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Arbeitsgruppe Vermisstenforschung – Crash Site Investigation (C.S.I.) – A bit of a rant I am afraid…….

I was pleased to see that by this afternoon the post I put up yesterday evening on the “Arbeitsgruppe Vermisstenforschung – Crash Site Investigation (C.S.I.)”, the German aircraft recovery group headed by Uwe Benkel, had been seen so far, by a 100 people.

What disappoints me, however, and this is based on their GoFundMe site, nobody has actually given anything………

The vast majority of people involved in activities related to World War 2 and more specifically the Air War, do what they do, at their own cost, in their own time, basically for the love of it.

I know from my own experience with this blog, that it’s a labour of love – if I costed out the time I spend on 75nzsquadron.com, it wouldn’t exist – it would simply be, in crude financial terms, too expensive to bother – but irrespective of this, I do it and will continue to.

Uwe and his group do not have the luxury as I do, to sit in a warm studio and type – what they do is ‘dirt under the nails’ stuff, they locate, and excavate aircraft crash sites. Often these crash sites are ‘wet’ – still containing the remains of airmen. This, they have to deal with and despite the noble endeavor, must, put simply, be a disturbing and dirty experience – but they do it and hopefully for all of us, will continue to do it.

My theoretical ramblings about the relative cost in time of maintaining this blog is just that, theoretical. To locate, excavate and when necessary remove human remains is not theoretical – it is real and physical and it costs money.

I know from my own experience, that some people see all of this, simply as something to be viewed – whilst not a regular occurrence, I do sometimes get inquiries, that literally expect me to give the world – I have even received complaints, due either to my poor speed of service, or simply because I was unable to furnish the inquirer with a highly specific photograph that ‘obviously’ I must have. Responding to a request, generating an Op history – a few hours work however you look at it – is taken without acknowledgement or thanks. I appreciate some people are just strange and clearly see no issue in behaving this way and I suppose it comes with the sort of interactive community I have tried to generate with the blog.

…… but it still pisses me off…….

If each of the 100 people that viewed last nights post gave just $10 ( £6.46 in pounds sterling), they would have $1000 more than they did this time last night.

Please, get off your arse, put your hand in your pocket and give Uwe’s group a donation. If you do nothing more than this, because your interest extends no further than this, then at least let those that want to act, be able to do so.

If you read all this and it annoys you and you think I am being unfair – prove me wrong and give.

You can donate to Arbeitsgruppe Vermisstenforschung here.