Stanley John Heald RNZAF NZ415319 – Air Bomber. 1945 – logbook


Many thanks to Dave for passing on his Father’s logbook. Stan Heald was Air Bomber with Esmond Ware’s crew. Stan and the boys arrived at Mepal on the 31st January 1945 and flew their first Op with Mac Baigent to Weisbaden on the 2nd of February (my own Fathers 2nd Op after his return to the Squadron). After 16 Ops and a Post Mortem flight, the crew flew for the last time on a ‘Baedeker’ flight on the 3rd July 1945.

Of extra note regarding the logbook, is that it records 3 Ops in NE181 JN-M ‘The Captains Fancy’. Mystery surrounds the exact numbering of the final Op the crew flew in ‘Mike’ to Bad Odsloe on the 24th April (further compounded by what is now accepted as the incorrect recording on Form 541 of RF129).

The Ware crew believed that this Bad Oldesloe Op was No. 104, and that they flew 3 op’s in NE181 (14.3.45 Heinrich Hutte, 20.4.45 Regensburg and 24.4.45 Bad Oldesloe). In other words, that they had flown 102, 103 and 104.

Jack Bailey’s A/B, Jack Wall, is equally convinced that his crew flew her on No. 102 on 16 Feb to Wessel, and Richard Pickup’s logbook records the Bailey crew flying “JN-M” to Osterfeld on 20 March, a possible candidate for No. 103 or 104?

I wonder if we will ever know?

See Stan’s logbook here

Esmond Edgar Delwyn Ware, David Carter, Stanley John Heald, Wilfred Darling Cairns, G. B. White, Richard Wright, Colin Campbell Emslie

1 thought on “Stanley John Heald RNZAF NZ415319 – Air Bomber. 1945 – logbook

  1. ianbw12

    Yes those final few operations for “The Captain’s Fancy” sure are a mystery!
    Perhap it is possible that the Ware crew believed they were flying the 102, 103 and 104 simply because the operational tally on NE181’s nose never seems to have been continued after 101 for some reason… and, in actual fact,. they flew the 103, 105 and final 106th to Bad Oldesloe? LIke you say, I’ll guess we’ll never know!

    But great info, thanks for posting!



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