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Mike Molony, Mid Upper Gunner, Andrew crew 1944


Mike, last year at the Winter Association Reunion, enjoying the November sunshine.

It was with great sadness that I heard from Kevin this afternoon that Mike Moloney had passed away this morning. Whilst I am a relative new comer to the Association reunion events, Mike was a regular attendee at those I have attended and he was wonderful company.

Mike flew with the crew of Victor John Andrew between their first op on the 27/28 of June 1944 to Biennais and the 26/27 August op to Kiel – where he was seriously injured by flak that hit the fuselage and mid upper turret. The Kiel op was Mike’s 20th with the Andrew crew – he never flew with them again, however, the crew continued without Mike and final achieved a total of 38 ops

During a lengthy chat one evening at last years Summer Reunion, Mike recalled on his crews  2nd op to Villers Bocage, watching the aircraft captained by Squadron Leader Neilson Arnold Williamson, on the return flight be fit by flak. Williamson undertook a forced landing at Normandy and in doing so, become the first Allied bomber to land on the Normandy beach head after the invasion.

The Association reunions will be a poorer place without you Mike.

Ake Ake Kia Kaha