Interview with Radio New Zealand

What an incredible day after the Radio New Zealand interview – all previous daily visit totals wiped cleanly off the slate – today the blog had an amazing 1,070 visits, the vast majority from New Zealand – and already some new contacts from relatives, so hopefully some new stories about the boys from 75(NZ) Squadron RAF will be posted soon

Thanks to everybody

Just in case you missed it, you can listen to Radio New Zealand’s interview with me here

6 thoughts on “Interview with Radio New Zealand

  1. Roger Strong

    Fantastic that you had such a response! I didn’t hear the interview but my wife who was listening while she was painting around the windows heard it and mentioned it to me so I was able to listen to it on the net. I hope to be able to add to the body of knowledge when I get a copy of P/O Norman Bluck’s service record that I have applied for. As far as I can gather he spent four days in a life raft in the Atlantic on his way to Canada where of course all aircrew trained under the Empire Training scheme. I am trying to contact family members of both Bluck and James Brett Cooksey the other two New Zealanders in the crew of EH902. Great blogsite and many thanks for setting it up.


  2. Patricia Calvert

    William John Lake Seemed to live in Tauranga and died 2001 aged 85years Maybe the one you are looking for. Patricia Calvert.


    1. Patricia calvert

      1853 to 1981 N Z Electorial Rolls also B D M on line There were other William John Lakes, but this one seemed the obvious one. My brother was James Francis Winstanley ( Sonny) DOD 27th July 1942 Refer Auckland War Memorial Museum .I have letters from him Errol Martyn has photocopies of them + Log Book



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