. Going through the Form 541 for the rest of 1945, there appears to have been the odd fill in for Sgt. Tutty and  Arthur – however, particularly in Arthur’s case, with a name as common as Smith, in places his apparent presence on a crew list might be a typo. The Ops that might have included the 2 Crawford crew gunners are as follows and includes a commentary where appropriate. Their absence from regular Ops or even their arrival in new crews is perhaps not unusual, given by this point in the War, the Squadron was essentially ‘double crewed’ in each flight – as such, even if an airman wanted an Op it might have been difficult to find a space to fill………

8.3.45. War Ops – Attack on Dattlen
Lancaster Mk.I RF127 AA-W
Vernon Zinzan crew
Sgt. J. Tutty Rear Gunner.

9.3.45. War Ops – Attack on Dattlen
Lancaster Mk.III PB418 AA-C
Ronald Russell crew
Sgt. A. Smith Rear Gunner.

20.3.45. War Ops – Attack on Hamm Marshalling Yards
Lancaster Mk.I NF981 JN-K
Ronald Russell crew
Sgt. A. Smith Rear Gunner.

20.3.45. War Ops
– Attack on Hamm Marshalling Yards
Lancaster Mk.I RF157 AA-X
Charlie Stevens crew
Sgt. J. Tutty Rear Gunner.

14.4.45. War Ops – Attack on Potsdam
Lancaster MK.X RF190 AA-F
Bob Milsom crew
A. Smith Rear Gunner*

11.5.45. War Ops – Repatriation of Prisoners of War at Juvincourt
Lancaster MK.X RF190 AA-F
Bob Milsom crew
A. Smith Rear Gunner*
*I suspect these 2 possible Ops are actually typos in the records, especially as the regular Rear Gunner for the Milsom crew was John ‘Ted’ Smith – and that on a subsequent Op Ted is listed as ‘D Smith’.

Perhaps the fitting end to Arthur’s and the Crawford crews story is that it does seem that they finally got to fly again as a crew, albeit without the original Navigator Sgt. Boulton, who we must therefore assume had injuries perhaps too severe to allow him to fly again.

26.5.45 – Viewing the effects of the Bombing Offensive
F/O Crawford, R.
P/O McGarry, J.
F/S Bullock, C.
F/S Scott, D.
Sgt. Allred, R.
Sgt. Smith, T.
Sgt. Tutty, J.
S/L Godfrey passenger
LAC Jones Passenger
LAC Baxter Passenger

Form 541 ends after this month, so it is impossible to know if Sgt. Boulton did finally get back to the crew, or if in fact, the Crawford crew ever flew again with 75(NZ) Squadron RAF.

Given the content of these images, and the discovery of, I believe, a new name and noseart, I would politely request anybody wishing to re-post or re-present these images on the web, please read the copyright section of this blog before doing so.

Update to the Australian War Memorial Honour Roll

Australian War Memorial

Many thanks to Meredith and her staff in the Honours Rolls section of the Australian War Memorial for updating the records of the 32 Australian airmen who flew with and lost their lives with 75(NZ) Squadron. I am pleased to say that the Australian War Memorial Honour Roll now correctly records their Squadron as 75(NZ) Squadron RAF.

After initially contacting the AWM with my request that the records be corrected, the staff replied to me and very quickly corrected the information. I am sure that we all send our thanks to the individuals who were involved in this activity. Whilst perhaps to some, a small matter of detail, to many of us, including , I am sure the families of these 32 brave boys, it is a very important one nevertheless.

Visit the Australian War Memorial website here.

Jack Richards – Funeral


It is with great frustration that it has taken me this long to make a post about the funeral of Jack Richards, President of the ‘Friends of 75(NZ) Squadron Association. Jack’s funeral took place on Tuesday 3rd June. Sadly owing to work commitments I was unable to attend, but I understand there was a significant presence of Association members. Kevin King the Association Chairman walked in front of Jacks coffin, carrying the Association standard, as part of the funeral procession through Fakenham where Jack’s haulage business was based. Jack was then taken to Kings Lynn for a private cremation. After this, there was a thanksgiving service in Fakenham at the Church of St. Peter and Paul and finally a reception was held at Fakenham racecourse.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jacks funeral caught the attention of a number new outlets including BBC Norfolk, which has a piece on the funeral. The new article can be seen here.

Despite the number of articles about Jack’s passing and his funeral, nothing really seemed to be mentioned about the Association and his Presidency – Jack, with others founded the UK 75(NZ) Association in the 70′s, and was responsible for the creation of the plinth and memorial garden. He was a great benefactor to the UK Association, as well as an ambassador with strong ties to New Zealand.

Perhaps by way of remembering Jack and his contribution to the UK 75(NZ) Squadron Association, if anybody has any annecdotes, rememberings or thoughts on Jack, please place them in the comments of this post.

You’ll be missed Jack

Ake Ake Kia Kaha

Jack Richards – 1924 – 2014


Despite ill health, Jack made every effort to attend last years Association service of remembrance, here, stood in the Memorial Garden, at Mepal, with Association Chairman Kevin King on that sunny Sunday morning.

It is with great sadness that I must pass on the news that Jack Richards, President of the  Friends of 75 (NZ) Squadron Association  passed away yesterday, aged 90.

Jack had been President of the association since 2005 when the ‘Friends of 75 (NZ) Squadron’ was formed. Prior to that he was Chairman of the old association.

Jack, with others founded the UK 75(NZ) Association in the 70’s, and was responsible for the creation of the plinth and memorial garden. He was a great benefactor to the UK Association, as well as an ambassador with strong ties to New Zealand.

As a mark of respect to Jack, there will be no further posts on the blog for a week.

I am sure you all, as I do, pass our sincerest and most heartfelt condolences to Jack’s family.

Ake Ake Kia Kaha Jack

100,000 Views – utterly amazing…..

It seems as if I am celebrating every 10,000 view milestone with accelerating regularity. Despite this, it always feels like an achievement. Tonight I think we should really  stop and realise what we have all managed to achieve –   the blog has just recorded it’s 100,000 view.

I had absolutely no idea when I began this blog in the summer of 2012 that it would grow the way it has. Initially I began to write backwards as it were, recording past events of my research journey – I figured I would ‘catch up’ with the present day and it would then be a diary of my research journey about Bob and the boys he flew with.

In honest truth, I think I underestimated the reach of a blog and the interest it would generate – I was amazed when I saw it had been viewed 100, 200, 500, a 1,000 times. And then the amazing, heartbreaking and uplifting stories started to come…….

I know I always say this, but I honestly have to thank all of you. In real terms, I have become just a curator of the stories of the boy’s of 75(NZ) Squadron, without all of you who have given so generously stories, photographs, memories and your time, the blog would not be what it is today and I certainly would not be writing this 100,000 view post.

I am more determined than ever to try to ensure that everything that is passed to me will be presented on the blog – at times this is incredibly difficult to do, but I will keep going whenever I can – to those of you that have perhaps sent an email asking for information, or for those of you that have sent information, but have yet to see it posted, please bare with me, I will get back to you and it will be posted.

The strength of what we have managed to achieve is a tribute to the generosity of people – this information is yours, not mine. It is certainly not mine to take and store away, it is given to be shown and by showing it we will learn more, either about individuals, or small parts of a life or bigger tales of the Squadron.

If I didn’t envisage the way the site would grow, I certainly did not realise that the blog would also allow relatives to reconnect and meet each other, years after their Fathers, Uncles, Grandfathers or Great Grandfathers had flown together and sometimes died together as a crew – this has been an unexpected but truly rewarding aspect of my work on the blog.

And it also has been incredibly rewarding to try to help visitors, just as I was helped when I began my research journey – am I now an expert myself? – no, I don’t think so at all. I know more than when I started and I will know more tomorrow than I do today – but again, the blog has allowed me to connect with those who are experts and the sum of my knowledge is contained in the blog and the people who have contributed to it – we are all experts of small parts of the story – put together the sum is greater than the parts.

It has been an honour and a privilege to meet and work with all of you – I hope this will continue to the next 100,000 views.

Ake Ake Kia Kaha





Aabenraa Cemetery, Denmark – Aircrew headstones recorded


Many thanks to David for recording the gravestones of the 75(NZ) Squadron airmen who rest in Aabenraa Cemetery in Denmark on his recent visit with his Father, John McFarland and other family members, to remember his crew mates that were lost on the 18th of April 1944 and now rest in Gram Churchyard.

SAWTELL, Arthur Hartley

On the evening of the 24th of January 1944 15 Stirling bombers took off from Mepal on a Gardening Op to Kiel bay. All aircraft returned except for Stirling Mk.III EH948, Piloted by Harold Bruhns. The only body recovered was that of the Mid Upper Gunner F/S Arthur Hertley Sawtell RAAF AUS.417521, who was aged 19. The rest of the crew are remembered at the Runynmede Memorial in Surrey:

P/O Harold Henry Bruhns RNZAF NZ42367      age 22
Sgt Eric Arthur Wilkes RAFVR 1575513               age 22
F/S Laurie Licence Butler RNZAF NZ421672      age 22
Sgt Robert Ewen Hall RAFVR 1392121                age 25
Sgt James William Harry RAFVR 1601839          age 20
Sgt Woolf Jack Summers RAFVR 1395702         age 22


LAMMAScrew full comp

On the evening of the 23rd of April 1944, 5 Stirling Mk.III bombers left Mepal to carry out a Gardening Op in the Keil Bay area. One aircraft had to return early owing to engine trouble and one,  Stirling Mk.III EF137 AA-E failed to return. This aircraft, Piloted by F/S Mauson Lammas RNZAF was outbound to target when it was attacked by a German night fighter believed to have been piloted by Oberfeldwebel Rudolf Frank of 3./NJG 3. A fire started and a little later the bomber disintegrated in the air and fell in the sea off Vemmenæs at 23:20 hours killing the whole crew.

On the 24th at 03:42 it was reported by The Civil Air Defence that 3 bodies had been found. One had been found in the sea while two had fallen to their death in the fields.
At 09:15 it was reported that 7 bodies had been found. Two were found in the sea, one in some scrub near the beach while Tail gunner Larson was found in his turret.

To read an earlier post about the Lammas crew, click here.

Lest we forget – Reflections on ANZAC Day and why we should never forget to remember…..

Denmark 2014 248

John McFarland, Navigator with Henry Murray’s crew, 4 of who were lost on the night of 19th April 1944 and who now lay in Gram Churchyard, Denmark. John stood with the crew of Mauson Lammas in Aabenraa Cemetery, also in Denmark. The Lammas crew were lost 4 days later, to the same target – all were killed.

Many thanks to David, Son of John McFarland for sending images of the gravestones of the Lammas crew who now rest in Aabenraa Cemetery, having been lost on the 23rd of April 1944. These pictures were taken on the same visit to Gram Churchyard to remember the 4 of John’s crew who were lost on the 18th April 1944.

Perhaps having spent the last couple of weeks working on the reordering of the Roll of Honour, the adding of gravestones to the Roll of Honour and writing about lost crews in support of some of these image donations, I began to feel again the overwhelming sense of loss that I felt when I began to research about Dad and the Squadron. When I say overwhelming loss, in the first instance, this was entirely personal and related solely to the recent loss of my father and mixed up in this was also my painful realisation that having simply left it too late,I would now never know the answer to so many of the questions I now had for him.

As my research progressed however, with the acquisition of the Squadron Operational Record books, I began to understand the brutal regularity of the loss of crew in the Squadron. The brutality of war and death in war is obvious, but it was the cold, clipped reportage of the loss of these young boys in the official pages that struck me – the loss of another 2 or 3 crews on a certain raid became nothing other than a matter of record, no emotion or regret of loss was recorded with the up and down times and the bomb loads carried that night……..

And so to ANZAC day. To be honest, what I was going to post this year was a mystery to me until I realised the work on the Roll of Honour could be edited to present the New Zealand and Australian boys on their day. As I remarked in the ANZAC DAY post, it felt awkward to be deleting the names of the other airmen, even though they still existed on another tabbed page within my spreadsheet document.

I didn’t expect the level of views over ANZAC and the following few days – neither did I expect the number of contacts from people regarding the posts I had made or with a mention of a loved one now gone. I realised, though perhaps obvious, that the sterile pages of the ORB have become perhaps too familiar to me – walking down their corridors I now recognise dates and names and when I see them I know they will not return the following night or the following week – the ORB tells me these things as simple record of fact – a page is turned and a life is lost.

What is actually all too easy to forget, is that these boys are not forgotten. The reason that we rise at dawn to remember them is simply because we have not forgotten them. They live in the hearts of those of us that live on and their memories are something special to us. We might not understand what they did or how they did it, that they were sick with nerves before flying or were too scared to talk of their fear in case they were deemed unfit to fly – all we understand is that they did it. In doing what they did, our luxury is to be able to remember these acts rather than confront how we might deal with the same. For this alone, we should remember and celebrate their names and their faces, still smiling from those cherished photographs – they will not age as we do, their memory will not fade, as long as we never forget them.

Ake Ake Kia Kaha

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Eric Jarman – Pilot


Off of the back, regarding my post about Feltwell Cemetery yesterday I have just come across this picture of a painting of Eric Jarman and his crew at 460 Squadron – Eric’s second tour after he left 75(NZ) Squadron. Accompanying the image is a very interesting description about the circumstances of the painting and the artist,  Stella Bowen who was stationed at RAF Binbrook where the Squadron was based:

Bomber crew is a group portrait of a Lancaster bomber crew representing the young Australians involved in the air war over Europe during the Second World War. In her capacity as an official war artist, Stella Bowen was stationed with the Royal Air Force at Binbrook, Lincolnshire, where No. 460 Squadron was based. This was the most highly decorated Australian squadron in Bomber Command, but had suffered the highest casualties. Bowen was commissioned to paint a typical crew that flew Lancaster bombers on the intense bombing raids over Germany and occupied Europe.

On 27 April 1944 she began a series of pencil sketches of a bomber crew comprising of six Australians and one Englishman. Preoccupied with their flight preparations, the men expressed no particular interest in Bowen’s attempt to draw them, but their bravery and youth captivated the artist. That night their operation took them over Friedrichshafen, a vital industrial centre on the shores of Lake Constance. By morning, Bowen’s subjects were reported missing. The artist had only made preliminary sketches of the crew, but she returned to her London studio to complete the painting, working from pencil sketches (also in the Memorial’s collection), and official photographs. She later wrote to her brother: “It was horrible having to finish the picture after the men were lost. Like painting ghosts.”

The crew is depicted in front of the menacing image of their Avro Lancaster bomber, looming above them like a bird. They are shown wearing their full flying gear including ‘Mae West’ life jackets, flying helmets and headphones. Their names appear on the helmets and are repeated on the wreath-like ribbon that scrolls across the canvas, complete with their RAAF wings floating like cherubs. Bomber Command, 460 Squadron RAAF; back row 1-r: Sergeant D G Champkin of the RAF, flight engineer; Pilot Officer Thomas Lynch, rear gunner; Flying Officer Hector Harrison, wireless operator; Flying Officer Ronald Neal, mid upper gunner; front row l-r: Flying Officer Marmion Carroll, navigator; Squadron Leader Eric Jarman, pilot; Flying Officer Francis Jackson, bomb aimer.

One of the men, Pilot Officer Thomas Lynch, who was presumed to have perished with the rest of the crew, was eventually discovered in a German prisoner-of-war camp. He reported that the bomber was shot down in the vicinity of Lahr, near the Swiss border. The crash saw him unconscious until 4 May, when he awoke as a patient in a German air force hospital in Baden-Baden. A German doctor told him the remaining crew had been killed. Lynch himself was badly injured and spent many weeks in various hospitals. Following amputation of his right leg and more time in hospital, he was posted to Stalag IXC to await repatriation.

Gram Churchyard, Denmark – John Macfarland visits and remembers


Many thanks to David for passing on a clip from Danish TV that shows a visit to Gram Churchyard by his Father John McFarland, Navigator with the Murray crew, who were shot down on the 18th of April 1944, whilst on a Gardening Op over Kiel Bay. John and the family went to pay their respects at Gram Cemetery to the 4 members of the crew who did not survive.

F/O Henry James Murray RNZAF NZ415820.  Pilot.
Buried Gram Churchyard Denmark.

Sgt. John Edward Lithgow McFarland  RAFVR 1503993. Navigator.
PoW No. 4193. PoW Camps – Dulag Luft, Stalag Luft III. Promoted to F/Sgt while a PoW.

F/S Douglas John Hill RNZAF NZ415761. Air Bomber.
Doug Hill had a miraculous escape when his parachute harness, which was cut by a burst of fire from the night fighter, came off. His left foot caught in the harness and he descended hanging by his foot.
PoW No. 3550. PoW camps – Dulag Luft, Stalags Luft VI and 357. Safe UK 6 May 1945.

F/S Gordon James Irwin RNZAF NZ415698. Wireless Operator.
Wounded when attacked by night fighter. PoW camps Dulag Luft, Stalag Luft III. Promoted to W/O while a PoW. Safe UK 14 May 1945.

Sgt. Hyman Chaim Mordecai Kahler RAFVR1803280. Flight Engineer.
Buried Gram Churchyard Denmark.

Sgt. John Mulligan RCAF R.195834. Mid Upper Gunner.
Buried Gram Churchyard Denmark.

Sgt. Peter Woolam RAFVR 1890807. Rear Gunner.
Buried Gram Churchyard Denmark.

Click here to see the TV clip – it’s obviously in Danish, but you can understand the sentiment and luckily, John doesn’t speak Danish!

Comrades – Ken Moore

On ANZAC day, I thought it was fitting to re-post this poem. It felt a little strange, almost uncommfortable to be removing the airmen from the Roll of Honour to present a purely RNZAF and RAAF list for my previous ANZAC day post, so perhaps to make amends and remind us that the boys flew and died together, irrespective of their nationalities I represent ‘Comrades‘, by Ken Moore.

New Zealand gave a Squadron of Planes
When Britain’s need was dire
Both countries sons made up the crews
And they flew through hell and fire.

To the Pommy lads the Kiwi’s made
A gesture that was grand
They gave them honorary citizenship
Of their own beloved land.

Under New Zealand’s flag, they proudly flew
Comrades of the air
They lived and died, as side by side
Fate’s lot they chose to share.

In Wellingtons, Stirlings, then Lancasters
To the foe, they took the flight
On wings they soared through Europe’s skies
In the darkness and the light.

But a heavy price, the Squadron paid
In five long years of strife
Of those who flew with “75”
One in three, laid down their life.

On the East Coast of Old England
The crumbling airfields stand
Where aircraft once left mother earth
Tractors till the land

The era of the Bomber war
Came, paused, then passed away
But the bond between two nations sons
Unchanged, will ever stay

Ken Moore, Waterlooville. 2.3.80


Full Squadron 1945 heald UNNUMBERED

Those heroes that shed their blood
And lost their lives.
You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country.
Therefore rest in peace.
There is no difference between the Johnnies
And the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side
Here in this country of ours.
You, the mothers,
Who sent their sons from far away countries
Wipe away your tears,
Your sons are now lying in our bosom
And are in peace
After having lost their lives on this land they have
Become our sons as well.

 In 1934, Kemal Atatürk delivered these words to the first Australians, New Zealanders and British to visit the Gallipoli battlefields. They were later inscribed on a monolith at Ari Burnu Cemetery (ANZAC Beach) which was unveiled in 1985. The words also appear on the Kemal Atatürk Memorial, Canberra, and the Atatürk Memorial in Wellington.

When war broke out in 1914, Australia had been a federal commonwealth for only 13 years. The new national government was eager to establish its reputation among the nations of the world. In 1915 Australian and New Zealand soldiers formed part of the allied expedition that set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula in order to open the Dardanelles to the allied navies. The ultimate objective was to capture Constantinople (now Istanbul in Turkey), the capital of the Ottoman Empire, an ally of Germany.

The Australian and New Zealand forces landed on Gallipoli on 25 April, meeting fierce resistance from the Ottoman Turkish defenders. What had been planned as a bold stroke to knock Turkey out of the war quickly became a stalemate, and the campaign dragged on for eight months. At the end of 1915 the allied forces were evacuated, after both sides had suffered heavy casualties and endured great hardships. Thousands lost their lives in the Gallipoli campaign: 87,000 Turks, 44,000 men from France and the British Empire, including 8500 Australians and 2721 New Zealanders.. News of the landing on Gallipoli had made a profound impact on Australians at home, and 25 April soon became the day on which Australians and New Zealanders remembered the sacrifice of those who had died in the war.

Whilst not the only Commonwealth Squadron, 75(NZ) Squadron was the only to carry it’s country of origin. During the period of the Second World War, the Squadron lost 1139 members, of which 469 were New Zealanders and 12 were Australian.

What follows is a list of all RNZAF and RAAF airmen who lost their lives flying with 75(NZ) Squadron RAF. They are listed by country and graveyard.



Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey, England.
GUNN, Garth Reginald    MiD Age 26 Squadron Leader  411397  RNZAF 21st September  1944
SIMONSEN, Horace Dean Age 31 Leading Aircraftsman  438024   RNZAF 17th April  1941
Buxton Cemetery, Derbyshire, England.
BEAVEN, James Wilfred Age 31 Sergeant 403566 RNZAF 22nd May 1942
MACKAY, Andrew Donald Age 22 Pilot Officer  411919   RNZAF 22nd May  1942
SMEATON, Wilfred Herbert Age 28 Sergeant  405331   RNZAF 23rd May  1942
Cambridge City Cemetery, Cambridgeshire, England.
BLEWETT, Terence Douglas Age 26 Flight Lieutenant 414376 RNZAF 17th January 1945
BROADY, Raymond Herbert John Age 28 Sergeant 39691 RNZAF 28th November 1942
DOBSON, Peter Gerald    MiD Age 28 Flight Sergeant 439022 RNZAF 8th September 1943
EAST, Patton Mason Age 29 Flight Sergeant 426083 RNZAF 24th October 1943
EMMERSON, Ronald Harry Age 24 Flight Sergeant 410330 RAAF 16th December 1943
HURDLE, Walter Age 28 Flight Sergeant  421279   RNZAF 4th November  1943
JENKIN, Ralph Francis Age 23 Flying Officer  416119   RNZAF 16th December  1943
KINROSS, Colin John Age 30 Pilot Officer  417069   RNZAF 16th December  1943
MENZIES, Ian Robert Age 21 Flying Officer  415002   RNZAF 8th September  1943
PURVES, James John Age 35 Flight Sergeant  422207   RNZAF 25th October  1943
RANDLE, James Robert Age 21 Flight Sergeant  416539   RNZAF 24th October  1943
WILSON, John Stanley Age 34 Flying Officer  426234   RNZAF 17th January  1945

Chevington Cemetery, Northumberland, England.

McISAAC, Alexander Age 24 Sergeant  412891   RNZAF 28th November  1942
Feltwell (St. Nicholas) Churchyard, Norfolk, England.
BENTLEY, Loch Lomond Age 28 Flight Sergeant 403936 RNZAF 23rd December 1941
FOUNTAIN, Cedric Niel Age 23 Pilot Officer  41981   RNZAF 23rd April  1942
GANNAWAY, Eric Francis Age 21 Sergeant  402110   RNZAF 12th May  1941
GRENFELL, Richard John Age 22 Sergeant  404026   RNZAF 29th June  1942
HARRIS, Richard James Age 24 Sergeant  402999   RNZAF 23rd April  1942
JOYCE, David Campbell Age 21 Sergeant  401278   RNZAF 16th July  1941
MITCHELL, Norman Age 25 Sergeant  404084   RNZAF 29th June  1942
NICOL, Trafford McRae Age 21 Pilot Officer  411929   RNZAF 23rd April  1942
RYAN, Alexander James Age 25 Pilot Officer  391367   RNZAF 10th January  1941
WOODHAM, Henry William Age 27 Sergeant  402449   RNZAF 28th February  1942
Grimsby (Scartho Road) Cemetery, Lincolnshire, England.
MEE, Alexander Coutts Age 23 Sergeant  40656   RNZAF 7th May  1941
NOLA, David Leo Age 26 Sergeant  39930   RNZAF 7th May  1941
Guilford Cemetery, Surrey, England.
ANDREWS, James Samuel Age 23 Sergeant 634968 RAF 13th May 1943
Ham (St Andrew) Churchyard, Richmond, Surrey, England.
DIBBEN, Ronald Oswald Age 22 Sergeant    1252627     RAFVR 28th November 1942
Ilford (Barkingside) Cemetery, Essex, England.
THORPE, Noel Humphrey Age 21 Flying Officer  428168   RNZAF 26th February  1945
Jarrow Cemetery, County Durham, England.
BRUCE, John Henry Age 23 Sergeant 1566967 RAFVR 17th September 1944
Lakenham (St. John the Baptist and All Saints) Churchyard, Norfolk, England.
HARVEY, Edgar William Age 27 Sergeant  41902   RNZAF 16th December  1942
Newmarket Cemetery, Suffolk, England.
CLUBB, Selwyn James Age 20 Flying Officer 414593 RNZAF 13th May 1943
FRANKLIN, Benjamin Allan Age 21 Sergeant  414277   RNZAF 16th December  1942
HARVEY, Robert Frederick Age 23 Sergeant  416483   RNZAF 13th May  1943
JOHNSTON, John Age 28 Flying Officer  416198   RNZAF 13th May  1943
WALSH, John Arthur Ernest Age 27 Warrant Officer  401294   RNZAF 9th April  1943
WELCH, Harold Rangi Age 23 Sergeant  41709   RNZAF 16th December  1942
WHITCOMBE, William Henry Age 32 Sergeant  41561   RNZAF 16th December  1942
Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, England.
AITCHISON, Richard Justin Age 28 Pilot Officer 429286 RNZAF 1st January 1945
BABER, Thomas James Edward    MiD Czech Medal for Bravery Age 23 Flight Lieutenant 39857  RNZAF 12th March 1942
BAGNALL, Trevor Horace Age 26 Warrant Officer 40640 RNZAF 17th December 1942
BAKER, James Guthrie Age 27 Flight Sergeant 41142 RNZAF 1st September 1943
BARTON, Arthur James Douglas Age 23 Flight Sergeant 413700 RNZAF 5th February 1943
BENTLEY, Robert Henry Waldron Age 23 Pilot Officer 414580 RNZAF 5th May 1943
BOSWELL, John McLaren Age 26 Sergeant 414491 RNZAF 5th May 1943
BRADEY, George Edward Francis Age 25 Pilot Officer 401954 RNZAF 11th August 1942
BRAILEY, Clifton Robert Age 23 Sergeant 404589 RNZAF 21st June 1942
BRIAN, William Leslie Fred Age 23 Flight Sergeant 411737 RNZAF 28th April 1943
BRIDGMAN, Arthur Mervyn Age 26 Pilot Officer 41866 RNZAF 3rd March 1943
BROUN, Alan Stewart Age 32 Pilot Officer 405367 RNZAF 9th July 1942
BROWN, Russell Howard Age 24 Flight Sergeant 425444 RNZAF 22nd May 1944
BRUHNS, Harold Henry Age 22 Pilot Officer 42367 RNZAF 24th February 1944
BRYSON, Norman Albert Age 26 Flight Sergeant 40859 RNZAF 26th July 1942
BUCKLEY, Ross Cameron Age 29 Flight Sergeant 411206 RNZAF 28th April 1943
BURTON, Clarence Sydney Age 22 Sergeant 414493 RNZAF 3rd March 1943
BUTLER, Laurie Licence Age 22 Flight Sergeant 421672 RNZAF 24th February 1944
CAIRNS, Louvain Trevor Age 25 Flight Sergeant 402437 RNZAF 26th July 1942
CHAMBERLAIN, Lloyd Montgomery Age 28 Flight Sergeant 40914 RNZAF 12th March 1942
COLLINS, John Noel Age 23 Flight Lieutenant 2513 RNZAF 21st May 1940
COPPERSMITH, Raymond Patrick Age 21 Sergeant 391697 RNZAF 26th July 1942
CORIN, Henry George Age 34 Sergeant 417269 RNZAF 28th April 1943
CUMPSTY, Frederick William Raukawa Age 25 Pilot Officer 413386 RNZAF 31st July 1943
DANCE, Alfred Thomas Age 25 Flying Officer 42495 RNZAF 4th November 1943
DARNEY, Jack Neville Age 22 Flight Sergeant 42376 RNZAF 31st July 1943
DARTON, Thomas William Age 22 Flight Sergeant 416465 RNZAF 26th May 1943
DAVIDSON, Neil Douglas Age 21 Pilot Officer 422057 RNZAF 21st July 1944
DROMGOOLE, Sydney Houston Age 28 Flight Sergeant 402171 RNZAF 22nd April 1942
DUNKERLEY, Allan Roy Frank Age 33 Pilot Officer 423083 RAAF 21st November 1944
DYER, Sydney Allan Age 19 Sergeant 40101 RNZAF 16th July 1941
EARLE, John Age 29 Pilot Officer 401756 RNZAF 12th March 1942
ELLIOT, Thomas Isaac Age 24 Flying Officer 421364 RNZAF 21st November 1944
FALCONER, Arthur James Age 23 Pilot Officer  39910   RNZAF 21st February  1941
FALKINER, Philip Age 21 Flight Sergeant  425140   RNZAF 30th July  1944
FAWCETT, Arnold Goodrick Age 31 Flight Sergeant  422698   RNZAF 4th November  1943
FERGUSSON, Allister Archibald Age 22 Flight Sergeant  425391   RNZAF 22nd May  1944
FINLAYSON, William John Age 23 Pilot Officer  39911   RNZAF 24th October  1940
FITZGERALD, John Age 23 Flight Sergeant  424777   RNZAF 30th August  1944
FREEMAN, Patrick Paul Deane Age 22 Sergeant  413305   RNZAF 5th February  1943
GAVEGAN, Jack Ralph Age 30 Pilot Officer  402128   RNZAF 9th July  1942
GOING, Raymond Cyril Age 21 Sergeant  414278   RNZAF 3rd March  1943
GOULD, James Douglas Age 21 Sergeant  411233   RNZAF 11th July  1942
GREEN, Cyril Vincent Age 21 Flight Sergeant  402997   RNZAF 11th August  1942
GREENING, Joseph Wesley Age 27 Pilot Officer  40022   RAAF 3rd July  1941
HADFIELD, Graham Stanley Age 23 Flight Sergeant  426239   RNZAF 14th March  1944
HALLIBURTON, Keith Age 23 Sergeant  415411   RNZAF 28th April  1943
HARE, Philip Edgar Age 19 Sergeant  401227   RNZAF 16th July  1941
HARRISON-SMITH, Francis Charles Age 20 Flight Sergeant  403959   RNZAF 30th November 1941
HARTSTONE, Roydon Horatio Age 29 Sergeant  40211   RNZAF 3rd July  1941
HIGGINS, Eric Vincent Keiran Age 27 Sergeant  400277   RAAF 16th July  1941
HIRST, Raymond John Finlay Age 22 Sergeant  404067   RNZAF 11th July  1942
HOWELL, Alexander Clunie Age 22 Sergeant  392104   RNZAF 28th April  1943
HOWES, Victor Charles Age 20 Sergeant  413418   RNZAF 28th April  1943
HUNTER, Patrick Torre Age 29 Sergeant  42297   RNZAF 28th April  1943
INNES, Owen Alfred Age 22 Sergeant  421935   RNZAF 30th May  1943
JONES, Roy King Age 26 Flying Officer  425611   RNZAF 21st July  1944
JUDD, Douglas Howard Age 26 Sergeant  413336   RNZAF 10th September  1942
KAY, Alan Lister Age 35 Flight Sergeant  42299   RNZAF 22nd May  1944
KELLY, Reginald Joseph Stephen Age 24 Sergeant  403580   RNZAF 22nd April  1942
KILBY, William Adam Age 40 Flight Sergeant  415261   RNZAF 1st September  1943
KNIGHT, Leon Gaston Age 22 Sergeant  405494   RNZAF 9th June  1942
LAMB, Erwin Henry Reubin Age 29 Sergeant  413709   RNZAF 5th May  1943
LEWIS, Alfred Edward Age 25 Flight Sergeant  412458   RAAF 28th April  1943
LODGE, Tom Age 35 Flying Officer  417284   RNZAF 4th November  1943
LOVELOCK, James Benjamin Age 26 Flying Officer  416324   RNZAF 1st September  1943
MacKAY, Kenneth McIndoe Age 27 Pilot Officer  421829   RNZAF 21st July  1944
MacKINNON, Douglas Malcolm Age 20 Sergeant  40923   RNZAF 16th July 1941
MAHOOD, Thomas Stanley Age 25 Flight Sergeant  404916   RNZAF 22nd April  1942
MARTYN, Leslie Arthur Age 35 Flight Lieutenant  417082   RNZAF 21st November  1944
MASON, Frederick David Age 21 Sergeant  1230433   RAFVR 16th August  1943
MAYO, John Russell Age 21 Flight Sergeant  417085   RNZAF 7th August  1943
McGREGOR, Keith Alexander Age 21 Flight Sergeant  415770   RNZAF 1st September  1943
McKENZIE, Frank Edwin Age 22 Sergeant  391085   RNZAF 9th July  1942
McMAHON, Henry Thomas Owen Age 27 Sergeant  403019   RNZAF 22nd April  1942
McPHERSON, Colin Valentine Age 21 Flight Sergeant  404912   RNZAF 26th July  1942
MONK, Walter Jack Age 24 Pilot Officer  411432   RNZAF 30th June  1942
MOORE, Cyril James Age 25 Sergeant  410555   RAAF 6th July  1943
MUIR, Anthony Vincent Age 29 Pilot Officer  40195   RNZAF 21st February  1941
NAIRNE, Colin George Age 22 Pilot Officer  42117   RNZAF 30th July  1944
NATION, John Ross Age 22 Sergeant  40945   RNZAF 3rd July  1941
NEWTON, Raymond John   DFC MiD Age 28 Wing Commander  40984   RNZAF 1st January  1945
OAKEY, Arthur Leslie Archibald Age 33 Flight Sergeant  4213810   RNZAF 21st March  1945
PARTON, William James Age 20 Pilot Officer  41932   RNZAF 12th March  1942
PERRY, Lyndon Clifford Age 21 Pilot Officer  428925   RNZAF 30th July  1944
POTTS, Donald Norman Age 25 Pilot Officer  412267   RNZAF 9th July  1942
PRICE, Henry John Age 25 Flight Sergeant  404095   RNZAF 12th March  1942
QUINN, Eric James Age 20 Flight Sergeant  4210077   RNZAF 21st July  1944
REDDING, Randolph Ernest Age 30 Sergeant  414678   RNZAF 5th February  1943
REID, Ian Laurie Age 23 Sergeant  391846   RNZAF 3rd July  1941
RICHARDS, James Leonard Age 25 Flight Sergeant  404946   RNZAF 23rd June  1943
RIDDLE, Charles Hudson Age 21 Flying Officer  41190   RNZAF 30th May  1943
RIORDAN, John Milton Patrick Age 32 Sergeant  422668   RNZAF 26th May  1943
ROSS, Desmond Ray Age 23 Sergeant  411451   RNZAF 28th April  1943
ROSS, Stanley David Age 25 Flight Sergeant  41359   RNZAF 26th July  1942
ROWBERRY, Geoffrey Warren Age 24 Pilot Officer  414567   RNZAF 14th March  1944
SHALFOON, Charles John Age 22 Sergeant  413897   RNZAF 11th October  1942
SMART, Randolph Cruickshank Age 25 Pilot Officer  411006   RNZAF 10th September  1942
SPITTAL, Phillip Charles Age 26 Pilot Officer  404420   RNZAF 26th July  1942
ST.LEDGER, Peter Sylvestor Anthony Age 21 Flying Officer 4 25375   RAAF 30th July  1943
STONE, Robert James Age 20 Flight Sergeant  415383   RNZAF 31st July  1943
STREETER, Donald Frederick Age 24 Sergeant  401033   RNZAF 24th July  1941
THOMAS, Raymond Age 22 Flight Sergeant  40586   RNZAF 6th July  1943
THOMSON, Jack Age 26 Flight Sergeant  421145   RNZAF 3rd August  1943
TONG, Harold Age 34 Flying Officer  416648   RNZAF 30th May  1943
TURNBULL, John George Age 33 Flying Officer  42490   RNZAF 16th August  1943
TURNER, William Age 22 Flying Officer  416579   RNZAF 3rd August  1943
TWEEDIE, Norman Age 25 Sergeant  402474   RAAF 12th September  1941
VERCOE, Terrance James Age 27 Flight Sergeant  415566   RNZAF 31st July  1943
VERNAZONI, Richard Barry Age 20 Flying Officer 416185   RNZAF 30th May  1943
WALKER, Graham Stuart Age 25 Sergeant  401817   RNZAF 24th July  1941
WATSON, Walter Davis Age 30 Flight Sergeant  428918   RNZAF 30th August  1944
WESTWOOD, Reginald Francis Age 20 Pilot Officer  416471   RAAF 5th May  1943
WHITELAW, Clifford James Age 22 Flight Sergeant  416188   RNZAF 25th June  1943
WILLIS, William Jarvis Age 33 Pilot Officer 421803   RNZAF 22nd May  1944
WILMSHURST, John Charles Age 25 Sergeant  411962   RNZAF 11th July  1942
WILSON, Norman Clarence Bruce Age 23 Flying Officer  417139   RNZAF 4th November  1943
WOODCOCK, Roy Joffre Desmond Age 26 Sergeant  404985   RNZAF 12th March  1942
WORTH, Jim Age 24 Flight Sergeant  425510   RNZAF 21st July  1944
WRIGHTSON, Cyril Charles Age 22 Sergeant  411998   RNZAF 22nd April  1942


Adegem Canadian War Cemetery, Belgium.
ANDERSON, Lindsay Douglas Age 20 Sergeant 391321 RNZAF 20th September 1940
Chiervres Communal Cemetery, Belgium.
KELL, William Robert Age 23 Pilot Officer 411766 RNZAF 19th November  1943
MYERS, John William Anthony Age 25 Flight Lieutenant 405801 RNZAF 19th July  1944
Florennes Communal Cemetery, Belgium.
GRAINGER, James Kennedy Age 21 Pilot Officer  42295   RNZAF 15th April  1943
McCASKILL, Donald Gordon Age 19 Pilot Officer  413573   RNZAF 15th April  1943
SMITH, Ronald Alexander Age 21 Sergeant 415378   RNZAF 15th April  1943
Heverlee War Cemetery, Belgium.
BURKE, Edgar Lawrence Age 26 Pilot Officer 417016 RNZAF 23rd May 1944
PAGE, Frank Albert Age 29 Warrant Officer  409481   RAAF 23rd May  1944
PARKIN, Victor Trevor Age 21 Flight Sergeant  421090   RNZAF 31st August  1943
WATTERS, Terrence Age 21 Flight Sergeant  417299   RNZAF 31st August  1943
Hoton War Cemetery, Belgium.
ELVIN, William Age 21 Pilot Officer 426883 RNZAF 12th August 1944
JOHNSTON, Haig Douglas Age 27 Flight Sergeant  426320   RNZAF 12th August  1944
MULCAHY, Cyril Desmond Age 21 Pilot Officer  428793   RNZAF 12th August  1944
PARKER, Robert Ronald Smithie Age 20 Sergeant  1892552   RAFVR 12th August 1944
THOMSON, Edward Leonard Age 20 Flight Sergeant  4211036   RNZAF 12th August  1944
WRIGHT, John Herbert Age 26 Flight Sergeant  426209   RNZAF 12th August  1944
Ostende New Communal Cemetery, Belgium.
COATES, Dudley Dobson Age 33 Sergeant 421318 RNZAF 26th May 1943
Werken Churchyard, Belgium.
ROBERTS, James Age 20 Sergeant  400310   RAAF 22nd October  1941
SPARK, Frederick Alexander Age 26 Sergeant  401415   RNZAF 22nd October  1941
Wevelgem Communal Cemetery, Belgium.
FAUVEL, Spencer Francis Age 21 Flight Lieutenant  414971   RNZAF 28th May  1944
GOWER, Kenneth Wilfred Age 28 Flight Sergeant  421272   RNZAF 28th May  1944
LUKEY, Francis Henry Clark Age 23 Flying Officer  42990   RNZAF 28th May  1944
MASON, James Rooker Age 27 Flight Sergeant  421307   RNZAF 28th May  1944


Aabenraa Cemetery, Denmark.
BAILEY, Robert Age 20 Flight Sergeant 429072 RNZAF 23rd April 1944
LAMMAS, Mauson Age 30 Pilot Officer  421728   RNZAF 23rd April  1944
SAWTELL, Arthur Hartley Age 19 Flight Sergeant  417521   RAAF 24th February  1944
VAUGHAN, Douglas William Age 28 Flight Sergeant  429046   RNZAF 23rd April  1944
Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery, Denmark.
COBB, Cyril Thomas Age 30 Flight Sergeant 412315 RNZAF 21st April 1943
EARLE, Frederick Joseph Age 22 Sergeant    1332585     RAFVR 21st April 1943
SALT, Ian Charles Age 20 Flight Sergeant  404046   RNZAF 21st April  1943
TOLLEY, Alan Gray Age 21 Pilot Officer  411954   RNZAF 21st April  1943
UPTON, Frank Wakefield Age 28 Flight Sergeant  404430   RNZAF 21st April  1943
Frederikshavn Cemetery, Denmark.
CRAWFORD-WATSON, Lewis Stanley Age 21 Flight Sergeant 42734 RNZAF 4th November 1943
IMRIE, George Burns Age 22 Flight Sergeant  422676   RNZAF 4th November  1943
JAMES, Charles James Age 34 Flight Sergeant  426333   RNZAF 4th November  1943
MASTERS, William Stuart Age 21 Pilot Officer  421077   RNZAF 4th November  1943
Gram Churchyard, Denmark.
MURRY, Henry James Age 26 Flying Officer  415820   RNZAF 19th April  1944
Orslev Churchyard, Denmark.
BIGGAR, John Matthew Age 22 Flight Sergeant 427945 RNZAF 12th September 1944
HADLEY, William Orchard Age 30 Flying Officer 426041   RNZAF 12th September  1944
Svino Churchyard, Denmark
BOYD, William James Victor Age 20 Flight Sergeant 428303 RNZAF 12th September 1944
GILES, John Patrick Arthur Age 21 Flight Sergeant  425836   RNZAF 12th September  1944
GUDGEON, John Bernard Age 23 Pilot Officer  428786   RNZAF 12th September  1944
JENKINS, Ernest Roy Age 25 Warrant Officer  405780   RNZAF 29th April  1943
SHOGREN, Malcolm Edward John Age 29 Sergeant  415375   RNZAF 28th April  1943
THOMPSON, Desmond Lewis Age 21 Pilot Officer  413152   RNZAF 29th April  1943
WILLIAMS, John Muir Age 23 Flight Sergeant  401341   RAAF 29th April  1943


Bayeux War Cemetery, France.
BONISCH, Lester Lascelles Age 21 Pilot Officer 422098 RNZAF 11th June 1944
McKENZIE, James Murdoch Thomas Age 27 Flight Sergeant  427217   RNZAF 11th June  1944
MILLER, James Stuart Age 33 Flight Sergeant  427220   RNZAF 11th June  1944
Chateau-Voue Communal Cemetery, France.
McRAE, James Kenneth Age 27 Flying Officer  415216   RNZAF 25th July  1944
POTTS, Thomas Christopher Age 27 Flight Sergeant  421143   RNZAF 25th July  1944
Choloy War Cemetery, France.
GROVES, Kelvin Havelock Green Age 30 Pilot Officer  415819   RNZAF 17th April  1943
STONE, Ronald Charles Age 26 Sergeant  413281   RNZAF 17th April 1943
Clermont-Ferrand (Des Carmes Dechaux) Communal Cemetery, France.
HENDERSON, Hugh William Age 24 Flying Officer  421713   RNZAF 5th March  1944
JONES, Arthur Stanley Age 28 Flight Sergeant  421977   RNZAF 5th March  1944
MELVILLE, Robert James Ian Age 26 Flight Sergeant  42349   RNZAF 5th March  1944
WATSON, Raymond Johnson   DFC Age 27 Squadron Leader  404978 RNZAF 5th March  1944
Cronenbourg French National (Mixed) Cemetery, Strasbourg, France.
DUDDING, Keat Age 25 Warrant Officer 415522 RNZAF 25th July    1944
TAVERNER, George Alfred Badge Age 21 Flight Sergeant  429835   RAAF 25th July  1944
WHITEHOUSE, Keith Owen Age 23 Flying Officer  428800   RNZAF 25th July  1944
Fruges Communal Cemetery, France.
BATESON, Benjamin William Age 22 Flight Sergeant 424788 RNZAF 25th June 1944
MILNE, Bruce Age 21 Flight Sergeant  428017   RNZAF 25th June  1944
Guidel Communal Cemetery, France.
HARDING-SMITH, Dudley Age 24 Pilot Officer  405265   RNZAF 13th February  1943
Millery Communal Cemetery, France.
BLANCE, Ian Edward Age 21 Pilot Officer 421496 RNZAF 29th July 1944
CLIMO, Frederick Walter Percival Age 22 Flight Sergeant 4310148 RNZAF 29th July 1944
JENKINS, Frederick Francis Arthur Age 30 Flight Sergeant  429888   RNZAF 29th July  1944
Olonne-Sur-Mer Communal Cemetery, France.
WHITTA, Neville Bruce Age 20 Flight Sergeant  416566   RNZAF 16th August  1943
Poix-de-la-Somme Churchyard, France.
MACKENZIE, Douglas John Age 27 Flight Sergeant  417211   RAAF 2nd May  1944
PEEVERS, Thomas Alexander Age 29 Flight Sergeant  417232   RNZAF 2nd May  1944
SACHTLER, Euen William Age 24 Squadron Leader  41362   RNZAF 2nd May  1944
Rieux Communal Cemetery, France.
BETLEY, Ronald Desmond Ernest Age 22 Flight Sergeant 421495 RNZAF 16th June 1944
COOK, Peter Jackson Age 21 Flight Sergeant 42708 RNZAF 16th June 1944
HALE, Lawrence Eastmure Age 26 Flight Sergeant  42395   RNZAF 16th June  1944
TOOHEY, Edward Wallace Age 22 Warrant Officer 416672   RNZAF 16th June  1944
Therouldeville Churchyard, France.
RITCHIE, Alfred Henry Age 22 Sergeant  40207   RNZAF 22nd December  1940
Tillieres-Sur-Avre Communal Cemetery, France.
DONAGHY, Thomas Rodgers Age 33 Flight Sergeant 422267 RNZAF 11th June    1944
Valenciennes (St Roch) Communal Cemetery, France.
DIMOCK, Vallance Albert Oliver Age 22 Sergeant     412317    RNZAF 25th October 1942
McCONNELL, James Allison Age 21 Sergeant  414646   RNZAF 25th October  1942
SMITH, Selwyn Clarence Age 29 Sergeant  41952   RNZAF 25th October  1942
TONKIN, Douglas Noel Age 22 Sergeant  413285   RNZAF 25th October  1942
Ville-Sur-Retourne Churchyard, France.
HUGHILL, Howard James Age 21 Sergeant  414293   RNZAF 25th October  1942
Yevres Communal Cemetery, France.
STOKES, Noel Alfred Deal Age 25 Flight Lieutenant  421403   RNZAF 29th July  1944


Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Germany.
ERIKSON, Mervyn Arthur Age 26 Pilot Officer 416103 RNZAF 24th August 1943
FISK, Joseph George Arkless Age 28 Flight Sergeant  412874   RNZAF 1st September  1943
HELM, George Vincent Age 23 Pilot Officer  416113   RNZAF 1st September  1943
HOPE, Lawrence Beresford Hamilton Age 28 Warrant Officer  40940   RNZAF 19th April  1945
LUNDON, Francis Patrick Age 25 Flight Sergeant  404718   RNZAF 24th August  1943
MOSS, Douglas Hamilton Age 23 Pilot Officer  404653   RNZAF 24th August  1943
SEDUNARY, Alan Joseph Lyall   DFC Age 20 Pilot Officer  416619    RAAF 24th August  1943
STEWART, Donald MacKay Age 29 Flight Sergeant 421336  RNZAF 1st September 1943
THIRD, James Age 34 Pilot Officer  422671   RNZAF 24th August  1943
THORSTENSEN, Frederick William Age 26 Flight Sergeant  414529   RNZAF 24th August  1943
WOOLCOTT, Douglas George Age 23 Sergeant  1290189   RAFVR 24th August  1943
Becklingen War Cemetery, Germany
BRISCO, Robert Hylton Age 26 Sergeant 411204 RNZAF 29th July 1942
CAITCHEON, Gordon Edwin Age 28 Sergeant 404016 RNZAF 29th July 1942
CAMPBELL, Alan Age 22 Flight Sergeant 391857 RNZAF 29th July 1942
CARNCROSS, Murray Ellis Age 19 Pilot Officer 411718 RNZAF 29th July 1942
DAVIS, Ronald Fraser Age 22 Flight Sergeant 403569 RNZAF 29th July 1942
HUTT, George Alister Age 25 Flight Sergeant  41914   RNZAF 29th July 1942
McMURCHY, James Gordon Age 31 Sergeant  405539   RNZAF 29th July 1942
O’SHEA, William Clerken Age 28 Sergeant  411096   RNZAF 29th July 1942
SAVAGE, John Henry Age 33 Sergeant  404620   RNZAF 29th July 1942
STEWART, Ian Gordon Age 20 Sergeant  404623   RNZAF 29th July 1942
SUTHERLAND, Alexander George Age 23 Flight Sergeant  405340   RNZAF 29th July 1942
TABOR, Adrian Oscar Age 25 Sergeant  411104   RNZAF 29th July 1942
WESTERMAN, Victor Kenneth Age 24 Flight Sergeant  41970   RNZAF 29th July 1942
WILSON, Peter John Age 22 Flight Lieutenant  402475   RNZAF 29th July 1942
Hamburg War Cemetery, Germany.
CORLETT, Geoffrey Scott Age 20 Flight Sergeant 42289 RNZAF 3rd August 1943
COUPER, James Arthur Age 31 Flight Sergeant 417027 RNZAF 3rd August 1943
CRARER, Thomas Eric Age 21 Sergeant 405475 RNZAF 29th July 1942
HAWKINS, Anthony Henry Ryder Age 20 Sergeant  40971   RNZAF 15th September  1941
REEVES, Sydney Cecil Oliver Age 21 Flight Sergeant  42339   RNZAF 3rd August  1943
WARD, James Allen   VC Age 22 Sergeant  401793   RNZAF 15th September  1941
Hanover War Cemetery, Germany.
ADAMSON, David Maurice Age 27 Flying Officer 41052 RNZAF 28th September 1943
DALZELL, Errol Thomas Paterson Age 22 Pilot Officer 411378 RNZAF 28th August 1942
HAUB, Darcy Leslie Conrad Age 23 Flight Sergeant  42326   RNZAF 31st August 1943
HOGAN, Denis Patrick Age 23 Sergeant  412331   RNZAF 28th August  1942
JACKSON, Kensington Campbell Age 23 Flight Sergeant  42330   RNZAF 31st August  1943
RIDDLER, Stanley Winston Age 22 Sergeant  424999   RNZAF 3rd October  1943
ROBERTS, Eric John Age 25 Flight Sergeant  417107   RNZAF 31st August  1943
TUNBRIDGE, Victor Arthur Age 28 Sergeant  411788   RNZAF 28th August  1942
WAEREA, Tame Hawaikirangi Age 29 Pilot Officer  421300   RNZAF 28th September  1943
WHITMORE, Richard Charles Age 22 Pilot Officer  421123   RNZAF 28th September  1943
Kiel War Cemetery, Germany.
AITCHISON, Campbell Ewen Justin Age 22 Flight Sergeant 402974 RNZAF 12th March 1942
BELL, Maurice Perrott Age 26 Pilot Officer 404882 RNZAF 29th March 1942
BROWN, John Lukies Age 22 Flight Sergeant 402534 RNZAF 12th March 1942
CRAN, Franklyn Bertram Age 21 Sergeant 405237 RNZAF 29th March 1942
FIRTH, Ellison George Age 19 Sergeant  412218   RNZAF 13th October  1942
FRASER, Myles Frederick Gordon Age 22 Flight Sergeant  403437   RNZAF 16th May  1942
HARRIS, Claude Joseph Age 31 Sergeant  404028   RNZAF 29th March  1942
McDONALD, Murray Alexander Age 23 Sergeant  400352   RAAF 12th March  1942
PARKINSON, Lewis Harry Age 20 Sergeant  412518   RNZAF 13th October  1942
SMITH, Albert Ivan Age 27 Flight Sergeant  402221   RNZAF 16th May  1942
WATTERS, Ventry Age 22 Sergeant  413522   RNZAF 13th October  1942
WHITING, Norman Edward Age 27 Sergeant  404107   RNZAF 16th May  1942
Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany.
ANDERSON, Ronald Alexander John Age 26 Flight Sergeant 36139 RNZAF 20th July 1940
BARCLAY, Thomas Smith Age 22 Flight Sergeant 411358 RNZAF 12th August 1942
BISSET, Stuart Richard Age 20 Flight Sergeant 415738 RNZAF 23rd June 1943
BLANK, John Frederick Age 20 Flight Sergeant 422175 RNZAF 23rd June 1943
BOAG, Robert James Age 24 Flight Sergeant 432097 RAAF 30th November 1944
BROWN, Alfred Errol Age 25 Flying Officer 429139 RNZAF 21st March 1945
COLES, Thomas Edward Age 28 Sergeant 40161 RNZAF 7th September 1942
COWIE, James Lindis Age 22 Flight Sergeant 42322 RNZAF 22nd November 1943
FRAMPTON, Laurie Albert Age 20 Sergeant  411753   RNZAF 29th July  1942
GIBSON, John Cuthbert McKechnie Age 29 Sergeant  40435 2  RNZAF 7th November  1941
GRIMES, Harold Dawson Age 26 Sergeant  404532   RAAF 15th October  1941
HAZARD, Whelan Fallon Age 20 Flying Officer  429047   RNZAF 12th August  1944
HOLLOWAY, Edgar John Age 29 Flying Officer  429923   RNZAF 21st March  1945
INGLIS, William Gordon Lloyd Age 27 Sergeant  411758   RNZAF 12th August  1942
JARVIS, Claude Joseph Frederick Age 22 Sergeant  411722   RNZAF 7th September  1942
JOHNS, Arthur Grahame Age 20 Flight Sergeant  41907   RNZAF 29th July  1942
KAVANAGH, Stanley Leo Age 24 Warrant Officer  403579   RNZAF 30th May  1943
KRALJEVICH, Mark Age 25 Sergeant  403458   RNZAF 29th July  1942
MACKENZIE, Stanley Henry Age 23 Flying Officer  422418   RNZAF 22nd November  1943
MacPHAIL, Allan Corson Anderson Age 30 Sergeant  41194   RNZAF 30th May  1943
MARSHALL, Eric William Elliott Age 31 Flight Sergeant  415637   RNZAF 23rd May  1944
McCARTIN, Patrick Leo Age 28 Flying Officer  419328   RAAF 20th November  1944
McINTOSH, James Alexander Age 26 Flying Officer  411915   RNZAF 30th November  1944
McWILLIAM, Allan Age 20 Sergeant  416586   RNZAF 30th May  1943
MILLS, George William Age 27 Pilot Officer  411769   RNZAF 7th September  1942
MORGAN, Robert Carhampton Age 26 Flight Sergeant  421389   RNZAF 30th November  1944
NEWMAN, Robert Wynne Age 29 Flight Sergeant  4210960   RNZAF 30th November  1944
NORMAN, Raymond Fraser Age 23 Flight Sergeant  416145   RNZAF 30th May  1943
OWEN, John Lewis Age 24 Sergeant  391332   RNZAF 20th July  1940
PAYNE, Douglas Beardsley Age 22 Flight Sergeant  426917   RNZAF 23rd May  1944
PLUMMER, Jack    DFC Age 29 Flight Lieutenant  42451   RNZAF 21st March  1945
RAMSAY, William Robertson Age 25 Sergeant  405508   RNZAF 9th June  1942
ROBERTSON, Trevor Bernard Age 26 Pilot Officer  404948   RNZAF 15th October  1941
SAMSON, George King Age 27 Flight Sergeant  402563   RNZAF 23rd June  1943
SAUL, Norman Priestley Age 30 Sergeant  411730   RNZAF 7th September  1942
SCOTT, Russell James Age 23 Flying Officer  428984   RNZAF 21st March  1945
SHARMAN, George William Age 27 Sergeant  412746   RNZAF 7th September  1942
SMITH, Rupert John Age 26 Pilot Officer  41950   RNZAF 9th June 1942
STEWART, Leslie Ian Age 25 Sergeant  41178 5  RNZAF 29th July  1942
THORNLEY, Sydney Russell Age 25 Flight Sergeant  40109   RNZAF 30th May  1943
TURNER, John Cecil Age 21 Flight Sergeant  421115   RNZAF 22nd November  1943
WARRING, Robert John Age 21 Sergeant  411110   RNZAF 12th August  1942
WOOD, James Haswell Age 29 Flight Sergeant  425811   RNZAF 21st March  1945
Rheinberg War Cemetery, Germany.
ANDERSEN, Kenneth Peder Christian Age 28 Flight Sergeant 429128 RNZAF 4th November 1944
ASHWIN, Eric Lumley Durham Age 22 Sergeant 41563 RNZAF 17th December 1942
BENNETT, Raymond Frederick Age 29 Pilot Officer 415282 RNZAF 30th May 1943
BERNARD, Arthur George Age 22 Flight Sergeant 424964 RNZAF 22nd November1943
BUDGE, William Finlay Age 24 Pilot Officer 41977 RNZAF 6th April 1942
CAREY, John Henry Roy Age 27 Flight Sergeant 414242 RNZAF 30th May 1943
CLARK, Mervyn Oliver Age 20 Pilot Officer 404895 RNZAF 17th December 1942
COOMBRIDGE, Trevor Walter Age 21 Flight Sergeant 42653 RNZAF 27th December 1944
CURLEWIS, Raymond Fullerton Age 25 Sergeant 402230 RAAF 11th October 1941
DALE, James Atkinson Age 27 Flying Officer 425562 RNZAF 25th August 1944
DEBENHAM, Kevin Frederick Age 26 Pilot Officer 412211 RNZAF 16th April 1943
DEVLIN, Kevin John Age 26 Pilot Officer 413334 RNZAF 11th September 1942
FLEMING, James Allan Age 27 Flying Officer  422382   RNZAF 25th August  1944
GALLETLY, Alan Russell Age 33 Pilot Officer  427481   RNZAF 5th October  1944
HASELDEN, Howard Clive McLeish Age 22 Sergeant  403003   RNZAF 18th September  1941
HENLEY, Douglas Charles   MiD Age 23 Pilot Officer  414622   RNZAF 1st September  1943
HOWARD, Edward John Francis Age 24 Flight Sergeant  424469   RNZAF 4th November  1944
HOWLETT, Arthur Douglas Age 32 Flying Officer  413335   RNZAF 23rd September  1943
JACOBSON, Gerald Howard Age 27 Flying Officer  41333   RNZAF 17th December  1942
JARVIS, William Louis Age 25 Flight Sergeant  414691   RAAF 23rd September  1943
KELCHER, Walter Foch Age 23 Sergeant  411908   RNZAF 11th September  1942
KENDAL, Christopher James Age 21 Sergeant  412342   RNZAF 17th December  1942
KIRKPATRICK, Laurence John Age 20 Flying Officer  414990   RNZAF 23rd September  1943
MacLEOD, Norman Alexander Age 26 Flight Sergeant  404079   RNZAF 30th May  1943
MARGETTS, John Edward Stanley Age 25 Flight Sergeant  422665   RNZAF 22nd November  1943
McALPINE, Walter Duncan Age 30 Pilot Officer  403551   RNZAF 17th December  1942
METCALFE, Thomas Otto Age 19 Sergeant  414386   RNZAF 11th September  1942
MILES, Haddon Shaw Age 27 Flying Officer  421746   RNZAF 27th December 1 944
MOSLEY, Stuart Edwin Age 29 Flight Sergeant  426106   RNZAF 5th October  1944
MURPHY, Timothy Rowley Age 20 Sergeant  404037   RNZAF 11th October  1941
PULLAR, Henry Welsh Age 25 Sergeant  411777   RNZAF 17th December  1942
SANDS, Hugh Powell Age 26 Flying Officer  403287   RNZAF 23rd September  1943
SCOTT, Alexander Age 20 Sergeant  413484   RNZAF 3rd December  1942
SCOTT, Alistair Henry Age 27 Flight Sergeant  428259   RNZAF 4th November  1944
SCOTT, John Harold Age 29 Flying Officer  428797   RNZAF 4th November  1944
SINGLE, Alan Roy Age 26 Flight Sergeant  413144   RAAF 22nd November  1943
SMITH, Ian Hector Ross Age 34 Flight  Sergeant  421614   RNZAF 1st September  1943
SMITH, Phillip Francis Age 20 Flight Sergeant  427206   RAAF 20th November  1944
SOUTHWARD, Keith Age 28 Flying Officer  411048   RNZAF 6th October  1944
STOKES, Wallace Frederick Age 27 Sergeant  412326   RNZAF 17th December  1942
THOMPSON, Colin Maurice Age 23 Sergeant  404427   RNZAF 11th October  1941
WALSHE, Desmond James Age 25 Sergeant  412912   RNZAF 11th September  1942
WATSON, Clifford Arnold Age 34 Flying Officer  421946   RNZAF 1st September  1943
WELSH, Neville Henry Age 20 Flight Sergeant  391334   RNZAF 15th October  1941
WHITE, William George Henry Age 27 Sergeant  41717   RNZAF 17th December  1942
WHITTINGTON, Eric Richmond Age 22 Flight Sergeant  416030   RNZAF 22nd November  1943
WILKINSON, Ernest Stanley Age 25 Pilot Officer  417138   RNZAF 6th September  1943
WOOD, Frederick Lionel Roy Age 23 Sergeant  404439   RNZAF 15th October  1941
Sage War Cemetery, Germany.
BRODIE, Andrew Moore Age 25 Sergeant 391378 RNZAF 21st February 1941
BUCKLEY, Wallace Edward Age 28 Pilot Officer 391379 RNZAF 21st June 1942
GILL, John Trevor Vivian Age 27 Sergeant  403362   RNZAF 4th September  1942
GRANT, Horace Llewellyn Age 27 Sergeant  405254   RNZAF 4th September  1942
LEES, Reginald Sidney Age 26 Pilot Officer  404907   RNZAF 27th July 1942
LOWTHER, Peter Desmond Age 22 Flight Sergeant  403583   RNZAF 11th July  1942
NEWMAN, Richard Alfred William Age 24 Sergeant  405309   RNZAF 4th September  1942
RENTON, Rupert Ernest Age 22 Sergeant  412352   RNZAF 4th September  1942
ROBERTSON, Norman Bruce Age 25 Pilot Officer  411101   RNZAF 27th July  1942
SHARP, Richard Edwin Age 23 Sergeant  405513   RNZAF 11th July  1942
SHEPHERD, Ian James Age 26 Pilot Officer  404414   RNZAF 27th July  1942
TRENGROVE, Raymond Wickliffe John Age 20 Pilot Officer  40927   RNZAF 21st June  1942
WINSTANLEY, James Francis Age 20 Sergeant  412373   RNZAF 27th July  1942
Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany.
BARKER, Richard Stockdale Age 28 Pilot Officer 421345 RNZAF 26th August 1944
BRIDGER, Cyril Jack Age 26 Flight Sergeant 417192 RNZAF 28th August 1943
DAVEY, Charles Raglan Age 21 Sergeant 413937 RNZAF 8th March 1943
FIRTH, Raymond Age 28 Warrant Officer  417203   RNZAF 26th August  1944
HENDERSON, Matthew Ronald Age 25 Flight Sergeant  427204   RNZAF 28th April  1944
HERRON, Robert Weir Age 23 Flying Officer  422282   RNZAF 28th April  1944
HIGHAM, Frank Douglas Age 24 Flight Sergeant  416116   RNZAF 28th August  1943
LOGAN, Clifford Charles Pownall Age 28 Flying Officer  405918   RAAF 23rd September  1943
McLACHLAN, Euen Wilfred Age 22 Flying Officer  415266   RNZAF 28th April  1944
NORTON, William George Age 28 Flight Sergeant  413227   RNZAF 26th August  1944
PERKS, Eric Age 29 Flight Sergeant  411934   RNZAF 29th August  1942
SMITH, Keith Alfred Age 23 Warrant Officer  416022 RNZAF 28th April  1944
SOWERBY, Geoffrey Phillips Age 22 Flight Sergeant  417243   RNZAF 23rd September  1943


Aardenburg General Cemetery, Holland.
HEWETT, Harold Max Age 21 Flight Sergeant  419311   RAAF 12th May  1944
Amersfoort (Oud Leusden) General Cemetery, Holland.
BLINCOE, Kenneth Howard DFC Age 33 Pilot Officer 412194  RNZAF 3rd February 1943
CLEARWATER, Desmond Age 24 Sergeant 412314 RNZAF 3rd February 1943
COOK, George Wood Age 24 Sergeant 412514 RNZAF 3rd February 1943
SCOTT, Andrew James Newell Age 21 Pilot Officer  414685   RNZAF 3rd February  1943
Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery, Holland.
ANNAN, William Douglas Francis Age 20 Sergeant 391377 RNZAF 26th July 1940
BYRNE, Martin John Age 32 Flight Sergeant 404529 RNZAF 29th July 1942
COLEMAN, William Harcourt DFC Age 23 Flying Officer 2526 RNZAF 26th July 1940
GILBERTSON, John Edward Age 22 Flight Sergeant  41894   RNZAF 29th July  1942
PERROTT, William Rosser Age 21 Flying Officer  416155   RNZAF 25th June  1943
Beesd General Cemetery, Holland.
JOBLIN, Frederick John Leigh Age 25 Sergeant  417063   RNZAF 24th May  1943
TURNBULL, George Watson Age 24 Sergeant  421342   RNZAF 24th May  1943
TIETJENS, Stephen Muir Age 26 Sergeant  415640   RNZAF 24th May 1 943
Bergen-Op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery, Holland.
BLACK, John William Age 27 Flight Sergeant 402843 RNZAF 7th November 1941
COOKSEY, James Brett Age 23 Flight Sergeant 416460 RNZAF 24th June 1943
FOTHERINGHAM, Robert Ewen Ernest Age 29 Sergeant  391833   RNZAF 16th July  1941
GRAY, Trevor Hedley Age 27 Sergeant  404356   RNZAF 7th November  1941
LLOYD, Eric Age 28 Pilot Officer  402197   RNZAF 7th November  1941
MURDOCH, Graham Edward Age 26 Pilot Officer  411927   RNZAF 9th June  1942
O’DOWD, Albert William Age 25 Sergeant  41544   RNZAF 9th June  1942
PENMAN, Alexander Mitchell Age 23 Flying Officer  416154   RNZAF 21st October  1944
Doetinchem (Loolaan) General Cemetery, Holland.
HARRISON, Alfred Herbert Age 25 Flight Sergeant  403000   RNZAF 8th November  1941
WYLLIE, Thomas Young Age 25 Sergeant  404011   RNZAF 8th November  1941
Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Holland.
GILMOUR, Hugh Edward Age 24 Warrant Officer  422667   RAAF 21st July  1944
MILLS, Samuel Age 32 Flight Sergeant  425036   RAAF 21st July  1944
OSBORNE, John Edward Age 23 Flight Sergeant  417877   RAAF 21st July  1944
Flushing  (Vlissingen) Northern Cemetery, Holland.
BLUCK, Norman Bradford Age 22 Pilot Officer 40364 RNZAF 24th June 1943
STRONG, Geoffrey Walter Age 31 Flight Sergeant  413905   RNZAF 24th June  1943
Gilze-En-Rijen (Gilze) Roman Catholic Cemetery,  Holland.
COOK, Stephen Astley Age 21 Flight Sergeant 421142 RNZAF 28th May 1944
SCOTT, Francis Alexander Jack Age 28 Sergeant  421105   RNZAF 28th May  1944
Harderwijk General Cemetery, Holland.
THOMSON, Gordon Douglas Age 22 Flight Sergeant 42317   RNZAF 25th June  1943
Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Nijmegen, Holland.
CALLOW, Horace Age 27 Flying Officer 427185 RNZAF 21st July 1944
DOBBIN, Laurence St.George Age 29 Flight Sergeant 401375 RNZAF 12th August 1942
HICKFORD, Leonard Charles Age 21 Flight Sergeant  426886   RNZAF 21st July  1944
HOWELL, Edward Age 21 Pilot Officer  428819   RNZAF 21st July  1944
JURY, Jack Leslie Age 20 Sergeant  411764   RNZAF 12th August  1942
McKENZIE, Francis Max Age 26 Pilot Officer  41344   RNZAF 23rd June  1943
REDWOOD, Gerard Henry Age 34 Flight Sergeant  425012   RNZAF 21st July  1944
ROCHE, Gerald Brian Age 21 Flight Sergeant  413219   RNZAF 21st July  1944
SMITH, Keith Emmett Age 21 Flight Sergeant  425179   RNZAF 21st July  1944
Markelo General Cemetery, Holland.
BURBIDGE, Kenneth Alfred Age 22 Flight Sergeant 412200 RNZAF 23rd June 1943
MARTIN, Donald Ernest Age 26 Flight Sergeant  413872   RNZAF 23rd June  1943
McEWIN, Andrew James Age 25 Flight Sergeant  417077   RNZAF 23rd June  1943
WILCOCKSON, Walter Frederick Age 34 Flight Sergeant  42314   RNZAF 23rd June  1943
Oldebroek General Cemetery, Holland.
SMITH, Trevor Harry Age 24 Pilot Officer  41953   RNZAF 9th July  1942
Rotterdam (Crooswijk) General Cemetery, Holland.
FOSTER, Ralph Owen Age 29 Pilot Officer  402443   RNZAF 8th November  1941
RYDER, Robert Leslie Owen Age 25 Pilot Officer  404626   RAAF 8th November  1941
WILSON, John Stephen Age 27 Sergeant  402530   RNZAF 8th November  1941
Schiermonnikoog (Vredenhof) Cemetery, Holland.
CHRISTIE, Arthur Stafford Age 21 Flight Sergeant 402982 RNZAF 21st June 1942
FRASER, Allan Armistice Age 23 Flying Officer  405030   RNZAF 21st June  1942
YOUNG, George Anthony Age 21 Sergeant  405771   RNZAF 9th July 1 942
Tilburg (Gilzerbaan) General Cemetery, Holland.
BURTT, Henry John Age 31 Flying Officer 414560 RNZAF 21st July 1944
CRAWFORD, Henry Varley Gibb Age 28 Sergeant 404339 RNZAF 7th September 1942
GILLAN, Gottfred Lyall Age 21 Warrant Officer  42324   RNZAF 21st July  1944
GROVES, Alpheus Leslie Age 30 Flight Sergeant  403574   RNZAF 7th September  1942
PARKES, William Ronald Age 31 Flight Sergeant  403822   RNZAF 7th September  1942
ROSE, George Herbert Age 30 Sergeant  391713   RNZAF 7th September  1942
WILSON, Eric Glover Age 27 Flight Sergeant  403035   RNZAF 7th September  1942
Uden War Cemetery, Holland.
FLETCHER, Andrew Crawford Age 24 Flight Sergeant  42675   RNZAF 21st July  1944
SIMPSON, Alfred Alexander Age 28 Flight Sergeant  425212   RNZAF 21st July  1944
WHITTINGTON, Harold Age 26 Pilot Officer  42488   RNZAF 21st July  1944
Westdongeradeel (Holwerd) Protestant Cemetery, Holland.
HEGAN, John Gordon George Age 23 Sergeant  411075   RNZAF 30th June  1942
McGREGOR, Murdoch Gordon Age 23 Sergeant  411079   RNZAF 30th June  1942
MONCRIEF, Eric Francis Sydney Age 25 Sergeant  411087   RNZAF 30th June  1942
RANDLE, Douglas Haig Age 24 Sergeant  405454   RNZAF 30th June  1942
Wierden General Cemetery, Holland.
McCULLOUGH, John   DFC Age 30 Pilot Officer  40410 RNZAF 3rd February  1943
MURPHY, Terence Austin Age 30 Sergeant  413307   RNZAF 3rd February 1943

Roll of Honour – Cemeteries by country. United Kingdom updated

Owing to the dire TV on over Easter Sunday, I am pleased to announce that all of the grave details have now been added to the United Kingdom section of the Cemeteries by country section of the Roll of Honour. If any of you have planned perhaps to go visit some of the boys, these grave location information should at least make them easier to find…….

See the updated United Kingdom section here.

New addition to the Roll of Honour – listing by Cemetery and Country

By way of assisting people in hopefully providing pictures of the graves stones of the members of 75(NZ) Squadron RAF in the Roll of Honour, I have re-ordered Kevin King’s original Roll of Honour, based alphabetically on the cemeteries where the individuals lay. To make your searches easier, I have then broken the list down to individual pages relating to the countries where these cemeteries are located.

Additional to the original RoH information I have added 2 additional columns – one which will eventually list the Commonwealth War Graves location of the graves – I have so far only added a few grave numbers to each country’s page to preserve the layout of each table – and a final column which will identify if a picture has been submitted for the grave.

After my post about my visit to Buxton Cemetery I laid down the offer of receiving photographs from any body who wished to contribute them – I also suggested that rather than pull images from the web, perhaps people should visit the graves again, or perhaps for the first time and give some time to remember the sacrifice these individuals made without question, so that today we can only try to imagine how they could…….

The new RoH list is at the top of the alphabetical list – each country as a separate jump off from there. Alternatively, you can go straight to a specific country list from the links listed below;

United Kingdom here.
Belgium here.
Denmark here.
France here.
Germany here.
Holland here.
Poland here.
Sweden here.

I plan to to try to add the grave photographs to the original alphabetically listed Roll of Honour – WordPress and layout allowing…….

90,000 Visits – As always, thank you………

It seems like it is now barely a month between these posts recording another 10,000 visits to the blog. As I always say – many thanks to everyone for either discovering the blog and taking the time to explore it and for those of you who are regulars who keep coming back day after day to read the new posts that go up

I’ll put my hands up and confess that this last 10,000 has perhaps not shown me at my most prolific regarding postings, but I managed a few last weekend and with a bit of breathing space regarding work over the next 2 weeks I hope to tidy up some loose ends, finish some research and get some more stories posted up.

Once again many thanks to everybody and the next time I make a post like this, we will have reached 6 figures……..


Lest we forget…….

A recent post from Adrian after my post about visiting Buxton Cemetery has condensed early thoughts about adding pictures of the gravestones of the brave boys of 75(NZ) Squadron to the Nominal Roll section of the blog.

So, I would ask anybody who lives near to the resting place of a lost airman to go and visit them and photograph their grave. Perhaps also, think about it like this, rather than send a picture you might have taken some time ago, go again and take a new photograph – remember them and think about what they were prepared to do night after night, so that now, we can remember what they did, rather than fear for what we might do if asked to do the same…….

Ake Ake Kia Kaha

A final mystery solved – Roy Wells wedding photograph……

Joyce and Roy's reception outside No. 9 on 1st July, 1944

Group photograph taken on 1st July, 1944 at Joy and Roy’s reception outside No. 9. From left to right: W/O N.A.L. Wells (Medical Technician Branch (Uncle of all the Wells’ in the picture)), Stuart Edwin Mosely (Navigator – Galletly crew), Joyce Wells, Roy Wells (Air Bomber – Galletly crew), Allan Galletly (Pilot), Cyril Leslie Wells ATC (Roy’s younger brother). In foreground: Mureen Snook (neighbour’s daughter) & a young Michael Wells.

I heard from Mike last night regarding a little bit more information on the  photograph above, of his Uncle, Roy Wells, Air Bomber with the Galletly crew, who were lost on the night of 5th October 1944 on a raid to Saarbrucken. All the crew were lost when they collided with another Lancaster from 115 Squadron – the more ironic, given that despite the collision taking place over Wolsfeld, Kries Bitburg, north west of Trier, 115 Squadron were based at Witchford, some 3 miles from Mepal were 75(NZ) flew from.

Having recently moved, Mike was going through some things and found a letter sent from Joyce to Roy. Fascinatingly, within the letter, Joyce asked Roy how Alan, Stuart and the crew were. Mike’s postulation and I am inclined to agree, is that given Joyce mentions both Allan and Stuart by name, she must have known or met them. After posting details of Roy, I was contacted by Alan, whose uncle was Alan Galletly, Roy’s Skipper. Alan was able to answer one question as to the identity of the 2 unknown individuals in the picture above – identifying Alan as being the airman second from right in the picture. It would seem Mike has now managed to name the final mystery airman in the photograph – F/S Stuart Edwin Mosely, the Navigator in the Galletly crew.

More Pictures of Tapua Heperi – Wireless Operator Clements crew

Lou Woodward 2

Photograph from “Lou Woodward”. Chris doesn’t think that this is one of the ‘Woodwards’ that served in 75(NZ) as their dates of activity with the Squadron are before Tapua’s arrival.

Chris passed 3 more fantastic pictures of ‘Tap’ Hepari on to me, so I thought it was worth doing a separate post to present them, after adding the image in the  post to the ‘Maori aircrew who served with 75(NZ) Squadron 39-45‘ page of the blog.

We believe all of these pictures of Tap to have been taken before his arrival at 75(NZ), simply because the original attribution of the images are not names found in the Squadron Nominal Roll – so perhaps  when he was training in Canada, or just after his arrival in the UK, prior to posting to Mepal.

As always, if you have any information on these images, please get in contact!

Ian Petrie 012

Photo from “Ian Petrie”, but no individual by that name in the 75(NZ) nominal roll, so perhaps this guy and Tap trained together before Tap arrived at the Squadron…?

Lou Woodward 1

Another photograph from “Lou Woodward”. Both Tap and the individual at front left are W/Op’s, so possibly a group of W/Op’s out on the town.

75(NZ) Squadron ORB’s – errors and gaps……Part 2.

Putting together a final Op History for Bob Herron’s crew this evening I have found another mistake in the 1944 ORB.

This time FORM 541 27th January 1944 Mining in the Heligoland Bight.

The records run over 2 pages of the ORB Page 21 to Page 22.

Page 22 is then repeated as Page 23, before the document returns to order

Request for information. Peter Ernest Chilman, Rear Gunner – Herron crew 1944

EP Chilman corrected

Peter Ernest Chilman, Rear gunner with the Herron crew, lost 28th April 1944 on the Friedrichshafen Op. The photo was taken in 1940.

Many thanks to Peter for contributing this photograph of his Uncle – Peter Ernest Chilman, Rear Gunner with Robert Herron’s crew, who were all lost on the Friedrichshafen OP of 28th April 1944. Peter is keen to learn anything about his Uncle and his crew, including the Ops they flew on and especially the final fateful Op to Friedrichshafen.

P/O R.W . Herron and crew posted from No.31 Base

Before flying operationally as a crew, Bob flew 2 ops as ‘2nd DIckie’ with more experienced crews.

14.1.44. Attack Against a special Target – V1 site,  Ailly
Stirling Mk.III EF454
Flew with Tom Buckley’s crew

20.1.44. Gardening – Mining off the Frisian Islands
Stirling Mk.III EF236
Flew with Ray Watson’s crew

The Herron crew started their Operational tour with 75(NZ) Squadron on the 21st of January with an attack on a ‘Special target’ this was the euphemism given to the German V development and launching sites. On this day 111 aircraft, including 20 from Mepal bombed V1 launch sites in France.

21.1.44. Attack Against a Special Target – V1 launch sites
Stirling Mk.III EF514
F/O Robert Weir Herron RNZAF NZ422282 – Pilot
F/Sgt Matthew Roland Henderson RNZAF NZ427204 – Navigator
Sgt Walter Reginald Percival RAFVR 553063 – Air Bomber
F/O Euan Wilfred Mclachlan RNZAF NZ415266 – Wireless Operator.
Sgt John William Germing RAFVR 1803074 – Flight Engineer.
W/O Keith Alfred Smith RNZAF NZ416022 – Mid Upper Gunner.
P/O Peter Ernest Chilman RAFVR 155992 – Rear Gunner

25.1.44. Attack Against a Special Target – V1 launch sites, Pas de Calais near Cherbourg
Stirling Mk.III EF236
Same crew

28.1.44. Gardening – Mining in the Kiel Bay
Stirling Mk.III EF230
Same crew

10.2.44. Gardening – Mining off La Rochelle
Stirling Mk.III EE958
Same crew

3.3.44. Gardening – Mining off Morlaix
Stirling Mk.III BF473
Sgt. J. Edwards replaces Keith Smith as Mid Upper Gunner

Special Operations
75(NZ) Squadron was yet to be re-equipped with Lancasters and as such their operational effectiveness flying the now aged Stirling was being severely compromised. Taken off main force Ops the Squadron had to content itself with Gardening and ‘Special Operations’ Ops. Within the ORB for 1944, there is a distinct air of mystery surround what these Special Operations in fact were – to the point where there are hand written notes from the W/C at the end of March Form 540 saying the ‘particulars’ of these Special Operations had been forwarded seperately to the Air Ministry Intelligence section – These special Operations were flown to support Special Operations Executive (SOE) and Resistance Fighters – the details of these Ops , their destinations and payloads were obviously at the time desperately secret.

5.3.44. Special Operations – March Moon Period TRAINER 153 (SUCCESSFUL)
Stirling Mk.III JN-U
Sgt. G. Tedman replaces Sgt. Edwards as Mid Upper Gunner.

10.3.44. Special Operations – March Moon Period MONGREL 18 (SUCCESSFUL)
Stirling Mk.III ‘U’
Keith Smith returns as Mid Upper Gunner.

13.3. 44. Gardening – Mining off La Rochelle
Stirling Mk.III EF181 JN-?
Same crew

15.3.44. Special Operations – March Moon Period BOB 118 (SUCCESSFUL)
Stirling Mk.III ‘K’
Same crew

18.3. 44. Gardening – Mining in the Heligoland Bight
Stirling MK.III EE958 ??-V
Same crew

19.3.44. Gardening – Mining of River Adour
Stirling Mk.III EE958 ??-V
W/O C. Skripsy replaces Peter Chilman as Rear Gunner

21.3. 44. Gardening – Mining off St Malo
Stirling Mk.III EE958 ??-V
W/O Skripsy continues as Rear Gunner

Outstanding Events
Conversation to Lancaster Aircraft. It was decided by a higher authority to convert the Squadron from Stirling to Lancaster aircraft, and our first Lancaster was received on 13th March, 1944, since that date we a have received a further 19. All crews are being converted to Lancaster aircraft and at present 13 have passed through No.3 Lancaster Finishing School at R.A.F. Station Feltwell.

Herron crew were posted to No.3 L.F.S. Feltwell for conversion to Lancaster.

The Herron crew returned from Feltwell having completed their Lancaster conversion training.

27.4. 44. War Ops – Attack Against Friedrichshafen
Lancaster Mk.III ND796 AA-J
Lancaster Mk III ND796  was shot down by a night-fighter just north west of the target, crashing 500 metres south east of Langenhart, about a mile north of Messkirch. There were no survivors. All seven crew were buried in a collective grave at Lagenhart. They were later re-interred at Durnbach War Cemetery.

The Air Ministry specially requested this raid because this small town was known to contain several important factories making engines and gearboxes for German tanks. The raid was planned to take place on a moonlit night, even though a similar raid on Nuremberg four weeks ago in these conditions had disastrous results. But this town was further south, at the extremity of German fighter defences and so, the risks were thought to be less. As well, several diversionary attacks were made causing confusion among German air controllers. All aircraft in this raid therefore reached the target without being intercepted. This notwithstanding, the German fighters arrived at the target as the raid was taking place, resulting in 18 of the participating 322 Lancasters being shot down – 5.6% of the force.

There was no report of Anti Aircraft fire or searchlights. It was apparent, however, that German night-fighters had arrived in numbers, as witnessed by other aircraft coming under attack. One such aircraft was ND796, the Lancaster of F/O Bob Herron and his crew.
 The remaining fifteen unit aircraft returned to base safely, landing between 03.50 – 06.20hrs.

F/O Robert Weir Herron RNZAF NZ422282. Pilot.
Died, age 23.
Buried Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany.

F/S Matthew Roland Henderson RNZAF NZ427204. Navigator.
Died, age 25.
Buried Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany.

Sgt. Walter Reginald Percival RAFVR 553063. Air Bomber.
Died, age 22.
Buried Durnbach War Cemetery Germany.

F/O Euan Wilfred McLachlan RNZAF NZ415266Wireless Operator.
Died, age 22.
Buried Durnbach War Cemetery Bad Tolz Germany.

Sgt. John William Germing RAFVR 1803074. Flight Engineer.
Died, age 22.
Buried Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany.

W/O Keith Alfred Smith RNZAF NZ416022. Mid Upper Gunner.
Died, age 23.
Buried Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany.

F/O Peter Ernest Chilman RAFVR 155992. Rear Gunner.
Died, age 25.
Buried Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany.


This aircraft was the first 75(NZ) Squadron Lancaster reported missing…….

Maori aircrew who served with 75(NZ) Squadron 39-45. Picture update

TapuaHeperi cont and cropped

F/Sgt Tapua Heperi, Wireless Operator, 75 (NZ) Sqdn, Mepal. Taken on return from Essen daylight raid 11/3/45. The Clement crew had flown Lancaster I PB820, JN-V that day, landing back at Mepal at 5.14pm. Credit: Lancasters At War 3, Garbett & Goulding, Ian Allan Ltd, via Howard Keetch.

Cheers to Chris for finding this wonderful picture of Tapua ‘Tap’ Heperi, Wireless Operator with Doug St.Clair Clements crew. I’ve added the picture to Taps details  in the ‘Maori aircrew who served with 75(NZ) Squadron 39-45‘ page, which can be found in the ’75(NZ) RAF’ section of the blog, or alternatively go straight to it here.