Peter Walker

It is with great sadness that I must report the recent passing of Peter Walker, Treasurer of the Friends of 75 (NZ) Squadron Association, UK.

Peter and his wife Rita have been coming to the Association reunions for the past 30 years, being introduced by the late Mick Strickland. Both couples lived in Brandon and attended all Association functions. Sadly Ted died a couple of years ago, but his wife Pam still attends the reunions.

Peter took on the roll of treasurer at a very difficult time. The Association had to raise money for the Memorial Garden and Peter was at the forefront in the effort to do so. Although he had no direct connection with the Squadron he and his wife immersed themselves wholeheartedly into the association.

Although in ill health, he and his wife accompanied Margaret and Roly Still to Belgium earlier this year to lay a wreath, and unveil a plaque for the association.

Peter will be greatly missed for his unstinting service and selfless dedication to the association.

Ake Ake Kia Kaha

(many thanks to Kevin for the information in this post)

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