Daily Archives: August 11, 2014


Many thanks as always to everyone regarding the continuing support for the blog – another 10,000 milestone was crossed yesterday with the blog now having over 130,000 views – utterly fantastic!

I think what is more amazing is that this last 10,000 was achieved in only a little over 3 weeks, which shows a level of consistent visiting of a volume that the blog has never seen before – so for this alone, thank you everybody.

Still the material and contacts keep coming in – I have to admit I am still working back through emails, but slowly I am beginning to catch back up with everything.

The database is getting a bit more added to it everyday – it will still take I think, at least a year to get the basic crew information into it, but I have now at least managed to enter aircraft and pilot information right up to the last Op the Squadron flew to Bad Oldsloe on the 24th April 1945 (the database currently beginning from the start of 1943) – so this means that we have all Lancaster Ops that the Squadron flew – whilst there now has to be a secondary checking activity, regarding serial numbers and flight/ letter designators, I hope with he help of Ian and Chris to be able to add some Lancaster Op histories to the one for ND801 JN-X that I put up a couple of weeks ago (recent information suggesting that this first one needs an update as well!)

So as always, thank you all for your continuing support and encouragement.