Jack Francis David Jarmy RAFVR 1337320/134695 – Navigator. Logbook

As recorded on the blog, it was my absolute pleasure to visit Jack and is wife at the end of the summer and it was with great generosity that he let me photograph his logbook. Jack stayed in the RAF after the war till he retired, so the logbook as a complete record of his flying career is huge. Owing to the storage constraints of this site I have, just for now, uploaded the pages that reach the completion of Jack’s second tour with 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron in 1945. Once the proper website is sorted, I’ll upload the entire logbook.

Browse Jack’s logbook here

3 thoughts on “Jack Francis David Jarmy RAFVR 1337320/134695 – Navigator. Logbook

  1. Doug Gillies

    My father, Len Gillies was the Bomb Aimer who flew with Jack Jarmy in 218 Sqdn. I have copies of his logbook and they are almost identical (mainly I’m told because F/L Guinane filled them all in as he had the best handwriting!)
    My Dad is still living in Newcastle on Tyne and I wonder if there might be any way of getting him together again with Jack.

    Kindest regards,

    Doug Gillies


    1. Liz Waller

      Hi Doug.
      I’ve just found this post .
      Did you ever manage to get in touch with Jack ?
      Both he and his wife are alive and very well. Jack was recently flown to Project Propeller along with myself and three other veterans.
      I’m sure Jack would love to hear from you, as would the organisers of Project Propeller if not already in touch with you.

      Liz Waller


  2. 75nzsquadron Post author

    Hi Doug
    Fantastic to hear from you – and what a wonderful, if indirect connection!
    I’ve sent you an email – lets see if we can make it happen

    all the best




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