Daily Archives: October 11, 2014

150,000+ views – Thanks as always

Many thanks to all our readers  – we have recently hit another milestone regarding the blog – now, over 150,000 views.

It seems my recent posts regarding every extra 10,000 views are getting so close and simultaneously, my struggling efforts to get posts up means that it feels a little awkward to keep thanking you all for what seems so little new added to the blog!

A particular thanks to Chris for keeping posts coming through over the last few weeks – very much appreciated and also many thanks to Peter and the New Zealand Bomber Command Association for feeding Chris with what seems to be an almost continuous supply of new images related to 75(NZ) Squadron RAF.

I was also notified by WordPress last week that we seem to have hit another milestone – 1,000 ‘Likes’ – so its good to see that not only are the posts being viewed, but also liked!

Additionally, over all the ‘platforms’ the the blog communicates through, we now have 400+ followers  – another fabulous figure.

The volume of traffic with the blog as it now is, I have decided to limit my ‘traffic appreciation’ (if there is such a term) to 25,000 view increases – for no reason other than to hopefully prevent you all from getting bored of my continuing thanks to everybody who is supporting the blog – You all have to take as constant and tacit my daily appreciation of interest – but my energies have to be put into adding new content……..

We’ll have another little party at 175,000 – see you there!