Maurice Wiggins, Navigator – Banks crew

Pat Jock Paddy or Jim 75 sqn

Two lovely photographs of Maurice in the ‘Office’

75 sq poss maurice

Many thanks to Catherine for supplying these wonderful images of Maurice Wiggins, Navigator with the Banks crew in 1945. I have a keen interest in this crew, having had the pleasure spending time with both Jimmy Banks, the Air Bomber and Norman ‘Paddy’ Allen the Mid Upper Gunner.

The third picture – a fantastic crew photo is a little bit of a conundrum – it shows the majority of the Banks crew – but the first individual on the back row, is clearly not. Could it be that this might be a training flight crew photo and Alex Hirst joined the crew later ????

75 sqn AAS

The Banks crew ??
Back row L to R: ?,  Jimmy Wood, Maurice Wiggins, Russell Banks.
Front Row L to R: Jock Fraser, Jack Britnall and Norman Allen.


4 thoughts on “Maurice Wiggins, Navigator – Banks crew

  1. John F Smith

    The third foto in this post of a crew underneath an aircraft and labelled ???”The Banks Crew” is actually the Milsom Crew; Bob Milsom, Shorty Baxter, Lance Waugh, Randall Springer, Bill Smith, Rex Williamson, and my dad, John “Ted” Smith, the rear gunner. Thats him middle in the front row. Johnf


  2. John Wood

    Hi. The Banks Crew is correct. Maurice Wiggins was my father in law… He is back row and 3rd from the left. I can guarantee 100%

    John Wood.


    1. john f Smith

      Hi John. Just seen your post. I now know that the crew foto is the Banks crew, not the Milsom crew, but the guy middle in front row is/was my dad F/O John “Ted” Smith, not Jack Bittnall. My dad also flew with the Milsom crew. Have been a couple of earlier posts about this, including a full crew signed pic with them sitting above rear turret. All a bit confusing. JohnF



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