A tantalising hope……….

search results - thomas derbyshire

Perhaps an inevitable outcome of a blog like this is that from time to time I do get a bit obsessed about visitor counts etc. A quick peruse this afternoon led me to scroll down to the search terms that have led visitors to the site and I was amazed to see a search for ‘Thomas Derbyshire mu gunner’. I am hoping against hope that this is the same T. Derbyshire that was a MUG with Dad on his first tour in 1943…….

My discovery and now the wait is all the more excruciating – Sgt. Derbyshire was the only airman in the Squadron with that surname and the same search in Google throws up no other instant possibilities – is it too much to hope ?

Please, please, if the person/ people that typed in this search see this post contact me – I really want to be able to put a christian name to all of the boys that flew with Dad at the very least.

2 thoughts on “A tantalising hope……….

  1. Paul Shacklady

    Hi. My mothers older brother was Thomas Darbyshire, who with out doubt must of flown with your father, I still have his log book which I have scanned and converted to pdf and his flying helmet.
    If you send me you email I will be happy to share any info with you.
    Best Regards.


  2. 75nzsquadron Post author

    Hi Paul
    Many, many thanks for contacting me. I would of course love to see the things you have of Tom’s – I sent you an email earlier, but It may have been junked by your filters!

    you can contact me on – info@75nzsquadron.com

    once again, many thanks

    all the best




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