Out of the blue…….

I get a phone call from Sandra this evening – I assume just to see how we are after the weekend. Out of the blue she says she has just got off the phone to Helen. I am surprised enough because of the coincidence of my thought to phone Helen myself before the weekend. I am surprised enough by this in fact to not really hear what Sandra says next – I think I hear what she says ‘Helen has found some pictures of Dad from the war’ – but that’s too ridiculous…….

‘What did you say about Helen? What’s she got?’

‘Pictures – she says she has pictures of Dad – from the war’………

I literally have to sit down – my mind is racing. I start questioning Sandra, but of course she doesn’t know what the pictures are of – chance is that Helen doesn’t either. But I need to check. I get off the phone and ring Helen straight away.

The photos were sent by Bob to his mother. When his mother passed away the photographs went to Bobs eldest sister Agnes. When Agnes died, the photos were rescued by Helen when they were cleaning Agnes’ possessions up. Helen doesn’t know anything about the pictures, other than one is in front of an aircraft. Most have a positioning for Bob written on the back.
Helen promises to put them in the post tomorrow morning. As we are finishing the phone call she pauses and says I am to keep the photographs when they arrive, I insist she has them back, but she refuses telling me its more important I have them – I need them.

I put the phone down and litterally sit and wait for them to arrive…..


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