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Happy Birthday to Peter Carrie – 100 today


Albeit, a little belatedly, I would personally and I am sure all of you would, like to wish Peter Carrie the warmest wishes on his birthday today, having reached the magnificent age of 100 years old.

Peter has featured in a few of posts already, firstly recounting his amazing story, starting in the Army, before joining the RAF and 75(NZ) Squadron and flying with Bernard Lukin’s crew, a Flight Engineer. We then had news of him receiving a new Flight Engineers brevet to go with his Bomber Command clasp from Air Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, Deputy Chief of Defence for Military Capability. Finally there was also a small additional post  on the Lukins crew, after by chance, we discovered the christian names of 2 more of the boys who flew with Peter.

Peters amazing story can be read here.

The story of Peter receiving his new Flight Engineers Brevet can be read here.

And the discovery of two more of the boys names from the Lukin’s crew can be read here.

Happy Birthday Peter

Ake Ake Kia Kaha