333,333 – a third of a million views………..

third of a million

Albeit a little late, but another MASSIVE milestone was reached on Wednesday night when we clocked up a third of a million views for the blog – utterly fantastic and amazing.

To think, to within a month of it being 5 years since Dad passed away, this ‘thing’ is still going and still adding to the information that we all now have to access regarding 75(NZ) Squadron RAF.

Since the last significant viewer milestone of a quarter of a million views, the posts, thanks to you all have continued and also, the blog from a structural point of view has undergone some significant additions.

In April, I was finally able to publish the fruits of some 4 years work of adding the Form 541’s to a database – physically meaning the addition of Op histories for every crew that flew with the Squadron during and after the War, before the Squadron was disbanded on the 15th of October 1945.

This in itself is a massive addition to the site and as I said at the time, I do not think another record in this format exist for any other Squadron  through the same period.

Not long after I was able to also add the entire set of Combat Reports for the Squadron, transcribed and in numerical order. In time the relevant CR’s will be reproduced where necessary in the Crew pages.

Having said all of this, the site would be fairly dry if it simply existed around the recorded documents that we have. Its depth, incredible scope and movingly personal relevance, is solely  down to you, the readership. Without your contributions, your generosity, your patience and your support, the blog would be a far poorer place.

All the amazing things that have been so generously shared over the last 4 and a half odd years has now, to be slowly moved to the relevant crew pages. The posts will all obviously still exist, but the crew pages will now become the enduring record for the crews that flew, died or survived the Squadron.

I stand by my original view that this record is best placed as it is – digitally, on the web, available to all and able to be constantly updated.

The blog, thanks to you, now has its own critical mass. It is the largest resource online for the Squadron and in real terms, regarding accessible information, is probably also simply the largest physical resource, full stop. Long may this continue, I see no reason why it will not.

Thank you to you all – to all of the relatives and interested parties who have continued to care enough to bring new material to us. A massive and continuing thanks to Chris Newey, not only for his excellently researched posts, but also for his council and for, from time to time, being an ear I scream down when things start annoying me. A continuing thanks also to Peter Wheeler and the New Zealand Bomber Command Association/ Archive for continuing to provide access to Chris for all things 75(NZ) related.

WE have got this far, because WE, collectively have had the will and want to do this. WE will carry on and make sure that THEY will never be forgotten………..




6 thoughts on “333,333 – a third of a million views………..

  1. Chris Newey

    Well done Simon, and thank you! It is a huge achievement, and so satisfying for those of us with an interest in the squadron to know that all this material has a safe home, and one so easily accessed. Having an idea of how much material is still in the pipeline, and still turning up, its a pretty safe bet that things will only get way bigger and much better!

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  2. juliaathome

    I would like to add my thanks here for all your hard work and devotion to keeping 75(NZ) Squadron alive in such an accessible way. It was wonderful to find somewhere to share all our material as well as to connect with other members of the Ford Crew family. Thanks also to everyone else who works so hard to make the site what it is!


  3. David Martin



    Congratulations on a fantastic milestone …… a wonderful memorial to your Dad and all the others who served in 75 (NZ) Squadron.

    It would be great if there were a few more logbooks out there?




  4. anne fortune

    Fantastic achievement Simon, a real labour of love . Your work has made my own research possible and I cant thank you enough that you have helped me bring Paddy Stewart from the past to the present. The website is a wonderful testament to your Dad and he would have been so proud of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Anne



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