Bomber Command clasp

I found it a slightly bitter sweet experience to hear yesterday morning on the radio that the Government has finally announced the release of a clasp award for recognition, to all aircrew of Bomber Command. It’s way too little, too late in my opinion, but at least now we have something and we should accept it with the respect that the memory of the Bomber Command crews deserve.

From Veterans-uk (
“The criteria for the Bomber Command Clasp requires prior qualification for the 1939 to 1945 Star, to which it will be affixed, with the additional requirement to have flown at least one operational sortie with a Bomber Command operational unit. A clasp was deemed more appropriate, by Sir John, in the case of Bomber Command as aircrew had already received either the Aircrew Europe Star or the France and Germany Star and another medal would have constituted “double-medalling” for the same service”.

The full qualification criteria can be downloaded here

and an application form can be downloaded here

I think that everyone who qualifies to get one, should apply, if for no other reason to let those responsible know, that despite the wait, there is still a massive respect and love for these brave boys and that their memory, contribution and sacrifice, will live with us longer than it has taken for them to be officially recognised.

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