20.11.44 – Attack against Homberg

For perhaps half an hour, prior to this point in time, 71 years ago the villagers of Mepal and Sutton are aware there is a raid on.

The air has slowly filled with the glorious howl of the engines of 28 Lancaster bombers – 112 merlin engines, starting, and warming, ready to lift their 3 fellow merlins and the lancaster they are attached to into the air – up……………….. with 7 airmen on board towards the target for today………..


Reader, close your eyes and listen to this din, and count the aircraft away in real time – as if we are stood on the airfield, 71 years ago – wishing luck and speed to each aircraft as it lifts with crew and bomb load into the Cambridgeshire sky – praying that the 28 you count out, will be the 28 you count back – please God………..


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