Bill Pridmore, Air Gunner – Blewitt crew

It is with great sadness that I must report the passing of Bill Pridmore, Air Gunner with the Blewett crew who passed away recently on the 6th of October.

Bill was one of 4 members of the crew who survived a crash on the return from the 17th of January 1945 from a raid on Wanne Eickel, claiming the lives of the Pilot, Tim Blewitt,  Johnny Wilson, the Air Bomber and after succumbing to his injuries, the crew’s navigator Bryant Cornell.

Ake Ake KIa Kaha

4 thoughts on “Bill Pridmore, Air Gunner – Blewitt crew

  1. Felicity Griffiths

    I was very sad to hear of Bill’s passing. I am the daughter of Bryant Cornell who died of his injuries the day after the crash. Bill and I met at the first squadron reunion I ever went to, where I also met Ron Hunswick. It was strange to meet the last people my father ever spoke to before his death at 22. He died 2 months before I was born. RIP “Old Bill”. I will always remember you and Ron with great fondness.


  2. Chris Newey

    Very sorry to hear that Bill is no longer with us, but so nice that you got to know him Felicity. My uncle was also on the Wanne Eickel op’ and saw their plane go down. He mentions it in his diary, and Johnny Wilson by name.


    1. Felicity Griffiths

      Hi Chris! Well, I never knew about your father and his diary! Has it been published? I never knew there was a witness to the crash either! What else can you tell me? What did he actually say that he saw? So many questions….! Be grateful for any information you have. Thanks in advance!



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