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Project ORB January, February, March & April 1940 – complete

Continuing thanks to Brian for sending the first 4 months of 1940 for the Squadron Operational Record Book Archive.

These early months of 1940 record not only the disbandment of No. 75 (Bomber) Squadron, but also the 3 months that saw the change of the ‘New Zealand Squadron’, to 75(New Zealand) Squadron.

As Brian notes in his transcription for the month of April 1940, on the 4th of that month, there is no record of the fact that the Squadron changes it’s name from ‘New Zealand Squadron’ to ’75(New Zealand) Squadron.

View January to April 1940 – No. 75(Bomber) Squadron here.
View February 1940 – New Zealand Squadron here.
View March 1940 – New Zealand Squadron here.
View April 1940 – New Zealand/ 75 (New Zealand) Squadron here.