A clip from my visit to East Kirkby – Jane getting revved up…….

Perhaps one for the aficionados…..a 2 minute clip of the view from the Air Bombers compartment of ‘Just Jane’ revving up to full power before releasing for a simulated take-off start. My advice is turn the volume right up – if you can then shout and not hear yourself in your own head – that’s how loud it was. Shut your eyes for a bit and imagine the noise, only air borne – and being part of it for 6 hours at a time and finally open them and feel the bumps and jolts as the brakes are released and you accelerate to take off on your mission for today……

It seems to take a while from uploading to being able to find the clips on YouTube to put in WordPress – I’ll see if I can put another up, of the Merlins starting up at the start of the taxi ride.

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