Come on Commonwealth War Graves Commission………..

I would be the first to applaud the ongoing work that the Commonwealth War Graves Commission continues to carry out to ensure the memories of the lost and fallen live on in the minds of surviving generations…………however……….

Whist looking through the CWGC website for a middle initial for Kenneth H. Albiston, I was first interested to see the option to view a certificate for Ken, only to be rather disappointed to see his Squadron as ’75 Squadron’ – the same was true for Bill Warlow, lost with another 5 of the McCartin crew in 1944.

Luckily they have a contact page……….

Having performed a search for 2 individuals that flew in my fathers Squadron I see that they were both listed on the ‘certificates’ as flying with ’75 Squadron’ – this is factually incorrect, the correct title of the Squadron was;

75(NZ) Squadron RAF.

75(NZ) was the ONLY commonwealth squadron to carry the commonwealth country of origin in its name and its omission unfortunately I feel does a massive disservice to the New Zealanders who formed and flew in the Squadron – and I say that as the son of a Scot who flew in the Squadron.

I have a blog if you interested;

This error really needs to be changed as quickly as possible – I don’t know if this is a fundamental error with all such similar references or localised to a smaller number, however, 1135 airman were lost in 75(NZ) Squadron………

Many thanks for your attention

Simon Sommervile
Son of F/Lt. Robert Douglas ‘Jock’ Sommerville DFC, 75(NZ) Squadron RAF (2 tours)

Now, the person that finds this email on Monday morning, will, I hope jump into action and mobilise the various arms of the CWGC to correct this……..if that individual sighs, rolls their eyes and thinks I am being a picky bugger ………………….too…..sodding………bad……….

5 thoughts on “Come on Commonwealth War Graves Commission………..

  1. grsquadrons

    Actually Simon your statement that “75(NZ) was the ONLY commonwealth squadron to carry the commonwealth country of origin in its name” is incorrect. All seven of the New Zealand squadrons that were attached to the Royal Air Force had the (NZ) in their title. No. 485 (NZ) Squadron through to No. 490 (NZ) Squadron also.

    And the official designation is No. 75 (NZ) Squadron, RAF. The prefix “No.” should be used if we are to get that pedantic.


    1. 75nzsquadron Post author

      Hi Dave
      Many thanks for your input and correction to my earlier mistake – to be honest I didn’t know that all the New Zealand Squadrons carried the (NZ) – so thank you for that information.

      Thanks also for the ‘full’ designation as well – though I don’t think in cases such as these you can be too pedantic.

      Kevin from the UK Association has also been in contact and explained that the CWGC only has the records they were provided by the Military Forces and next of kin – but nevertheless, 70 years later, perhaps we should all try to help correct these mistakes……




  2. grsquadrons

    I agree about the need to correct mistakes and have others correct their’s. But I think if we are going to tell other people how something should be written correctly, we should write it correctly ourselves when we’re telling them about it. So I don’t feel I was being too pedantic.



  3. 75nzsquadron Post author

    Hi Dave
    I totally agree – by no means was I suggesting you were being too pedantic – I was saying that ‘you’ in the figurative sense, couldn’t be too pedantic on matters such as this – I must confess, that this isn’t the first time I have propelled myself into a subject like a toddler into a china store, full of good intention, but happily ignorant of the facts, only to be reminded that there are many that know more than me – but, that’s how I learn…..

    your original point was absolutely correct and it’s my mistake if my reply made it sound as if I was saying you were pedantic – you weren’t being pedantic – you were being correct.




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