2 thoughts on “1944

  1. Wayne Taggart

    Simon – Do you live in New Zealnd? My reason for asking is as follows.
    My Dad was a mid-upper on Stirlings with 214 sqdn. and took his gunnery training under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan @ # 3 Bombing & Gunnery School @ MacDonald, Manitoba, CANADA. During training, each Canadian flight was paired with a New Zealnd flight of trainees. Upon graduation, there was the usual grad photo of the flight but on the rear of the picture are the signatures and addresses of each member of the corresponding RNZAF flight. If you think these might be of interest to you or to perhaps an New Zealand archive or veterans group, feel free yourself or have them contact me.

    Regards; Wayne Taggart, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, CANADA

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