A new range of T-shirts – and something personal to you and them……..

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Firstly, a massive thank you to everybody who has so far visited the blog shop and generously put their hands in their pockets, in some cases multiple times, to buy something and by doing so, contributing some money to the UK Association and Memorial Garden.

I am really pleased to present a new collection of T-shirts, designed to allow relatives of the brave boys of 75(NZ) Squadron RAF to celebrate and commemorate their contribution to the Squadron, Bomber Command and the Allied War effort.

The Redbubble model of production means I am able to offer a range of ‘named’ T-shirts to commemorate your dearly loved relative.

If your relative is not listed, then let me know and I can create one unique to them and special to you.

The T-shirt features the Squadron crest with motto ‘Ake Ake Kia Kaha’ (Forever and ever strong’, the personalisation statement and then front views of 75(NZ) Squadron’s aircraft, from top to bottom, the Wellington, the Stirling and the Lancaster.

Because of the way I have designed this T-shirt in particular, I can and if someone requires it provide further customisation.

If your relation to the individual ( I think that’s the right way to describe it) is not listed, then please say what you want and I can create one. This will be without extra cost.

If you want the T-shirt utterly personalised with your relatives rank, name and position, I can add this as an additional line under the ‘My Xxxxxxxxxx’ – so I will still need your relationship to them. Because of potentially another 2 lines of text, I will also require the aircraft he flew in – based on my broad estimations this means at maximum, a permutation of 2 of the 3 aircraft the Squadron used. For this service, the T-shirt will have a 50% mark up, relative to the normal 25% to reflect the time I will have to spend doing it.

As with everything else, all profits to the UK Association and the Memorial Garden in Mepal.

Many thanks in advance


6 thoughts on “A new range of T-shirts – and something personal to you and them……..

  1. Martin Lonsdale

    Hi I am the first cousin, second removed of James Allen Ward VC. Could I have T Shirts done with his details on regarding my connection with him.


  2. Paul Shacklady

    Hi Simon, as in the reply above, how do I go about ordering a T shirt, with My uncle Toms full details?
    Thanks and regards.
    Paul Shacklady.


    1. 75nzsquadron Post author

      Hi Paul
      Essentially you have done it!

      Probably tonight, I’ll get some time and do it:

      for your approval it will read:
      “My Uncle
      F/S Thomas/ Tom (which ever you wish) Darbyshire RAFVR 1032870 (if you want his service number)
      Mid Upper Gunner
      Flew with
      75NZ Squadron RAF”

      (then with the Stirling front view underneath it)

      I have already had a custom relative request and all custom requests for this line will go in the following folder:


      I am happy to accommodate, within reason what someone wants on the shirt – but with the caveat that obviously, the size of a line in terms of text size might have to be decreased or be returned to another line to fit it all – nominally, the text is fitted and scaled within a box width equivalent to the width of the wingtips of the aircraft below it- if you see what I mean…….



      1. 75nzsquadron Post author

        Hi Paul – it should be in the custom folder now – I have done 2 versions as I just finished creating the aircraft with a white infill as opposed to just being line – interested in your preference – I think I might do the infilled a/c and colour crest as a differential detail for relatives who order custom t-shirts



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