Vickers Welfare Tour Of Bomber Station – British Movitone digital archive

It seems like an evolving tradition that Kevin finds me a clip to post on a Friday night now!

This time a fantastic clip from the British Movietone digital archive showing workers from  Vickers, ‘at a certain RAF station, visiting the men that fly the aircraft they build’ – and astonishingly, a Wellington with an ‘AA’ designator comes into view.

I assumed initially this must be Feltwell – corroborated by the fact that in Kevin’s email, he mentioned that it had taken him him years to find this clip – having been told about it by Rex Chuter, who was with 75(NZ) Squadron RAF between September and the 22nd of December 1940, when he was shot down on an Op to the railway marshalling yards in Mannheim.

Towards the end of the clip, Rex is the airman with the slicked back hair talking to the factory worker.

Such a shame it doesn’t go on longer, but a fantastic clip and a great find from Kevin

view the original movie on the British Movietone Digital Archive site here.

2 thoughts on “Vickers Welfare Tour Of Bomber Station – British Movitone digital archive

  1. Marie Evans

    I have an article on Lancaster pilot Charlie Stevens who is still alive. The article appeared in a local paper ” Bream Bay News” on 4th December
    Charlie is my Dad’s cousin. My husband and I have spoken with Charlie about a little of his war time experiences.
    I would help assist with further information if required.
    I follow with interest the 75th Bomber Squadron.




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