Flying Officer and Mrs Sommerville – 22nd May 1945

dad group 1013

So…….family folklore has it that some time in 1944 Bob, with another airman had to represent his squadron (based on his records either No. 3 Lancaster Finishing School, Feltwell or, No.1 Air Armament School, Manby) at a burial of I assume, of an airman.

History does not tell us where the funeral was, but it would appear the boys rolled up at the Imperial Hotel in Henley-on-Thames. On entering the Imperial’s reception, the boys saw a young girl, acting as receptionist behind the desk. Apparently Dad turned to his companion and whispered ‘I’m going to marry that girl……’

Some months later, on the 22nd of May 1945, he did.
wedding day 001wedding day 005wedding telegram 001 wedding telegram 002 wedding telegram 003 wedding telegram 004wedding telegram 005 wedding telegram 006 wedding telegram 007

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