And it just gets better……..

Clearance Certificate
They keep coming!
A fascinating document from Martyn – what we assume to be a signing off document that Reuben would have needed to have had completed before he left 75(NZ) Squadron and went to 44 Squadron.

I would love to think that perhaps somebody might recognise or perhaps know something about some of these signatures – fingers crossed.

From what I can work out, and in descending order;
O.C. ‘C’ Flight: Flt Lt Ronald Christie Flamark RNZAF (NZ427270)
Squadron Signals Officer: F/L Alan John Rhodes DFM, RNZAF. (NZ42340)
Squadron Navigation Officer: Flt Lt. Nelson Hugh Bawden DFC, RNZAF. (NZ421313)

Any more would be greatly appreciated!

2 thoughts on “And it just gets better……..

  1. Chris Newey

    Hi Simon, a couple of suggestions:
    Spelling: Flt Lt Ronald Christie Flamank
    Main Stores kit inspection signature looks like: PERYER F/L (later S/Ldr.) Stanley Maurice George DFC RNZAF. (NZ416156) Pilot 31 Mar to 29 Sep 1945.



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