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Newmarket Cemetery

I was contacted this evening by Tony who maintains a website about the war memorial and graves at Newmarket Cemetery. Within the cemetery are 13 boys from 75(NZ) Squadron who lost their lives in 3 crashes when the Squadron was flying from Newmarket.
They are;

FRANKLIN Sgt Benjamin Allan RNZAF (NZ414277) Pilot. Age 21.
LAWRENCE Sgt William Joseph RCAF. (R.70294) Flight Engineer. Age 22.
WELCH Sgt Harold Rangi, RNZAF, (NZ41709) Wireless Operator. Age 22. d.
WHITCOMBE Sgt William Henry, RNZAF. (NZ41561) Observer/Navigator . Age 32.
The above aircrew were killed on the 16th December 1942 when their aircraft crashed on take-off, the mine they were carrying, for a gardening op in the Gironde Estuary, exploded on impact.

MOFFATT F/Sgt Bertram Augustus, RCAF (R.802237) Navigator. Age 25.
REDDICLIFFE Sgt Francis Henry RAF. (1030797) Air Bomber. Age 28.
CURTIS Sgt Stanley Arthur RAF ,(1386838) Mid Upper Gunner. Age 28.
STUART F/Sgt Phillip Gordon, RCAF. (R.93568) Rear Gunner. Age 30.
WALSH W/O John Arthur Ernest, RNZAF. (NZ401294) Pilot . Age 27.
The above aircrew were killed when the aircraft they were flying in crashed on return from a raid on Duisberg at Bressingham, Norfolk on the 9th April 1943.

HARVEY Sgt Robert Frederick RNZAF (NZ416483) Pilot. Age 23.
CLUBB Fg Off. Selwyn James RNZAF (NZ414593) Air Bomber. Age 20.
JOHNSTON F/O John RNZAF (NZ416198) Navigator. Age 28.
The above crew were killed after the aircraft they were flying in crashed on take-off after its inner starboard engine failed as part of the raid on Duisberg on the 13th May 1943.

A thirteenth airman who is from 75(NZ), Sgt. Stanley Lawrence Drayton RAFVR 1331697 doesn’t seem to be very accurately listed in the Squadron Nominal roll – I’ll need to do some more digging on him……

Hopefully by putting their names up here it provides another point where people may come across them and therefore we might be able to learn a little bit more about them.

See more detailed information on the boys here