Munster Viaduct 21st March, 1945 – mea culpa

I have been mulling over my previous post regarding the fateful events of the Munster raid for the Squadron and have, until I feel I have a better and, it would suggest through subsequent research, a much bigger picture of the circumstances, decided to remove the original post.

In hindsight, I gathered together what information I had and probably tried to create too big a picture with it. In doing so, I think by inference, I suggested positions and actions that were too heavily based on conjecture and not enough on definitive information.

Clearly, what happened on the 21st of March were based on a series of circumstances, the result of which led to the loss of 3 of the Squadrons aircraft and the lives of 12 airmen. The true story may never be known, but the effort needs to be made to try.

If anybody has any information relating to this raid, including identification of the other Squadrons that flew on the Op and in particular any crew comments from the respective Form 541’s I would be very interested in seeing them – I already have information from 115, 514 and 218 Squadrons respectively, but I think more Squadrons might have taken part – I am keen to try to understand from the comments in these logs any additional information relating to the timing or position of 75(NZ) under the main stream.

I would also be grateful for any general information on bombing tactics, regarding formation and structure to a raid. I believe 75(NZ) lead the Op that day, but would like to understand if this is correct, what implications it might have had regarding bombing height and target marking.

Finally, despite the general and ongoing request for logbooks, I would be very interested to see any logbooks that are from individuals that flew on this Op – particularly to try to identify the G-H leaders and gather any other notes or observations about the raid.

many thanks in advance


4 thoughts on “Munster Viaduct 21st March, 1945 – mea culpa

  1. smudger623

    Hi Simon,

    I respect your decision to remove the post however I am not sure why. All you can do is present the known facts. The information I sent you, which is all primary source material records that one squadron (No.75 NZ) overshot and had to orbit the target area between 15-17,000ft and in doing so was engaged by heavy flak and one aircraft was seen to be hit by bombs. This is fact, the cause of the overshoot is unclear and until such a time that evidence is made available to clarify what went wrong I think that the known facts should available. obviously it is your decision Simon but by not presenting what is known, isn’t that a injustice to those who lost their lives that day. ?




  2. smudger623

    No.33 Base was given the viaduct to bomb. The squadrons of 31 and 32 Base were given the marshalling yards. No.33 Base was to open the attack, followed by the marshalling yard force. It would appear that the GH co-ordinates for the two aiming point became reversed when sent by 3 Group HQ.

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