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The memoirs of Jack Wall – Part 5

15th April 1945 to 24th June 1946 — Redundant Air Crew
After 3 weeks leave I was posted to an Air Crew Assessment Centre at Catterick to try to sort out what other duties I could usefully be given. For some unknown reason the powers that be decided that I would make a reasonable Equipment Officer and I was posted on to an Equipment Course. However after a week I requested to see the C.O. and told him that I was far from happy on this type of work. He was very understanding and sent me home on indefinite leave – still on full flying pay. All good things do come to an end and after a month at home I was sent on a Flying Control Course near Swindon. I passed this and was sent to Upwood as one of three Flying Control Officers – all of us being redundant Air Crew.

Although I enjoyed the duties I did find that time dragged and I thought that after the end of the war the spirit of the R.A.F. was not the same. I was therefore looking forward to being released from the service and to try and pick up life again in civvy street especially as I was getting married in February. Some time in January an officer from Air Ministry came to the station to interview all 5 of us as they wanted one of us to go to Oslo on Flying Control duties. It would have meant an upgrade in rank to Squadron Leader and also the chance of a short service commission after normal release date of 4 years. I told him that I was not interested as I wanted to get out as soon as possible to try to sort out a job while I was still young enough to start a new career of some sort. The other 2 both asked to be considered for the position but in due course the posting came through for me to go to Oslo.

I have no idea why I was chosen as all 5 of us seemed to have similar experience and qualifications for the position – although I had been placed as second in the Flying Control Examinations. I still did not want to go and saw the Adjutant who was luckily an ex Air Crew character and explained my objections including the fact that I was getting married 10 days before the posting was to be taken up he picked up the phone and called the department at Air Ministry responsible for the posting and told them that I was unfit for overseas service. No questions were asked as far as I know and some days later the posting was cancelled.

I often wonder where I would be and what would I be doing if I had not turned down the posting – however I have no regrets as I had a happy time after release and for my working life. On the 25th March I was posted to Oakington and then on 24th June 1946 was released from the R.A.F. to start life in my regulation demob suit complete with Trilby hat…………