The Garden of Mepal ‘Forever Fallen’ – released today

Cropped comp for post of release

F/O John Robson Bell, Navigator. Sgt. Carl ‘Bob’ Freeman, Flight Engineer. The Gordon crew, taken just before their final Op to Homberg, 20th November 1944.

I have great pleasure in announcing Mark Rae’s song “The Garden of Mepal ‘Forever Fallen'” is released today. As any of you know who have been following the blog recently and seen the posts of the Gordon crew, Mark’s Grandfather F/O John Robson Bell and the rest of the crew were lost on the 20th November 1944 on the Homberg Op.

The crew’s story has been a fascinating one to help uncover and it has not only allowed me to meet Mark and Anthony, the son of Sgt. Carl ‘Bob’ Freeman, the Flight Engineer in the crew, but also to put them in contact with each other, all these years after their relatives died together over Germany – a story which I think, still has things to be discovered about it.

Please go to the iTunes store or any other digital store you use and buy the single. Not only does Mark’s efforts deserve recognition, 10% of all sales will go to the Memorial Garden in Mepal and 10% will go to the Poppy Appeal – both very worth causes, especially as we approach Remembrance Sunday.

Ake Ake Kia Kaha


1 thought on “The Garden of Mepal ‘Forever Fallen’ – released today

  1. Mark Weston

    Hi, my name is Mark Weston. My granddad was part of the Gordon Crew…I can’t believe this post I am gobsmacked. I have been searching for information for many years..I have dug up a few bits of info…would love to chat and find out more



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