75(NZ) Squadron RAF Crew Op Histories – a little tweek

Subsequent to my announcement on Monday, within the ANZAC Day 2016 post, of the completion of all crew histories throughout the War, I realised a small problem……

Attempting myself to use them to add and correct some details, It dawned on me very quickly that I would need an eidetic memory to actually find individuals within the chronological format that I had layed out – the lists so far indicate 552 crews flew Operationally in their own right.

To try to make the identification easier, I have added a full list of all Pilots listed alphabetically. I have placed this alphabetical list at the top of the menu subsection and then the individual years sit below that.

Additionally, I have also moved the crew sub-section out from under the “75(NZ) Squadron RAF” menu item at the top of the page and re-positioned it in it’s own right next to “Dads crews” under the title “75(NZ) Squadron RAF crews“.

The original “75(NZ) Squadron RAF” menu item still exists and currently contains empty pages to be filled at some point with a history of the Squadron and information about the airfields it flew from (if anybody has information on  the home’s of the Squadron, don’t be shy, I would welcome it!)

A quick jump to each section is below:
Alphabetical list of Crews – here.
Crews starting 1940 – here.
Crews starting 1941 – here.
Crews starting 1942 – here.
Crews starting 1943 – here.
Crews starting 1944 – here.
Crews starting 1945 – here.

The eagle eyed among you might have noticed that there has also been a slight addition to the tag line of the site. Originally saying “About my father and the aircrews of 75(NZ) Squadron RAF”, I have added “- the largest online resource for 75(NZ) Squadron RAF in the world”

I have added this for the simple reason that it is.

And it is, because of the tireless work of Chris, and everybody else who has been generous enough to give an item, information or their time to this wonderful, crazy, amazing project.

Here’s to all of you!


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