Gwyn Martin RAFVR 981426/ 110857 – Observer. logbook

Gwyn Martin logbook 049 cropped for LB post

Th last page in Gwyn Martin’s logbook recording the 2 flights that would finally bring him home after 3 years as a Prisoner of War.
“Beautiful trip over the ruins of the Ruhr and the upper Rhine valley, Cologne etc. – very gratifying after 3 years”.
“Home at last”.
© David Martin

Following on from the original post about Gwyn Martin, observer with the Curry and Saunders crew, I am very pleased to present Gwyn’s logbook, again, very generously donated to the site by his Son, David.

The logbook as presented covers Gywn’s entire flying career, from training to his first operational tour with 75(NZ) Squadron RAF, through to instructional duties at No.12 Operational Training Unit and finally his second tour posting to 150 Squadron – coming to an abrupt end on the 23rd of October 1942 when Gwyn and his crew were brought down by flak, crash landing in Lake Langavanet, in Norway. He would spend the next 3 years in Stalag Luft III.

There is some interesting notation against certain Ops and looking through his time with 11 O.T.U after his first tour with 75(NZ) Squadron, I couldn’t help but note the names of some of the Pilots going through the training Squadron. Whilst I have no way of knowing if its the same individuals, its interesting to see the surnames as Pilot  of Baigent and Fox to name but two…..

See Gwyn Martin’s logbook here.


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