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A little more on Jack Bailey……

Many thanks for the following from Chris, who has done some ‘joining of dots’ based on a few recent posts – its good to have people look at the stuff I am getting – too often I suffer from not being able to see the wood for the trees – all secondary review and analysis is much appreciated!

On 75 Sq. L to R, two ground crew, Navigators F/O Ormerod (Gisborne) then Bruce Hosie, Sixth from left is P/O Jack Bailey, Pilot of Waikato. Image supplied by Peter Wheeler.

On 75 Sq. L to R, two ground crew, Navigators F/O Ormerod (Gisborne) then Bruce Hosie, Sixth from left is P/O Jack Bailey, Pilot of Waikato. Photo published on Wings Over New Zealand forum, from NZBCA Archives, via Peter Wheeler.

“2.2.43  Stirling I BF443 received from Short & Harlands, Long Kesch. Auth:41G/9286.”
– refers to this aircraft, Mk I Stirling BF443, AA-V, apparently named “Waikato”:

I believe that the guy between Hosie and Bailey is Jack Wall, A/B. The other crew members will be Sgt’s Livingston, Ottaway, and Thompson (not able to identify which is which, although that’s probably the F/E Livingston to the right of Bailey, since the other two are wearing gunner-type suits).

This was during Jack Bailey’s first tour with 75, the same Jack Bailey who went on to become O/C C Flight at 75 (NZ) Sqdn on his second tour, and of course regular Pilot of Lancaster NE181, JN-M, The Captain’s Fancy! It looks like Jack Wall followed Bailey and was in his second tour crew as well.

The first Bailey crew began on Wellingtons (first op’ 26 August 1942), then converted to Stirlings in October 42. AA-V “Waikato” eventually became their regular a/c and it looks like they flew 15 op’s in her between 26/27 February 43 (Cologne), and 04/05 May 43 (Dortmund).

I can’t find Livingston, but here are the others:

P/O (later S/L) John Mathers Bailey, DFC*, NZ412183 RNZAF. Pilot 9 Sep 42 to 9 May 1943 & 6 Oct 1944 to 14 May 1945.
Citation Distinguished Flying Cross (9 June 1943) [75 (NZ) Sqn]: Throughout his operational career Pilot Officer Bailey has invariably displayed the utmost eagerness to proceed on operations. He always attacks his targets with skill and determination and has taken part in missions over heavily defended areas in enemy territory, such as Berlin, Cologne, Turin and Essen. Pilot Officer Bailey is an excellent captain of aircraft, who has performed all his duties in an exemplary manner.

F/O (later S/L) Charles Fray Omerod, DFC, RNZAF. (NZ413340) Observer/Navigator 9 Sep 1942 to 23 May 1943.
Citation DFC (15 Apr 1943): An excellent navigator. Flying Officer Ormerod has completed a large number of operational sorties. Always cheerful and willing to undertake any task, he has set an example of courage and energy to all ranks in his squadron. He has participated in raids against the most heavily defended towns in Germany.
MiD awarded 14 Jun 1945 for service as Station Navigation and Operations Officer at 75 (NZ) Sqdn, RAF Mepal.

Sgt Bruce James Hosie RNZAF (NZ412882) WO/AG 9 Sep to 23 May 1943 c/w J M Bailey as W/Op

F/O Jack Christopher Wall, DFC, RAF. (143421) A/B x Oct 1942 to 23 May 1943 & 6 Oct 1944 to x Apr 1945. c/w J M Bailey.
Citation DFC (17 Jul 1945): This officer has completed numerous operations against the enemy, in the course of which he has invariably displayed the utmost fortitude, courage and devotion to duty.

Sgt F J Ottaway, RAF. (1284470) WO/AG x Sep 1942 to 23 May 1943. c/w J M Bailey as F/Gnr.

Sgt W F Thompson, RAF. (962902) AG x Aug 1942 to 5 May 1943. c/w J M Bailey as R/Gnr.