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Aircraft Database update 6th August 2014

composite aircraft image

Many thanks as always to Ian for another update to the 75(NZ) Squadron Aircraft Database. The database contains some new updates particularly relating to the Lancaster section and Ian has also added a note at the bottom relating to ‘Flight’ identification. Ian feels and I completely agree with him, that there appears to now be substantive evidence that a lot of existing sources for information on the aircraft that flew in the Squadron are in parts incorrect – there clearly seems to be errors relating to ‘C’ Flight and it would appear in some cases, aircraft have been identified as ‘AA’ (A or B Flight), simply through the ignorance that ‘C’ Flight (JN) even existed.

I suppose to this end, if anybody has the time to check through our database and is able to provided definitive evidence of particularly, Flight coding (photograph/ logbook entries etc) then please, as always contact us!

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Wonsuradeel (Makkum) Protestant Churchyard, Netherlands


Thanks Philip for supplying this image of one of the airmen form the McCrorie crew

The target  for Bomber Command on the 22nd of June 1943 was Mülheim – almost in the centre of the Ruhr Valley. A total of 557 aircraft took part, comprising 242 Lancasters, 155 Halifaxes, 93 Stirlings (15 from 75(NZ) Squadron RAF), 55 Wellingtons and 13 Mosquito’s.

35 aircraft, including 4 Stirlings from 75(NZ) Squadron RAF were lost that night.

Stirling MkIII EH889 AA-Z was shot down by a night-fighter (Oblt Lothar Linke, IV /NJG1 (credited with 27 kills before his death)) at 01.58hrs, crashing into the Ijsselmeer. All of the crew were killed, 5 of the airmen’s  bodies later being found, after washing ashore.

P/O William Stuckey, mid, RAFVR 51042 – Navigator. Age 29

The remainder of the crew were buried, one must assume, relative to where they were found.

Hemelumer-Oldeferd (Molkwerum) Protestant Churchyard, Holland.
F/L Thomas Fraser McCrorie, DFC , RAFVR1365093, 68770 – Pilot. Age 27

Mebemblik General Cemetery, Holland.
WO2 Richard Douglas Tod
, RCAF R.91741 – Wireless Operator. Age 23

WO2 Robert Ernest Tod , DFM, RCAF R.91742 – Mid Upper Gunner. Age 23
Citation DFM (7 May 1943): This airman was the wireless operator of an aircraft which was damaged by anti-aircraft fire during an operational flight over enemy territory. The aircraft gradually lost height and the pilot was eventually compelled to bring it down on the sea. Meanwhile Sergeant Tod coolly worked his apparatus, maintaining contact with base. His excellent work enabled the aircraft to be continuously plotted from the ground and plans for rescue to be made. The entire crew of the aircraft were picked up within 15 minutes of coming down on the sea. This airman displayed great coolness and unswerving devotion to duty throughout. Died Wednesday 23rd June 1943, age 23, during a raid on Mulheim. Buried Mebemblik General Cemetery Netherlands.

Wieringermeer (Middenmeer) General Cemetery, Holland.
Sgt Raymond Anthony Kennedy
RAFVR 1003148 – Rear Gunner. Age 28

Runnymede Memorial
F/S James Leonard Richards
RNZAF NZ404946 – Air Bomber. Age 25
Sgt Eric Grainger RAFVR 625045 – Flight Engineer. Age 21