More information on the McCaskill crew – Reginald Green

Reginald GREEN en équipement de volcorrected

Sgt. Reginald Green NZ415378, Wireless Operator with the McCaskill crew

Promotion de Reginald GREEN Identificationcorrected

Training group photograph – date and location unknown. The picture contains Donald McCaskill and Reginald Green (both labelled), so I think this image must also contain the rest of the crew – if at 11 OTU, minus a gunner and Flight Engineer, though if taken at 1657 HCU, then the entire crew might be present.
Guy and the relatives of the boys are interested to get a definitive place and date for the photograph and are also keen to identify anybody else in the photograph.

Many thanks to Guy for passing onto me these extra 2 images of Reginald Green, Wireless Operator with the McCaskill crew who were lost on the 15th April 1943, their Stirling crashing in Nismes Forest, near Regniessart. All crew were killed and now rest in  the municipal cemetery of Florennes.

Guy  has been working in conjunction with the Municipality of Viroinval, in Belgium to gather information to add to the Municipalities commemorations in 2014 of the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War and the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. To this end, anything that could be discovered about the crew would add to the story of the McCaskill boys within these commemorations.

As I note in the caption to the large group photograph – there is a high probability that the other members of the McCaskill crew are in this photograph – as always viewers, if you see anybody you recognise, please contact me and I will pass your information onto Guy.

3 thoughts on “More information on the McCaskill crew – Reginald Green

  1. Steve Winkley


    just found this site and then just phoned my mum. Reg Green was my mum’s cousin both my mum and her sister both still live in Great Easton where Reg lived as a young man and are his surviving next of kin. My mum was 16 and her sister was 15 when Reg was killed but they both remember him very well. Her sister now lives on the site on the old house where Reg lived before he joined up.

    My mum’s name is Freda Winkley (nee Craythorne),her sister is Jean Craythorne.

    My mum and her sister were brought up in Westbrook House, Great Easton by Reg’s Mum and my Grandad after Reg’s dad had been killed in the first world war.

    Reg lived at Deepdale cottage with his mum and dad until his dad was killed and then lived in a cottage in Broardgate Great Easton (my Aunt now lives in a newer house on this site).

    Reg was married to Edna during the war and spent his leave time between Edna’s family in Medbourne and his family in Great Easton. Unfortunately they were only married for a couple of years (very limited time on leave !) before Reg was killed.

    will get my Mum to log on to the web site and add details and pictures.




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