Has ME450 popped up again….?!?

75 NZ018

From the photo album of Albert ‘Titch’ Haliday, a photograph of the mid upper gun of what I believe to be ME450 – an aircraft my father flew in a number of times in 1945.

Looking through the photographs that Ann sent me from her father’s photo album I was surprised to see the picture above. Although the first letter of the aircraft code seems to be obscured, I am inclined to believe this is a picture of the mid upper gun turret of ME450 AA-W ‘William’

As I have described in previous posts, Bob and his crew flew in the aircraft several times at the beginning of 1945. Subsequently I discovered a teaching article from the National Archive that told the story of a near brush of another crew in the same aircraft (here).

It would be amazing and strange if this is ‘William’ – looking through Titch’s logbook, it doesn’t seem that the Kilpatrick crew flew in this aircraft themselves.

Encouragingly, have looked through the aircraft list in ‘3 Group Bomber Command – An Operational Record’ by Chris Ward and Steve Smith, there seems to be only one aircraft in the Squadron which was a 450 – ME450………

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