“Campbell’s C**ts” – Terry Ford, Pilot – 1944

Campbells cnts

An extract of a letter written by Terry Ford to Bob Moore regarding notes for the Squadron History, eventually written by Norman Franks
© Julia Burke/ Meryl Poole

Many thanks to Julia, daughter of Terry Ford for passing on a remarkable collection of her Father and his crews time with 75(NZ) Squadron. The collection is sizable and will be shared and added to the crew’s Op History page to add to what Scott has already so generously given regarding his Father Reg Weeden, the crew’s Navigator.

The schoolboy in me, couldn’t help but smirk at the above extract, written by Terry to Bob Moore, who at the time, had started the Squadron History – eventually to see the light of day as ‘Forever Strong’ by Norman Franks.

If the text isn’t big enough, click on the above image to read the rather unflattering tale of a Canadian gentleman and his desire to see the Captains of the Squadron get the respect they deserved – it seems the crews saw to that………..

I am sure there will be more posts on the Ford crew in the near future, to read the Op History for the Ford crew as it currently stands, click here.


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