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Contact with Colin Gray, son of John, rear gunner

Phil passes me a contact for Colin Gray, the son of John, the sole survivor of the McCartin crew. I’m keen to make contact and flesh out any personal information on John, as well as make contact with another relative.

Colins reply is quick, friendly and supportive – it transpires we were actually both at Mepal last November and that actually the ashes scattered the previous day were those of John.

I am slightly surprised when in his email, he asks whether I have seen the information about the Mccartin crew on AircrewRemeberenceSociety – as the story that was told is nothing like the story he knows to be correct.

This throws me a bit – I know that the information has come from Jim and Paul and I know, having seen the letters and accompanying documentation, that the evidence exists for the story as it stands. I feel in a bit of a dilemma – I am sure Colin believes he knows his story to be correct, but I know that the story from Jim and Phil is as well. It dawns on me that the missing link is the ‘Report of Loss’ letter John had to write on his return to the UK. I um and ah for a few minutes and then send it to him………

It dawns on me that I have possibly just done what I hope the website to do – connected people with information, allowing a clearer or more detailed story to be told or understood – I hope Colin feels the same way……..
Colin mails back and thanks me for the information – it transpires he has never seen it – so I am glad he now has.