After the War – Allan Johnson Mayfield, Pilot


One assumes a group of Fieldair pilots taken some time in 1955. Stood second from left, Allan Johnson Mayfield, Bob’s Pilot from his first tour with 75(NZ) Squadron, July to November 1943. Picture courtesy John Chiplin

Many thanks to John for passing on this group photograph of what I assume to be Fieldair pilots from 1955. Second from left in the photograph is Allan Johnson Mayfield – my Father’s first tour Pilot in 1943. After completing his second tour with 128 LNSF Squadron, Allan returned to New Zealand and joined Fieldair, a top dressing company. John joined some time later and got to know Allan.

An earlier post I made about Fieldair contained a story about how the company got a goose as it’s company logo and at the time I wondered if the pilot in question might have been Allan – whilst not able to confirm this John recalls another incident:

” The only “incident” I am aware of is as follows. He recalled working off Lawson Field’s Makiri strip which was curved with a bank on the blind  side. Allan Mayfield was working on the same job, both men flying Tiger  Moths. The day was going well with the Tiger on the ground having the right of way. They had a good routine going. After a refuel, Allan took off, Bob was waiting to be loaded, there was a hiccup with the loader which delayed Bob’s take-off. Mayfield must have thought that Bob had already taken off as he couldn’t see around the curve and landed, not knowing that Bob was under full power, thundering around the curve, only to see Mayflower heading straight for him. Bob couldn’t stop, Mayfield couldn’t go anywhere, all 4 port wings were destroyed in the impact. Bob ended up upside down, Mayfield managed to stop after looping, both were surprised to be ok after the dust settled.”

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