Charles John Shalfoon – Pilot

I have recently been contacted by John, on behalf of his wife,  who is the niece of pilot officer Charles Shalfoon – lost with the rest of his crew on the 11th October 1942 on a Gardening Op to the Kattegat area of the Baltic Sea.

John and his wife would love to find out more about Charles and in particular would be very interested to see any photographs that might exist of the crew, or individuals from the crew.

Tragically, it was only the crews third operational flight with the Squadron and only their second flying as a crew themselves.

The Shalfoon crew were;
Sgt Charles John Shalfoon RNZAF. (NZ413897) – Pilot. Died Sunday 11th October 1942, age 22. No known grave. Commemorated on Panel 118 Runnymede Memorial.
Sgt Harold Wolfenden RAFVR (1237318) – Observer .Died Sunday 11th October 1942, age 32. Buried Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery Denmark.
Sgt Algernon Parsons RAFVR (1196149) – Wireless Operator. Died Sunday 11th October 1942, age 22. Buried Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery Denmark.
Sgt Sydney Posner RAFVR (1078313) – Front Gunner. Died Sunday 11th October 1942, age 22. Lost without trace, commemorated on Panel 91 Runnymede Memorial.
Sgt Roy Harold Scott RCAF (R.137578) – Rear Gunner. Died Sunday 11th October 1942, age 20. Buried Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery Denmark.

Oct. 6th 1942. –  Attack against targets at Osnabruck
The crew flew with Squadron Leader Robert Stanway Crawford

Oct. 8th 1942. – Gardening off Ostend

Oct. 11th 1942. – Gardening in the Kattegat and Little Belt
Wellington Mk.III BK341- Failed to Return
Sgt. Shalfoon    Captain
Sgt. Wolfenden Nav.
Sgt. Parsons      Wop
Sgt. Posner        F/Gunner
Sgt. Scott           R/Gunner

9 thoughts on “Charles John Shalfoon – Pilot

  1. 75nzsquadron Post author

    I don’t know, but technically, I think – and this is based on my Dad’s medals, the 1939 – 1945 Star, though less time operational than qualifying period, the criteria says that death or capture negates the time based qualification period of 2 months.

    The Air Star Europe, similarly states 2 months, but does not list the ‘death or capture’, caveat that the ’39-’45 Star does.

    Similarly, the Bomber Command Clasp “A Clasp to the 1939-45 Star is granted to the aircrew of Bomber Command who served for at least sixty days, or completed a tour of operations, on a Bomber Command operational unit and flew at least one operational sortie on a Bomber Command operational unit from the 3rd September, 1939, to the 8th May, 1945, inclusive. The award of the Clasp is to be denoted by a silver rose Emblem when the ribbon alone is worn. Eligibility is extended to those members of Bomber Command aircrew who did not meet the qualifying criteria due to service being brought to an end by death, wounds or other disability due to service, service marked by a gallantry award or taken as a prisoner of war.”

    So this is at least the same as the criteria stated for the Air Star Europe.

    As Charles was a New Zealander – I would summise there might be at least another decoration from the country – but I don’t know.

    Hope this helps



    1. LAURENS

      Hello Simon

      Thank you for a quick reply ! Is there a copy of Charlie’s service records at all ? Like here in Australia service records contain any medals issued etc




  2. Donna Norman

    Hi Laurens. Donna here. Just read your reply you received from Simon. The photo is not that of Charles Shalfoon.All other details are correct but I didn’t know about the medals.Would like to hear more. I have many photos of Charlie that I can send you. Please keep in touch. Donna Norman, (Charlie’s niece, Auckland NZ)


    1. LAURENS

      Hello Donna

      That would nice if you could send some photos of Charlie.

      I will search for his war service records the record should state if any medals we issued if not direct family can ask the NZ dept of defence for them to be issued if they where not sent .

      Best regards



    2. Scott McJorrow

      Hi Donna – I have a copy of a photo of Training Flight 28, Squadron 1 taken in Levin. It features 20 airmen and is signed by almost all of them, including Charles, so I assume he is in it. If you’d like to send me an email to I’d be glad to send it to you. Cheers – Scott


  3. 75nzsquadron Post author

    Hi Donna
    your comment about the photograph threw me a bit, but I realise as the post didn’t have a photo, that the main blog banner image of the ’45 Squadron photo sits close to it – phew – I was thinking I was going mad!



  4. 75nzsquadron Post author

    and Donna – if there are any photographs you would like to share, or add to the original ( or a new post) about Charlie – I am sure the blog readers would love to see them!



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