The pictures from Helen arrive.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bev doesn’t contact me at work to tell me the pictures have arrived…….

I get back in the evening and she nods at the kitchen table where an A4 manilla card backed envelope sits – it feels like Christmas morning – I pray its the equivalent of a PlayStation and not new socks. I try to calmly open the envelope, but its difficult – I’m desperate to see what has been sent – simultaneously I am hoping it will be something, but at the same time I am trying to tell myself not to be disappointed if it isn’t – what this ‘something’ is or isn’t, I have no idea……..

The envelope doesn’t disappoint. All of the photographs are large group shots. One must clearly have been taken at Mepal (I assume) a group of about 70 individuals in front of a Lancaster – beautiful. The others (again, I assume) are photographs from stages of Dad’s training – uniforms are different – some have white details in cap or belts, which I already know from others shows that the individual is a cadet.

One image is a group infront of a big ‘B’ I assume on a hanger – I have seen in Bob’s logbook that he was in ‘B’ flight in 1945, but I cannot see Vernon in the picture, so I wonder if this is somewhere else…….

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