All images and text on this blog is the sole copyright of 75nzsquadron.com/ SImon Sommerville unless alternative specific ownership is identified. In theses cases, it should be understood that the inferred copyright resides with that named individual.

I have as far as I am able to attribute all copyright material, but am unable to take responsibility for infringement owing to incorrect attribution at source. In the situation where you are the original copyright holder of material and you find it on this or any other blog or website operated or maintained by me, I will be happy to correctly attribute it or remove the item.

It be should be understood that in cases where material has been provided to me by a third party that the copyright resides with that individual, unless otherwise stated.

This blog contains material that is my sole copyright and that I know to be unique regarding its single point of publish. In cases where I discover, or its existence is made known to me elsewhere and it is being presented or sold as individual or part of an accumulated collection I will seek full legal redress to have that material removed and where financial gain has been made from it, I will seek appropriate damages.

Simon Sommerville 2012

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