A mystery Item…….

A mystery calculator - Signed by Eric Meharry, Rueben's pilot.

A mystery calculator – Signed by Eric Meharry, Rueben’s pilot.

Some of the stuff that Martyn has passed on is too good, or in this case, too strange to just place in a page to be missed by blog visitors. Here is an example.

I must admit that I am not at all familiar with aircrew equipment and that someone will probably leave a message with a very simple answer (hopefully) about what this calculator was used for………

2 thoughts on “A mystery Item…….

  1. Brian Butler

    Hi,I too have not seen one of these calculators, but it looks to me, as the inscription reads, is a means of correcting ASI (airspeed indicator) readings for altitude. I would think that as altitude increases, and therefore pressure decreases, then the margin for error would increase. This would be essential for plotting DR (dead reckon) navigation courses


  2. 75nzsquadron Post author

    Tanks for your input Brian – certainly the signature on it of Eric would support all of your observations. I am still excited that it is not something people have seen before



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