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Laurie Haddock, Mid Upper Gunner – Lumsden crew

Laurie Haddock lumsden crew - is this them B&W

F/Sgt. Laurie Haddock, Mid Upper Gunner with the Lumsden crew, stood far left – but are any of the rest of the Lumsden crew in the picture ??? © Deborah Brown

Many thanks to Deborah for passing on this picture of her Father Laurie Haddock, who was the Mid Upper Gunner with Charlie Lumsden’s crew between April and June 1945.

Deborah identified Laurie on the far left of the picture, but wondered out loud if the other individuals in the photograph were in whole or in part the Lumsden crew. Noting the attire I mentioned that it seemed a bit to summery for what by all accounts was the rather damp and chilly climes of Mepal and Deborah replied that Laurie had been in Burma shortly after the War.

With a recent post about Don Mackenzie, Rear Gunner in the Lumsden crew getting an unexpected surprise with the presentation of his Bomber Command clasp (read here), Deborah hopes that perhaps a relative of Don’s might see this photo and possibly shed some light on its subjects……..

Fingers crossed………….