175,000 views – another 25,000 and this is the 500th post

A massive thank you to all the readers who have pushed us to this latest milestone regarding views. At 150,000 views, I decided to increase the figure to 25,000 views as postable milestones and I am pleased to say we have just reached it.

I have been quite frustrated over the last 5 weeks or so – an ongoing sinus problem finally blew up and resulted in a quite a serious secondary infection which in turn has left me struggling at the moment with a viral condition called labarynthitis which has left me suffering essentially with vertigo, even when I am sat down. Through all of this I struggled with the fact that despite having a lot of half finished posts, I simply was too ill to move anything forward.

Finally, I have managed to sit down properly and am going to try to keep the posts coming quite regularly over the Christmas period.

By pure chance, this post is also a milestone – the blog has now got 500 posts – an incredible figure, more so I think because the majority of these 500 posts have been through the generosity of relatives and interested parties – I hope this will continue and I am crossing my fingers that new people continue to discover the blog and in turn they are able to help us celebrate, commemorate and tell the stories of the boys in the Squadron.

I still maintain my original position – everything that is donated to the blog will be posted and made available to everyone, everything I receive, everything I discover, everything I am able to piece together I will share with all of you.

New visitors to the bog and more seasoned readers – please make sure you follow us – its just a click on the right hand side of the page and it guarantees you are notified of all new posts – so you don’t miss anything!

75nzsquadron.com continues to be the largest online resource relating to 75(NZ) Squadron RAF and it’s down to all of you – so thank you all very much for an early Christmas present!

3 thoughts on “175,000 views – another 25,000 and this is the 500th post

  1. sue letchford

    I am amazed at the amount of information you find and the work that must involve.Also very pleased and grateful for the information you have sent.Very well done , Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year………thank you.


  2. Adrian

    Congratulations Simon on this milestone and thank you for your work and continued dedication to the site. It gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure to not only contribute when I can but also to learn and understand from others who have stories to share. When you are next in Cambs give me a shout, it would be great to meet up. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.




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