The Rowberry crew – 1944


The Rowberry crew; Geoff Rowberry 2nd from right, Ernie Schober 3rd from left.
Also within the picture, Graham Hadfield, Brian Simmett, Sid Bishop, Arthur Horner & Ray Davies.
image courtesy of Kevin King.

The third post in this triptych, the final players in this story being the Rowberry crew.

Geoffrey Rowberry and his crew arrived from 1651 Conversion Unit on January 3rd 1944. A little like the Mayfield crew arriving with the Roberts crew from 1651, Geoff and the boys arrived along with Harold Bruhn and his crew, who were to be lost  just 6 weeks later on the 24th February on a Gardening Op to Kiel Bay.

6.1.44. Gardening – Mining in the Gironde Estuary
Stirling Mk.III EF137
Geoffrey Rowberry 2nd Pilot with Frank Turner’s crew.

14.1.44. War Ops – Attack Against a Special Target.
Stirling Mk.III EF252
Geoffrey Rowberry 2nd Pilot with Des Horgan’s crew

21.1.44. War Ops – Attack Against a Special Target.
Stirling Mk.III AK378
F/S Geoffrey Rowberry – Pilot.
F/S Graham Stanley Hadfield – Navigator.
Sgt. Brian Simmett – Air Bomber.
Sgt. Sidney Thomas Bishop – Wireless Operator.
Sgt. Arthur William Horner – Flight Engineer.
Sgt. Raymond David Davies – Mid Upper Gunner.
Sgt. Ernest Schober – Rear Gunner.

25.1.44. War Ops – Attack Against a Special Target.
Stirling Mk.III EF137
Same crew

27.1.44. Gardening – Mining in the Heligoland Area.
Stirling Mk.III LJ462
Same crew

30.1.44. Gardening – Mining in the Gironde Estuary.
Stirling Mk.III EF513
Same crew

24.2.44. Gardening –  Mining in Kiel Bay.
Stirling Mk.III BK695
Same crew

25.2.44. Gardening – Mining in Baltic Sea.
Stirling Mk.III BK695
Same crew

3.3.44. Gardening – Mining off Cherbourg
Stirling Mk.III BK695
Ernie Schober replaced by W/O C. Skripsey

4/5.3.44. Special Operations – Operation TRAINER 174, (Aborted owing to heavy cloud in target area).
C. Skripsey R/Gnr again.

7/8.3.44. Special Operations –  Operation WHEELWRIGHT 71
C. Skripsey R/Gnr again.

10/11.3.44. Special Operations – Operation MONGREL.
Ray Davies moves to R/Gnr position and Sgt. William Campbell arrives as MU/Gnr.

13.3.44. Gardening – Mining off St. Nazaire.
Stirling Mk.III LJ462. MISSING.
F/S Geoffrey Warren Rowberry RNZAF NZ414567. Pilot.
Commemorated on Panel 263 Runnymede Memorial.

F/S Graham Stanley Hadfield RNZAF NZ426239. Navigator.
Commemorated on Panel 264 Runnymede Memorial.

Sgt. Brian Simmett RAFVR 1392577. Air Bomber.
Commemorated on Panel 237 Runnymede Memorial.

Sgt. Sidney Thomas Bishop RAFVR 1322249. Wireless Operator.
Commemorated on Panel 225, Runnymede Memorial.

Sgt. Arthur William Horner RAFVR 1641609. Flight Engineer.
Commemorated on Panel 231 Runnymede Memorial.

Sgt. Raymond David Davies RAFVR 1317623. Mid Upper Gunner.
Commemorated on Panel 228 Runnymede Memorial.

Sgt. Alfred Newnham RAFVR 1172993. Rear Gunner.
Commemorated on Panel 235 Runnymede Memorial.

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