Daily Archives: January 3, 2012

A mark of respect

I don’t want to suggest you turn to a hobby of adopting graves, but on our return to Grimsby, 2 months after first discovering David and Alex I take flowers to them. You can accuse me of being sentimental, but I will probably reply that I was there anyway, we needed to buy flowers for Bev’s grandparents, so it was easy to buy more.

I leave the flowers with the boys as a mark of respect – I am realising all to clearly the odds that they flew against in the early part of the war and it seems doubly cruel that they were not lost over Germany or France, but within reach of their base – to suffer all of this and then be left 11,000 miles from their homes in New Zealand makes me feel incredibly bad and at the same time it makes me feel terribly grown up – doing something like this, is not like me at all – maybe at last, I am getting some perspective.

See you later boys – I’ll be back