Form 540 March 1944 and April 1945, added to Project ORB

My repeated  thanks  to Hubert and Martyn  for their continuing efforts transcribing the Squadron ORB’s. I am pleased to announce and present  another  2 new, complete Form 540’s, for March 1944 and April 1945.

I will once again, repeat my call out to all of you for volunteers to join Brian, Hubert and Martyn  in the ORB project – every month that someone finds the time to transcribe, completes another small part of the overall Squadron record and provides more information for people visiting the website.

View Form 540 March 1944 here.
View Form 540 April 1945 here.

1 thought on “Form 540 March 1944 and April 1945, added to Project ORB

  1. Peter Langley

    Hi, I’m looking for any information about my uncle F/O Peter Ernest Chilman 416022. He was shot down on a raid over Freidrichstrafen ! 28/04 /1944. I’m also interested in the rest of the crew who could be W/O Keith Smith 416022, F/O Euen McLachlan 415266, F/O Robert Herron 422282, F/S Matthew Henderson 427204, S John Germing 1803074, and S Walter Percival as they were all shot down on the same date. I would interested in any photos, and any information about the raid itself. Thanks and best wishes Peter Langley.



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