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Richard Pickup RAFVR 188816 logbook

RP log 01 sf

I’m really pleased and very grateful to Tony, son of Richard ‘Dick’ Pickup for the donation of his father’s complete logbook. What may be of particular interest to 75(NZ) aficionados is that it lists a number of operational flights in the famous ‘Captain’s Fancy’ NE181 JN-‘Mike’, including the much debated 100th Op on the 29th of January 1945 to Krefeld. I know there has been quite a discussion on the ‘Wings Over New Zealand’ forum regarding NE181 – I’ll leave it to those more knowledgeable on this subject to decide whether the pages of this logbook hold any further revelations……

See Richard’s logbook here

Tony, once again, many thanks


Project ORB

Many thanks to Sarah for her efforts! Form 540 complete for August and September 1945.

Its interesting to compare and contract the size and relative detail of the Form 540 between the early part of the war and the end. Whilst the Forms from 1943 show an astonishing and (for the typist) frustratingly high level of detail regarding crew movements, by 1945 the detail becomes very scant indeed – good for a transcriber, but very frustrating indeed for the researcher.

Read Form 540 August 1945 here
Read Form 540 September 1945 here