For Information

On the 5th of October, I resigned as President of the Friends of 75 ( New Zealand ) Squadron Association.

Whilst not an easy decision to make, it was one, that I felt I had to take.  As such, the blog and my activities will continue, but now separate from that of the UK Association.

Anyone wishing to contact the UK Association should do so via the Chairman, Kevin KIng.

Kevin can be contacted via email –

6 thoughts on “For Information

  1. Janice (Mam)

    Thank you for everything that you do. I appreciate what you are doing and I am glad you will continue under your own steam. I really enjoy reading all that you post and feel even closer to my Dad when I read all that you offer on your Blog.

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  2. anne fortune

    Sorry to hear that Simon. You took on a beg commitment and have been a godsend for my research. Thanks for all your work – enjoy “a bit of slack” Anne Fortune

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  3. Chris Newey

    Keep up the great work mate, this site is testament to your energy and commitment to the 75 “family” – let someone else take care of the politics.

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  4. Robert McAdam

    Gosh didn’t realise you were President. I have emailed this organisation but got no response. So have not bothered with them since. I suspect they will disappear like many clubs and societies. The web site does not appear to be updated anymore.
    What you have done here is brilliant and much more important to record histories before they are forgotten.



    1. 75nzsquadron Post author

      Haha! sorry Robert – perhaps crossed wires – I was until recently the President of the UK Association – though I hear all you have to say about the NZ Association – and you aren’t the only one to have recounted this sort of story to me……..



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