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Eric Lloyd Kennedy Meharry, Pilot, the Meharry crew – a wonderful discovery

RW Birch crew 75 Squadron photo 1 B&W ramped up dpi

Another picture of the Meharry crew.
L to R: Reuben Birch, Tom Robinson, Eric Meharry, Joseph Spiers, R. Dale, Lawrence Wilson and Gordon Gunter.
Martyn/ Ernest Birch ©

As time has gone by, I have witnessed a number of amazing connections between relatives of aircrew that have not know of the other until they came across this blog. This has been , to be honest,  an unplanned but very satisfying by-product of my main activity.

This afternoon I was contacted by Natasha, who is researching her family history. Eric was her grandfather and I was really touched to hear that when she came across the blog and then the crew photo, originally contributed by Martyn (Reuben’s nephew), it was the first time she had actually ever seen what Eric looked like.

Hopefully, as others have already done, Martyn and Natasha can now start a conversation with a common link to the past.

Many thanks to all that have contributed so far – the sum of the whole is greater than the parts